Ultimate List of Trampoline Manufacturers, Companies and Suppliers (USA, China, and More)

Jumping on the trampoline has to be one of the top 10 memories every kid has! That amazing feeling of defying gravity and flying through the air is something you can never forget. There are numerous trampoline companies all over the world to make sure we all experience that wonderful feeling. Some trampoline manufacturers produce water trampolines, in addition to the regular ones. There are so many brands of trampolines out there that it can seem quite difficult to find the perfect one.

That’s where we step in! We’ve done some research on numerous trampoline companies across the globe and we’ve created the ultimate list of those that are the very best in the business!

Our list features the highest ranked trampoline manufacturers, including Jump King, Vuly, Domijump, Ultega and many more.

So make yourself comfortable and read on to find out who is on our list of the best trampoline manufacturers worldwide.

Where Are Trampolines Made?

Trampolines are an extremely popular and requested product both for recreational and competitive use. That’s why it’s not surprising at all to see that there are so many trampoline manufacturers all around the globe.

There are 29 companies in total on the list that we’ve created for you. We’ve listed all the companies in alphabetical order. The majority of them, as you’ll be able to see, are based in the US. However, we’ve also covered most of the bigger brand names coming from other countries, such as China, Canada and Australia.

ACON Trampolines


ACON is a company that specializes in manufacturing trampolines. This company has existed for more than two decades now. The headquarters of ACON Trampolines is in Finland, Europe. ACON started their business in 1996 by selling the trampolines they imported from the US. Since then, they have expanded and now manufacture and distribute their trampolines in Finland, Sweden, the Baltic region, the UK and the US.

ACON Trampolines
Ph: (866) 297-5234

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Airzone Trampolines

Airzone is another American-based company. This company manufactures and creates trampolines of various sizes. Their products can be found at large retail chains, such as Walmart. In addition to that, Airzone trampolines and trampoline equipment can be purchased through Amazon too.

Airzone Trampolines
A Division of Bravo Sports
12801 Carmenita Road
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 USA
Ph: (562) 484-5100 or 1-800-248-5327
Fx: (562) 484-5183

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A.J. Landmark Trampolines


A.J. Landmark Inc. has been in the trampoline manufacturing business since 1985. They are a famous trampoline manufacturer based in the United States. They have been in the business long enough to prove their quality and reliability. A.J. Landmark Inc. is among the best manufacturers in the US thanks to high quality, safety and value they put into their products.

A.J. Landmark Trampolines
9901 Fairview Avenue
Boise, ID 83704 USA
Ph: (208) 322-4456 or (800) 869-7335

AlleyOop Sports


AlleyOop Sports trampolines are made as a part of a famous JumpSport brand. This is another American manufacturer on our list. JumpSport is known for their efforts to improve safety on trampolines. This is a brand that started from an idea of including safety nets into trampolines and has become one of America’s most famous brands!

AlleyOop Sports
2055 South 7th Street, Suite A
San Jose, CA 95112
Ph: (888) 567-5867
Fx: (408) 213-2930

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Aqua Sports Technology Inc.

The next one we wanted to include on our list is Aqua Sports Technology Inc., which is the official manufacturer and distributor of Island Hopper products, with its headquarters in California, US. What makes them even more special is that they specialize in making water trampolines. Over twenty years now, these guys have been working on producing inflatables from high-quality materials.

Aqua Sports Technology Inc.
11859 Lakeshore North
Auburn, CA 95602
TEL: 1-800-893-9677 | 1-530-268-7310
FAX: 1-530-268-7786

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Best American Trampolines


It’s needless to even say that Best American Trampolines is another American trampoline manufacturer. This is a family-owned company that produces high-quality trampolines. What’s more, their trampolines are made out of materials that are made in America. Best American Trampolines Inc. takes pride in producing reliable, safe and active fun for the whole family.

Best American Trampolines

4821 Grisham Drive,
Rowlett, TX 75088
Ph: 866.690.3272

Domijump Trampolines


Alright, guys! It’s high time we mentioned a non-American brand, right? Domijump is a company that is a true leader in trampoline manufacturing business in China. Basically, Domijump is a company that appeared in 2005 in Shaoxing. They started as a relatively small business that consisted of only 30 employees. Now, Domijump is among the biggest names in the trampoline business. They partnered with Auchan and Carrefour, which are one of the biggest companies in France. Those partnerships brought them to the European market. Now, Domijump is a reputable organization with many years of experience in the business of producing high-quality trampolines for customers worldwide.

Domijump Trampoline
Shaoxing,Zhejiang, China
Ph: 0086 137 7732 3951

Eurotramp Trampolines


We’re bouncing all the way from China to the southern part in Germany — Göppingen. This is where two founders, Kurt and Rose Hack founded Eurotramp in 1960. They had the idea of making the world’s best and highest quality trampolines. Their idea came to a realization and just one proof of their success is the fact that Eurotramp had become the equipment supplier for trampolines at the Sydney Olympics in 2000! Afterward, they just continued excelling at what they do. Therefore, it’s not so surprising to know that they continued supplying the Olympics in Greece, China, and Rio.

Eurotramp Trampoline
Kurt Hack GmbH
Postbox 1146
Zeller Straße 17/173235 Weilheim / Teck
+49 (0) 7023 – 94950
+49 (0) 7023 – 949510

ExacMe Trampolines

Going back to American brands, the next one on our list is ExacMe Trampolines. Their company’s headquarters is in Portland, Oregon and their distribution center is located in Houston, Texas. ExacMe trampolines stand out not only thanks to their quality and reliability but also thanks to the weight limit of their trampolines. Not every manufacturer can brag with an amazing 400-lbs weight limit of their product!

Email: info@exacme.com
Contact Number: 1-888-678-3765

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Fun Spot Trampolines


Another American brand that we’re going to talk about today is Fun Spot Trampolines. They have been among the leading suppliers for trampoline parts across the globe for over forty years. Fun Spot Trampolines takes pride in keeping their customers content with low prices, high quality, and prompt delivery. What’s more, they are the only trampoline company in the world to weave their own fabric. So they actually offer custom designs, colors and can stand behind every single aspect of their products!

Fun Spot Trampolines

1321 East Franklin Street
Hartwell, GA 30643
Ph: 1.800.241.7134

Funtek USA Inc.

Funtek USA Inc. is a private company based in San Diego, California. This is a company that specializes in manufacturing fitness equipment. Funtek was founded nearly 15 years ago. They produce gym equipment, exercise gear, and trampolines as well. However, their trampolines are produced with the aim of providing low impact cardio workouts for their customers.

Funtek USA, Inc.
7888 Silverton Ave., Ste. C
San Diego, CA
92126Ph: 858.536.9202
Fx: 858.536.9299


Hedstrom is an American trampoline manufacturer, that has its headquarters in Ashland, Ohio. Besides producing high-quality, durable trampolines and trampoline parts, Hedstrom is in the business of manufacturing toys, fitness equipment, plastic products and more!


JumpKing Trampoline


We’re going to stay in America for this one too. Jumpking is one of the largest trampoline manufacturers in the world. They are located in Dallas, Texas. And they have more than five decades of experience in trampoline manufacturing business. In 2004, the YJ Corporation acquired Jumpking and since then, the YJ Corporation has been the manufacturer of all Jumpking trampolines. In addition to that, YJ Corp. is in charge of shipping to both YJ USA and YJ Europe. You can read more visiting our JumpKing trampoline review.

JumpKing Trampoline
3970 Lindbergh DriveAddison, TX 75001
Ph: (866) 715-4640

JumpSport Inc.


JumpSport Inc. is a sporting goods manufacturer based in San Jose, California. They manufacture both recreational trampolines and trampoline accessories. Their products are distributed worldwide. In addition to that, they sell a patented safety net enclosure for trampolines, as the inventor of this net happens to be one of the founders of JumpSport Inc. You can head our JumpSport trampoline review here.

​JumpSport Inc.
2055 South 7th Street, Suite A
San Jose, CA 95112
Ph: (888) 567-5867
Fx: (408) 213-2930

KidWise Magic Circle Trampolines

KidWise Outdoor Products Inc. is a company that manufactures bounce houses, trampolines, ride-on bikes, wagons, and many more outdoor products for kids around the world! This company is pretty famous thanks to their excellent designs and quality. They offer a wide variety of outdoor and water trampolines, along with the trampoline accessory program.

KidWise Magic Circle Trampolines
KidWise Outdoor Products, Inc.
1280 Old Alpharetta Road, Alpharetta GA 30005
P (770) 360-9919
• F (770) 346-0595

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Pure Fun

Pure Fun is a brand that goes under the spectrum of Pure Global Brands, along with Pure Fitness and Pure Comfort. This company specializes in making trampolines and trampoline accessories. The headquarters of Pure Fun is in West Palm Beach, Florida.

PH: (866) 4985269

Rave Trampolines

Rave Sports company is the originator of the innovative, inflatable water trampoline. This brand takes pride in producing high-quality water trampolines, water skis, bouncers, towables, wakeboards and so much more! Essentially, Rave Sports company is the ultimate water sports supplier, which continues to wow its customers with innovative fun products for their needs.


985 Aldrin Drive
Suite 301Saint Paul, Minnesota 55121
Toll Free: 800-659-0790
Local: 651-255-1428
Fax: 651-255-4881

SkyBound Trampolines


SkyBound is one of the newbies on the trampoline market. This company has been on the market for slightly less than a decade now. Initially, the SkyBound Trampolines were founded in 2009 as a trampoline replacement part supplier for other trampoline manufacturers in America. However, in 2014, they started producing premium trampolines and became one of the top trampoline and outdoor activities brands.

SkyBound Trampolines
(888) 891-4689
Monday through Friday (8:00am to 5:00pm PST)
1924. E Glenwood Pl.
Santa Ana, CA 92705.

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SkyWalker Trampolines


Another American trampoline manufacturer that stands out thanks to their highly-durable trampolines is SkyWalker. This company was founded in 2004 with the aim of producing trampolines that are equally fun and safe. SkyWalker is now one of the most famous brands in the industry, thanks to their innovative technology in producing trampolines and trampoline accessories.

SkyWalker Trampolines
Ph: 1-866-603-5867

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Springfree Trampoline


Still, in America, there’s another great trampoline manufacturer that we absolutely need to include on our list. We’re talking about the Springfree Trampoline company. The idea of the company founder was to design the world’s safest trampoline. Today, Springfree is a company that can be found in more than 25 countries across the world. They have over 300 employees and are one of the leading brands in manufacturing and distributing trampolines worldwide.

Springfree Trampoline

7100 Warden Avenue, Unit 3
Markham, Ontario L3R 8B5 Canada
Ph: (905) 948-0124 or (866) 899-7370
Fx: (905) 948-0016

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Stamina Trampolines


Stamina Products Inc. appeared on the market way back in 1987. And now it is famous mostly as a fitness equipment manufacturer that has flooded the fitness market with their innovative products. In addition to their regular fitness program, they manufacture trampolines too. However, the trampolines they manufacture are mostly designed for customers who are planning to use them for working out.

Stamina Trampolines

Ph: 1-800-375-7520

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Sundance Trampolines


The next brand on our list arrives straight from Vancouver, Canada! We’re talking about the company named Sundance Trampolines, which takes pride in its extremely durable trampolines. With more than fifty years of experience in the trampoline manufacturing business, these guys are a big deal nationwide!

Sundance Trampolines
1358 Seymour StreetVancouver, B,C,V6B 3P3
Ph: Canada: 1.604.683.4331 
sales@ sundancetrampolines .com

Super-Fun Sports Inc.


Another big name in Canada in the trampoline manufacturing world is Super-Fun Sports Inc. However, this is a company that was founded in North America in 1981. They have been producing trampolines of excellent quality and reliability ever since. They have their headquarters in the Whatcom County, Washington and Chilliwack, Canada.

Super-Fun Sports Inc.
Box 397
Chilliwack, B.C.
Canada, V2P 6J7
Ph: (800) 663-2261
(888) 327-9356



The next brand that we’ve found worthy of including on our list of trampoline manufacturers comes straight from the Netherlands. The name of the company is Avyna. They have their own factory located in Vietnam and their sales office is based in the Netherlands. Avyna ships their trampolines worldwide and has been on the market for over 15 years now.

TE Avnya
Schouwrooij 4a
NL – 5281 RE Boxtel
The Netherlands

Texas Trampoline

We’re back to the US manufacturers, and this time, it’s all about Texas Trampoline! Texas Manufacturers and Sales Inc. is one of the largest producers of square and rectangular trampolines in the US. This company manufactures trampolines and trampoline accessories, such as enclosures, safety nets, springs, and other trampoline supplies.

Texas Trampoline
1105 Industrial ParkGonzales, Texas 78629
Ph: 1.800.700.5887

Tramp Master Inc.

Tramp Master Incorporated is a trampoline manufacturer based in Denver, Colorado. They bring a long list of different trampolines to the market. In addition to that, they offer additional equipment designed to keep the kids active and creative. So apart from regular trampolines, they offer balance beams, cargo nets, climbing walls and so much more!

Tramp Master, Inc.
1865 W. 12th AvenueDenver, CO 80204
Ph: (800) 553.1402
Fx: (303) 572.1409

Ultega Trampolines


Ultega is a company with headquarters in Chicago, America. They specialize in manufacturing fitness equipment, such as exercise bikes, steppers, fitness gear for men and women, trampolines and trampoline accessories. We’d like to note that Ultega designs their trampolines primarily for fitness purposes and getting a good-quality cardio workout.

Ultega Trampolines
Hotline: 888 278 6970

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Vikan Trampolines

We’re going back to Canada, guys. Another great trampoline manufacturer that comes from Canada is Vikan Trampolines. The founder of this company is the youngest player in the Canadian Football League, Ivan MacMillan. His passion for sports and athletics led him to found Freedom Sports Limited/Vikan Trampolines in 1981. The company has grown really fast, and Vikan Trampolines has become one of the most popular brands in the trampoline manufacturing business.

Vikan Trampolines
2542 Badger Road
North Vancouver, B.C.
V7G 2R5
Ph: 1.800.276.1621
Home Office: 604.980.4645


Last, but surely not least, is Vuly. Vuly is an Australian recreational trampoline maker. They appeared in 2007 in Brisbane, Australia. Vuly is actually a private company that grew extremely fast and is now famous worldwide. You can find Vuly trampolines all across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. In addition to that, this company is mostly famous thanks to its springless trampoline, which is also one of their best sellers!

Call 1300 667 514

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Final Thoughts

Alright, guys! We’ve come to the very end of our list of trampoline companies that are the very best in their business. Making this list was not an easy task, knowing that there are numerous companies that are really good at what they do. We hope that this list of 29 trampoline manufacturers helps you find the perfect trampoline for yourself and your family.

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