Extra Fun: Trampoline Tent And Cover For Sale

There's no doubt that out of all the many types of backyard accessories, a trampoline tent is one of the most fun add-ons you can buy. Doing triple duty as a club house, sun shade and cover, kids of all ages love the coolness factor that a tent on a trampoline provides.

Unlike a traditional tent, these trampoline covers are specifically designed to fit around the support frame, so that they stay put while people are bouncing around. The basic idea is to turn your trampoline into an indoor bouncy house. You can even camp in it.

Like anything you buy, there are many different styles, colors and options to choose from. In this guide, we are going to take a look at the most important features to consider when investing in one of these and review 3 of the top selling products.

What to Look For In A Trampoline Tent

Safety First

Always look for a tent designed to work with your safety net in place. Although it is possible to remove the net, doing so can increase the risk of injury. The last thing you want is for a child to fall against the side wall and out onto the ground.


Its important to know what size your trampoline is and how many support poles you have around the safety net. Many manufacturers make trampoline tents to fit their own specific brand of trampoline. However, they will often fit other brands if you carefully compare dimensions.

Center Height

The center height of the tent from the trampoline bed to the top is especially important if you have high jumpers.


Some trampoline tents are designed to have a retractable roof, attached to a bungee cord. This is another important feature for high jumpers. No single setup is perfect for all situations. Other tents use fiberglass poles or no center support at all, so consider the user's habits when deciding what is going to work for your household.


If you don't want to remove the tent and store it during periods of non use, consider investing in water and weatherproof material. Folded seams, double stitching, and heavy duty zippers are signs of quality that indicate the material will hold up better over time. Also, the more anchor points it has, the better the tent will fit the frame. This means less shifting and movement while people are jumping.


The fabric, even if it's not UV light blocking, can still act as a great sun shade in hot weather. Just be sure the trampoline tent cover has plenty of ventilation points to avoid overheating the occupants. Windows covered by noseeum mesh are great for letting in air while keeping bugs out.

Last, but not least, consider your budget

Prices vary considerably, but you can find a trampoline tent in your range by knowing which features you can live without. Of course, more expensive doesn't always equal better so examine the cons and possible remedies when making your selection.

Our Top Recommendations

So now that you know what to look for in a trampoline tent, we can look at some of the great options out there.

JumpSport BigTop Trampoline Tent

JumpSport is a reputable trampoline company, making a lot of different equipment and accessories. The BigTop tent is brightly colored and designed to resemble a circus tent. Although it is made to fit their line of JumpSport safety enclosures, it will fit most round trampolines that are between 12 and 14 feet in diameter that has upright safety net poles. Check latest price here.


Due to its flexible installation system, it would probably fit a trampoline that falls a little short of the recommended sizes, but you should check before ordering. It comes with a door and three windows, complete with noseeum screen mesh.

The center is 5 1/2 feet high, and works with a bungee type cord so jumping is not restricted. The width is a roomy 11 feet, accommodating multiple jumpers at once.

Features at a Glance

  • Quality construction
  • Tall height with retractable ceiling
  • ​Unique anchoring points don't use poles, making it fast and easy to install
  • ​90 day, no hassle limited warranty
  • High safety rating


  • Material isn't completely waterproof, but it does dry out quickly
  • It's designed to fit inside the safety net, which doesn't look as good as those that hide the net

Our Opinion

The JumpSport trampoline net promises to put safety first, with a pole-less design that fits securely inside the net. Judging the setup of this tent, it appears to hold up to that promise. Even if the material fails or someone falls through, the safety net will not be affected in anyway. There's no parts to come loose or break.

The ease of set up is another thing that this tent has going for it. It attaches to the top and bottom of the safety poles using straps. The retractable ceiling is assembled by a cable that attaches to two points on either side, pulling it into a pointed shape and providing plenty of jump height. One person can completely install it in less than 30 minutes. With four sided ventilation, it shouldn't heat up as much inside as tents with fewer openings.

It's disappointing that the material isn't 100% weatherproof, but it's limited water resistant material dries quickly. You probably can't expect it to last years installed outdoors, but should hold up fine for a season or two. As easy as it is to install, taking it down during storms wouldn't be a huge problem and would prolong the life. The material is double stitched, a clear indication of quality construction.

The limited 90 day warranty is also a nice feature, but we question if it applies when you install the tent on a system other than one made by JumpSport. If the warranty is important to you, it may be worth a phone call to clarify the terms based on your specific trampoline.

Overall, our opinion is that the BigTop is a very good value for a mid range price trampoline tent. If you don't mind the fact that the safety net is visible, it appears to offer a lot of high end features while still keeping safety concerns as the top priority. Read more here >>


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Bazoongi Tree House Trampoline Tent

Bazoongi is the maker of all kinds of forts, trampolines, sleeping bags and tents for trampolines. They're claim to fame is that they offer very cool designs and durable kid-proof products. In reviewing the tree house tent trampoline cover, the first thing you notice is that it really does look cool. Check latest prices here >>


The outside polyester fabric is patterned to look like wood, with vines running up the sides. The top is sky blue with stars and comets printed all over. It has a very narrow size range, only fitting a 7 or 7.5 foot trampoline. Measuring in at 6 x 6 inches and 133 inches high, it's a bit on the smaller side and meant to fit tightly. They do warn that they use a patented system to secure it to the trampoline. It may not work with just any brand. Regardless, with it's pointed ceiling, there's plenty of room to jump and kids love the way it looks.

Features at a Glance

  • Cool design
  • Tight fitting
  • ​133 inches high
  • ​Completely covers safety net
  • ​Lower price point


  • Assembly can be difficult and moderately time consuming
  • Only intended the 7.5 foot Bazoongi trampoline, although you may get by with a 7ft size
  • ​Patented securing system means poles may not work with other brands
  • ​Not weatherproof - will not withstand being left outside and is not made for camping
  • ​Fabric will tear easily in high winds
  • Fabric is highly flammable

Our Opinion

The Bazoongi Tree House trampoline tent really does look great- combining two childhood favorites into one nifty accessory. It doesn't have a retractable ceiling, but should still be tall enough to give kids plenty of room. It's also budget friendly, coming in as the least expensive tent we reviewed.

The support system is both a benefit and a downfall for this trampoline tent cover. It is designed specifically to work only with the Bazoongi 7.5 foot tent with safety net. It assembles using a series of fiberglass poles, which is great because fiberglass tends to be very flexible when bent. The downside is that the poles may fall out or not attach correctly on other trampoline brands.

The instructions are somewhat confusing upon first glance, but once you figure it out, it goes somewhat smoother. The system also prevents this tent from going up quickly- which would be fine if it was weather resistant, but it's not.

The fabric is decorative polyester and the company is clear that the tent is not made for camping, will not hold up to high winds and thunderstorms and should be taken down if bad weather is predicted. Another concerning thing about the fabric is that it is not fireproof, which is always a good feature to have in an outdoor accessory. The company falls a little short here on their claim of it being durable and child proof.

As far as safety goes, assembled according to the manufacturer's instructions, it should be fine. The trampoline tent operates with a safety net inside and fits snugly against the frame. There are two windows and a door flap that can be tied open.

Overall, it isn't a bad tent. It's price point makes it a good buy for those that have the trampoline it's designed for. Did we mention it's coolness? This factor is really where it's value is at. Kids really seem to love the tree house concept, which is unique to Bazoongi. Read more here >>


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Propel Trampolines Trampoline Club House

The Propel Club House tent for trampolines is a square peg that fits into a round hole. It's designed to fit 15 foot trampolines with 6 safety net poles. Although it's intended for use only on Propel and Kinetic trampolines, people often buy it for 14 foot off brands. Propel is a well known manufacturer of trampolines and accessories. Check latest prices here >>


Installation is very easy and quick. There's no poles or cables, it simply slides over the top of the safety poles. The Clubhouse features 3 zippered and screened windows and a large entrance. The ceiling height is somewhat limited since it lacks support, but kids should still find plenty of room to jump without worrying about hitting the top.

Features at a Glance

  • Easy to install
  • 3 windows with noseeum mesh and covers
  • Llarge door has both zipper and ties for opening or closing
  • ​Weather resistant
  • ​Good safety rating
  • Available in other sizes


  • Lack of roof support causes leaves, debris and water to puddle on top
  • Difficult fit for other brands of trampoline
  • ​Material is thin and will tear easily
  • Gets hot, despite adequate ventilation

Our Opinion

The Propel Club House trampoline tent is fairly good at doing what it's designed to do: be a cool accessory for the propel trampoline line. It's colorful and the square shape looks nice installed on a round 15 foot trampoline.

The biggest selling feature is how simple it is to install. The one piece design just slides down over the existing safety net poles and ties in place. Given the ease of use, taking it off and putting it back on is very doable. That being said, it doesn't fit some 15 ft trampolines. It will stretch so tight that the door can't be zipped. On smaller 14 ft models, you may find it sags too much to allow for a lot of vigorous jumping.

The fabric, although weather resistant, is a downfall. it is thin and doesn't provide a lot of shelter from the sun. Things can heat up quickly inside, despite having plenty of windows. It will rip easily if you're not careful. The roof is flat, with a hole in the middle designed to drain moisture. The problem is during heavy downpours, water can still accumulate. This is especially true if it sits under any trees, where leaves and pine needles will quickly clog the drain hole. Dumping the water is simple, but the fabric is so thin that it may stretch and sag afterwards. Once the roof is sagging, it will significantly limit the amount of room available for jumping.The remedy for this is to make sure that the tent is fitted to the trampoline as intended, not left on during bad weather and not positioned under any trees.

The bottom line on the Club House is that if you're considering buying it, be sure to double check the dimensions to ensure a good fit. Plan on not being able to leave it on all the time. As the most expensive trampoline tent we reviewed, it's good points can outweigh the bad depending on what you're looking for. Kids tend to love the design so weigh the need of having to remove it against what your family likes. Read more here >>


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When deciding which trampoline tent cover to buy, prioritize the benefits that are the most important to you. Things such as durability, ease of installation , and usability should all factor into how much you're willing to spend. Safety should always be a non-neogitable starting point. Beyond that, consider how handy you are with tools and how much work installation will be for you. Regardless of which model you chose, they'll all be worthless if you can't assemble it.

It's worthwhile to take the time to read other people's reviews as well. Reading about the problems other buyers face and their solutions can help you decide if it is something you can live with. Regardless, no product is ever going to be perfect, so think about what shortcomings are tolerable as well.

It goes without saying, never buy a trampoline tent solely based on looks without knowing exactly what you're getting. Also remember that the care you give your tent trampoline cover will impact how long it lasts. Removing it during periods of dry weather, storing it in a dry location and ensuring a good fit are just a few ways to do this. it At the end of the day though, what matters most is that the person you're buying it for loves it and you make an informed decision.

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