Airzone Trampoline With Enclosure

airzone trampoline

The Variflex 12' diameter Trampoline and Enclosure set provides a safe and very fun bouncing experience. Quality design and construction, now features our new patented entrance and patent pending safety enclosure design. It is patented safety enclosure ties securely to the perimeter of the jump mat, keeping the jumper safely away from the edge of the mat.

Available Sizes

The product comes in two different sizes, 8-ft and 15-ft diameter trampoline, for outdoor activities and fitness with a mesh enclosure that provides extra safety during use.


Shipping weight varies for the different size available. The 8-ft diameter trampoline weighs 81 lbs., and supports users up to 200 lbs. while the 15-ft diameter trampoline weighs 187 lbs., and supports users up to 200 lbs. Having been tested, both diameter trampoline works well under the supported weight limit.

Further Description

  • With 8-ft and 15-ft diameter trampoline respectively, Variflex offer an easy-to-use, zipper enclosure access for easy entry and exit as well as 72 steel springs for the 15-ft design and 56 plated steel springs for the 8-ft design to offer superior bounce.

  • 6 W-shaped legs for 15-ft diameter trampoline to provide 12 points of contact with the ground and spring rail for maximum stability and 4 W-shaped legs for 8-ft diameter trampoline also to provide 8 points of contact with the ground and spring rail for maximum stability

  • The 15-ft diameter trampoline measures 180"L x 180"W x 111"H, weighs 187 lbs., and supports users up to 200 lbs while the 8-ft diameter trampoline measures 96"L x 96"W x 93"H, weighs 81 lbs., and supports users up to 200 lbs

Trampoline Frame Design

  • “T-Joint” construction uses robotically welded, 2mm tubing. The square-swedged top rails insert within one another, which forms a double wall thickness of 2.8mm + the 2mm T-Joint wall provides a total thickness of almost 5mm at each leg support.

  • Thru-bolts secure ALL trampoline leg connections use to prevent accidental separation of the joint when moving the unit. No press-fit joints or sheet metal screws that can loosen over time.

  • Thick-wall, Galvanized Steel top rails pass the new ASTM frame load test.

Ease of Assembling

The Variflex trampoline comes with a user manual and a product manual which is also available for download on the Variflex amazon page. With a simple design and an easy to read and understand manual, variflex become so much fun right from the point of assembling

Price and cost effectiveness

AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline only cost a little over $100 for the 8-ft diameter sized trampoline and less then $400 for the 15-ft diameter sized trampoline. This compared to many other sellers of the same rating is comparatively low. Check latest prices here >>

This trampoline is excellent for all jumpers and just because it is affordable, you aren’t losing any build quality. It also still has all the safety features that other more expensive trampolines have. This 15 ft trampoline is great if you have the yard space for it. Read more here >>

airzone trampoline
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