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Finding The Best Ball Pits For Kids And Toddlers

Ball pits for toddlers and small children have become popular gifts in recent years. They can be a colorful and whimsical addition to a child's play room. Kids from one-year-old to 100 years old can enjoy this kind of toy. Grammie does not have to go inside of the baby's ball pit in order to enjoy a giggle-inducing game of peek-a-boo or to toss the balls in and out while baby learns to count or recognize different colors.

What To Look For In A Ball Pit For Kids

A mini ball pit can seem as large as a house to a baby. The bright colors and cartoon designs are attractive to the little ones. In their eyes, it is a whole new world to explore. The structure of any ball pit for babies will seem small to an adult but it is much larger than a baby so safety is the first consideration when deciding which one to buy.

Ball Pit Safety

These small ball pits vary greatly in size, construction, materials and quality. It is a good idea to check any ball pit model for sharp corners or metal clips or wires that could tear loose from their fabric covering and become a hazard to the child. Secure construction is a key safety factor in a ball pit for babies. The material is important to look at. Inflatable ball pits for toddlers are popular as are pop-up models made of lightweight fabric with a rigid frame. Sometimes the frame is metal and sometimes plastic.

Ball Pits With Tunnels

Some kids ball pits come with a connecting tunnel. If purchasing one of these models, then the length of the tunnel and color of the fabric should be considered. A tunnel that is too long or too dark can frighten a toddler and cause them to not like the toy.


An important factor to consider when purchasing a ball pit for kids is the size of the structure relative to how many children will be using the toy on a regular basis. If there are often more toddlers around than will fit in the ball pit it can cause either an overfilling of the pit or having some children left out of the fun.

Modular Design

Some models feature modular design in order to add more play area to the toy. Besides the tunnel section already mentioned, a castle is a popular section added to some sets. If purchasing one of these modular designs it is important to look at what sort of snaps or clips hold the sections together. The less choking or poking hazards the better when buying for small children.

How Many Balls Included

One consideration that buyers often neglect when purchasing a ball put for toddlers is whether the chosen set comes with balls and if so how many. Some kids ball pits only come with a few balls and some come with none so it is helpful to notice in case there is a need to buy additional balls to go with the set. Find out how much ball pit ball cost here.

Portability And Carry Case

The portability of the baby ball pit can be important if the baby is well traveled. Some models include a carry case making it possible to take the kids ball pit on picnics and to the park. Some are easier to store than others and should be considered if limited storage is an issue.
A ball pit can be a fun addition to any child's toy collection. There are many models to choose from so finding the right one is possible, no matter the occasion.

Our Top Recommendations

So now that you know why you should consider buying a ball pit and what to look for, we can look at some of the great options out there.


Best Ball Pit For One Year Old: Playz 3-Piece Kids Play Tent Crawl Tunnel and Ball Pit

The Playz 3-Piece ball pit features pop-up design construction. It is made of soft, light fabric with metal strips sewn in to act as stabilizers for each section. This deluxe set promises to be durable enough for indoor and outdoor use. The 3-piece design suggests multipurpose use as the three sections can each stand alone or be connected together in several different configurations. The small ball pit can be used alone or connected to the tent portion via the tunnel. Check latest prices here >>


Easy To Carry

This kid's ball pit comes with a zippered carrying case for added mobility. It can easily be carried to parties or sleepovers. Balls to fill the ball pit section of the set are not included. All balls for this ball pit must be purchased separately. It is rated for children one year of age and older.

What Buyers Liked

Purchasers who used this ball pit liked how it looks. They reported that it was colorful, whimsical and attractive. Buyers also like the versatility of this model. They enjoyed the ability to fold the whole thing into a small zippered case and take it anywhere. They enjoyed the ability to use each section as a stand alone toy or connect them together for more fun.

Buyers reported satisfaction with the size of the set. Several remarked that it was roomy enough for 3 to 5 small children to play in at the same time. Several reported that this set kept the children happily entertained for hours both indoors and outdoors.

This toddler ball pit received a high number of comments that were critical of the product. More than a few purchasers reported that the metal wire structure of the tunnel section can easily tear through the light fabric that is covering it and become a poking hazard to the kids who play with it. The metal cannot be removed or the tunnel will collapse so a number of users had to throw the tunnel section away and use only the ball pit and tent sections.

What Buyers Didn't Like

Many who purchased this kids ball pit and tent set were very disappointed that it came with no balls at all. After all, as one user remarked, a ball pit should come with at least a few balls to start with.

Many users were unsatisfied with the clipping mechanism that connects the sections together. They reported that the clips were not secure so the sections became separated with even gentle to normal use.

This toddler ball pit could be dangerous and wasn't extra well-liked by users. There was dissatisfaction on many levels. Overall, the possibility of injury to a child is a flaw too serious to ignore. Read more here >>

  • Soft fabric and breathable mesh
  • Portable and easy to setup
  • Balls not included

over 460 reviews

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100-Pit-Ball Play Tent Popup

This hexagon shaped, six-sided kid's ball pit features pop-up design construction. There are mesh windows on five sides of the structure so the kids can see outside of the play tent ball pit. It also features a flap covered door opening so they can get out of the ball pit. This colorful, attractive model features a deep pit to keep the balls inside the pit instead of all over the house. Check latest price here >>


What Buyers Liked

Purchasers like the open top design which is ideal for peek-a-boo fun and for returning the balls to the pit when they get loose. Several users related stories of maximum cuteness when children and pets pop up through the open top.

Purchasers remarked that this model is a good size for two or three small children to play comfortably while still flexible enough to fold flat and slide under the couch for storage.

What Buyers Didn't Like

This child's ball put received as many critical comments as it did positive ones. Many purchasers reported that metal wire poked through the soft fabric of the ball pit to become a poking hazard to children playing inside. Users reported dissatisfaction with the quality of seams which would rip out easily after gentle non-violent play.

Safety is the most important factor to consider when choosing any toy for a child. There might be pages of glowing comments from happy purchasers, but the possibility of injury to a little one trumps all praise for the product. Overall, this product might be dangerous. Read more here >>

  • 100 balls included
  • Popup design for easy assembly
  • Tent folds flat for easy storage

Over 190 reviews

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Best Ball Pit For 2 Year Old: Little Tikes Slam Dunk Big Ball Pit

The Little Tikes kid's ball pit features an inflatable design which eliminates the danger of metal stabilizing rings. It promises safe indoor and outdoor play. Check latest prices here >>


What Buyers Liked

Purchasers liked this inflatable ball pit as it doesn't have hard corners or metal wires to poke out and injure the child. The inflatable basketball net is a favorite feature of this ball pit for toddlers. They also enjoyed the way it looks at full inflation. Users reported that parents and children alike had hours of fun playing balls in the hoop games.

This ball pit for kids includes 20 balls. Many purchasers remarked that they bought extra balls at the same time they purchased this ball pit, since the 20 balls reportedly are not enough to fill the pit.

A number of buyers reported that this is an ideal kid's ball pit for outdoor and indoor use.
Purchasers who love this model for the safety of the inflatable structure also reported that this ball pit for kids is not as easily stored as the pop up models. Most pointed out that they still prefer this inflatable style over the pop-up models. They simply commented that they tend to leave it inflated insead of storing it away from day to day.

What Buyers Didn't Like

This Little Tykes ball pit received almost as many critical comments as positive ones, although almost every single critical comment had to do with the ball pit either having a hole to start with or springing a leak on inflation.

There were no reports of reports of accidents or injury to any kids while using this ball pit.

  • 20 balls included
  • Inflatable design
  • 55" around and 52" high

Over 40 reviews

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Disney Mickey Having a Ball

This Disney ball pit for toddlers features an inflatable design using soft and safe materials. It promises hours of fun both indoors and outdoors. This Disney ball pit features a crawl through design for access from both sides. It also features a deep pit that will accommodate many soft crush proof colorful balls. It includes 20 balls in the set, but more can be purchased to fill the pit to the brim. Check latest prices here >>

The interactive play panel features the Micky Mouse Clubhouse logo and holes to toss the colored balls back and forth through. There is an opening in the top that is ideal for pop-up peek-a-boo or tossing the balls back inside the pit when they escape.

What Buyers Liked

Purchasers like the inflatable design of this ball pit. They report that it will hold 3 or 4 children with comfort and still be able to use the inflatable basketball goal that is attached. Children big and small alike love the ability to use this ball pit inside or outside. They report that it cleans easily with a wet soapy cloth.

Purchasers loved that the balls can be thrown in and out of this ball pit through the top opening, the front and back crawl through openings or the interactive panels on either side.

Users recommend using an air pump to inflate this ball pit. A few users commented that it can be inflated manually but it isn't easy, and a pump would make the job much more pleasant.

What Buyers Didn't Like

The only real critical comments were about the inflatable design. Several users reported that their Disney Mickey Having A Ball pit was leaky on delivery. Others reported that the ball pit quickly began to leak after inflation. Still, others reported that the kids' ball pit lasted a couple of weeks before springing a leak.

There were no reports of injury or near injury when using this kids ball pit. Read more here >>
  • Disney graphics
  • Peek through windows
  • Large crawl through openings
  • 20 soft flex balls included

Over 380 reviews

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Safety is the most important factor when choosing which kids ball pit to purchase. Two of these ball pits have several reports each of dangerous and potentially dangerous aspects of them. The pop-up design ball pits for babies are easily put up and easily taken down for storage. The ease of storage and mobility which are the biggest benefits to a pop-up model, however, are overshadowed by the possibility that a child could be hurt, possibly severely, if the metal wire tears out of the fabric covering and pokes or cuts a child. For smaller kids we also have the article the best ball pit for 1 year old.

The inflatable design ball pits for toddlers seem to be the safest ones available. They provide soft protection from falling and since there are no metal wires or clips, there is no choking or poking hazard. The inflatable designs are more likely to spring an air leak and require a patch. They might take up some room inside the house since they aren't quickly deflated or easily stored, but the inflatable ball pits for toddlers would seem to be the safest.

The toddler ball pit that is the favorite overall is the Disney Mickey Having A Ball pit with 20 balls. The only thing lacking in this one is enough balls to fill the pit, otherwise, it seems to be the favorite and the safest of the toddler ball pits on the market.

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