How to Convince Your Parents to Get You a Trampoline: 9 Tips

As you know, trampolines can be a lot of fun. But there is one small catch to buying one. You may not be old enough to have the money it takes to buy one at the store. When you are at this age, you need your parents’ permission and savings to help you get the trampoline you want.

There is one very good way to convince your parents that buying you a trampoline is a good idea. Most kids may hate it but it works almost every time. You need to do your homework and improve or keep your grades up. Good performance in school opens many doors to parent purchases.

To find out more tips about how to convince your parents to buy you a trampoline this year, just keep reading our article. It is filled with helpful tips all teenagers can use to get one of these great fun products.

Top 10 Tips to Get You a Trampoline

1. Learn All About Trampolines


This needs to be thorough research and it should impress your parents. You are showing some responsibility and finding all about trampolines, their use, their dangers and their safety guidelines.

You need to learn all the pros and cons of trampolines and show your parents how you would use it. There are a lot of positive health benefits that come from using a trampoline and you can show your parents how you can stay healthier and exercise safely.

Trampolines are also a lot safer than football which is always a good argument to use on worried mothers who are afraid their children will get serious injuries playing contact sports.

2. Use Your Knowledge of Trampolines Wisely


By that we mean you can approach your argument by using the knowledge you gained through the first tip above. How do you do that? You include your parents in on the fun.

After you detail how you will benefit from trampoline use, you can show them the many health benefits they will receive if they join in and use the trampoline regularly.

You can also show your parents that they can tone their bodies, lose weight and get fit a lot faster than other exercise methods, Then you can say that just because they are parents, they should not miss out on any fun. Fun and health benefits help turn their negative answer to a positive one.

3. Show Responsibility


We do not mean by making promises you may not keep. For example, promising them you will do your homework or keep the trampoline clean is not going to work. Children have been doing that for generations and parents know that they are the ones who end up with the tough chores of trampoline ownership.

To show responsibility, you can sign up for a trampoline class to learn everything there is to know about owning and caring for a trampoline. Those classes will also teach you how to be safe when using the product ad give you tips on correct use, how to bend, land and do tricks safely.

Showing good responsible behavior is one way to change your parents’ minds.

4. Outline Skill Development


When talking to your parents, you can explain to them how you will benefit physically. You can show them web pages that talk about how trampolines develop motor skills, coordination, and other key skills you need throughout your life.

Also, you can show them other web pages that have the statistics and data proving your attention at school will improve. Along with being able to focus better on your schoolwork.

There are a lot of physical benefits you can develop when you use a trampoline that will help you at all ages you reach. Making sure that they know how you will benefit is a good way to get that trampoline home from the store.

5. Outline The Safety Skills You Will Learn


Safety is a big thing, especially with protective moms. One way to swing her to your side of the argument is by letting them see how you will learn good safety habits. You can show them that these safety habits will also follow you through life and help you protect their grandchildren when they are born.

Just make sure that event is a long way off in the future or you may never see the trampoline you want. Also, letting your parents know that you can learn to be safe builds confidence in your parents about you and how you act throughout your life.

Building confidence in you allows your parents to see that you are growing up and deserve some new responsibilities as well as entertainment options.

6. You Tell Your Parents a Trampoline Will Get You Outside


This is big nowadays. When they or their parents were kids playing outside was the norm. There were no video or computer games to keep them locked in their rooms or the house. Their friends and themselves got plenty of fresh air.

Owning your own trampoline gets you off the couch, away from the television set and your gaming systems and gets you out of the house. But you won't go far as the trampoline will keep you in your yard and your mother or dad can keep an eye on you.

Being able to get that needed fresh air helps keep you healthy, and you keep your body functioning as it should.

7. You Get a Social Life


One thing that owning a trampoline does is give you more of a social life. You can explain to your parents that you will get new friends by inviting them over is always a good point to use in your convincing argument.

You can also tell your parents that you can learn how to play well with others and other fine social lessons they want you to learn and practice. Social development is important and stays with you throughout your whole life. Plus, it teaches you about fair play, rules, and other important life lessons.

Making friends and learning how to play correctly with them is a key element in your argument. All parents want their kids to grow up and be good adults. Also, they get teachable moments that satisfy their parenting needs.

8. Explain That Trampolines Help You Psychologically


Even 15 minutes per day can help you stay grounded and on firm psychological ground. That is also important as parents worry about your mental health condition. Staying mentally fit will help them worry less and enjoy your company more.

Then you can show them that your jumping time can reduce your stress, make you feel better and more relaxed. You should be able to focus on your homework better and handle what life throws your way a lot easier.

Having a good psychological make up is very important as you grow up. It will help you as you enter each stage of your life and make life a lot more enjoyable for you and for them.

9. Don’t Go Overboard


There are a lot of trampolines on the market and you should not pick the most expensive one that has all the bells and whistles. Be practical and show some financial responsibility by picking one that they can afford while still keeping you nice and safe.

The model you pick should have all the safety pads, possibly netting and other safety devices without jacking the price up. Showing a little financial responsibility is always a good mark in your parents’ book.

Also, showing your parents that you know they are not made of money helps them see you in a one light and lets them relax a bit. Let them consider the one you have picked out and as a back-up plan, give them several options to look over.

10. Pick One That Fits The Yard


This is important because they will turn down any trampoline purchase request where the trampoline just won’t fit the yard that came with the house. Your parents are not dumb and they will see that a trampoline that is too big will raise some safety issues.

Make sure the one you want fits the yard and provides them and you with some safety boundaries that won’t impede on their favorite activities. Size matters even in trampoline purchases.

Small is not a bad thing and you can still have fun using a smaller product.

Some Final Words

Being able to get your very own trampoline is not always easy. But if you employ the right arguments, do your research and show some grown-up attitudes and characteristics, chances are you will be successful in your quest.

Owning a trampoline is so much better than always going over to your friends’ house and using his or hers. You get to exercise and develop key attributes your parents can be proud of.

One final tip is don’t be selfish. You will need to graciously share the trampoline with your younger brothers and sisters. If not, your parents may close their wallets and walk away.

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