Shapes Battle: Rectangular Trampoline vs Round vs Oval Trampoline

If you've ever shopped for a trampoline, you'll know that there are a huge range of different shapes available. From traditional round trampolines to ovals, rectangles and even hexagons, it can be hard to know which to go for. What are the benefits of a rectangular trampoline vs round? How do you make the decision between oval vs round? The truth is, each trampoline shape has its benefits and which one you buy should ultimately be based on your needs. So, which shape would suit you and your family the best? Read on for our ultimate guide.

Rectangular trampoline vs round

These are the two most common trampoline shapes, so you'll want to understand the benefits of a rectangle vs round trampoline. Round trampolines are more commonly used at home, while you'll usually find rectangular trampolines at gyms. However, this doesn't mean that you cannot purchase a rectangular trampoline for your back yard. Visit our best rectangular trampoline to choose yours.


The main difference between the two shapes is that a rectangular trampoline gives more surface area and a more powerful bounce. This is ideal if you have older kids or someone in your family wants to take up gymnastic trampolining. However, for younger children the less powerful bounce action of a round trampoline may provide a greater level of safety.

Another major difference between rectangle vs round trampolines is the price. Because they require less support, round trampolines can use more lightweight frames. Therefore, on the whole they are cheaper than their rectangular counterparts. However, this also means they usually have a lower upper weight limit. Therefore, if you're on a budget and don't mind a slightly lower weight limit, a round trampoline may be the ideal choice.

Square or rectangle trampoline

If you don't want a circular trampoline, then you may find yourself making the choice between a rectangular vs square trampoline. In general, a square trampoline is ideal for young families as the spring arrangement gives a firmer bounce action. This means that your kids can enjoy the surface area of a square trampoline without the risk of bouncing too high, which can be dangerous. Square trampolines are often easier to accommodate in your yard due to their smaller size.


However, for older and more confident trampolinists, or those who want to practise gymnastic trampolining, a rectangular trampoline is the ideal option because it provides a larger surface area and higher bounce. This is also the type of trampoline that you will find in gyms teaching competitive trampolining.

Oval vs rectangular trampoline

Another important decision you may find yourself making is the choice between oval or rectangular trampolines. As we mentioned above, the rectangular trampoline provides the highest bounce and is the ideal option if someone in the family is into gymnastic trampolining.


However, oval trampolines bridge the gap between a round and a rectangular trampoline. The key advantage that they have over rectangular trampolines is that you don't naturally gravitate towards the centre. Instead, the shape creates two bouncing zones at each end. Therefore, it is a much safer shape if your trampoline is likely to be used by more than one person at once.

Oval vs round trampoline

A round vs oval trampoline can be a tricky decision to make. However, both have their own advantages. Round trampolines tend to be a little cheaper and take up a bit less space in your yard. They are ideal if your trampoline will only be used by one person at a time as the shape of the jumping mat causes you to gravitate towards the centre and away from the edge.


However, if you think that your trampoline will need to accommodate more than one person, an oval trampoline may be the better option. As we mentioned above, this shape creates two jumping zones at each end. Therefore, users are less likely to bounce into each other which could cause injury.

Is a square or round trampoline better?

Should you purchase a square or round trampoline? Again, this depends on the needs of your family. Square trampolines do have two major advantages over round trampolines. First, they usually have a much sturdier frame to support their shape. This means that they often have much higher upper weight limits. Also, the square shape gives a larger bouncing surface because it has corners. More bouncing surface means even more fun.


However, one major point in favour of round trampolines is that they often come at a lower price. That's because this shape doesn't need such a heavy-duty frame to support it, making it easier on the wallet than many other options.

Oval vs round mini trampoline rebounder

Rebounders are mini trampolines that are specially designed for fitness use. However, you can also buy mini trampoline rebounders as a first trampoline for very little children. If you are intending on using a rebounder to work out, most people will find that a round model will be cost-effective and be perfectly adequate for their needs.


However, oval rebounders may be better in two circumstances. First, if you want a little extra surface area for bouncing, an oval rebounder can provide this. For young children, an oval kids' rebounder can also allow enough space for two users at once. 

Best shape for a trampoline

As you can see, each trampoline shape has factors that can make them very suitable purchases. However, certain types are more likely to suit particular groups of users.


If you or a member of your family is into gymnastic trampolining, then a rectangular trampoline is probably the best way to go. These provide a high bounce and a surface area similar to those you would find at a gymnastic club.

For those who have younger children and who don't want such a high bounce, an oval, square or round trampoline is an ideal choice. Square or round trampolines are best for single users, while an oval trampoline is ideal if more than one person will be using the trampoline. Remember, a square or oval trampoline will provide a greater overall bouncing surface.

Finally, for those on a budget, a round trampoline is well worth considering. Because they usually have more lightweight frames, these are usually the most budget-friendly of all the shapes on our list.

The bottom line

When it comes to choosing a trampoline shape, whether you are considering a rectangular trampoline vs round or an oval vs round trampoline, it all comes down to your individual needs, budget and space. However, whatever shape you go for, be sure to check out the safety features, durability and user reviews before you make a purchase. Happy bouncing!

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