Where to Buy or How to Make a Trampoline Bike (Easy Tips)

Bouncing on a trampoline and doing some great exercises only gets you so far. You may get bored after a while and seek new excitement. One way to seek that new high is to go with a trampoline bike. These bikes instill new life into your trampoline time.

When wanting to make the most out of your trampoline time, it is better to make your own trampoline bike. Store-bought ones, if you can find them, can be pretty expensive. Making your own lets you use your creative and construction talents.

To learn more about trampoline bikes, where to buy them and how to make your own, just keep reading our article. It has the information you need to make sure you get the best bike for your backyard fun.

Tip 1: in buying a trampoline bike, you may be disappointed to see that both Amazon and e-Bay do not carry that product. You may have to go to other outlets to find them.

Tip 2: you do not have to go expensive when creating your own trampoline bike. Just make sure all the parts won’t damage you or your trampoline.

How to Build a Trampoline Bike

Building your own trampoline bike is one way to make sure you get one that fits you. Also, it is the best way to make sure you get the look you want. Here is one way to build a trampoline bike:

  • Step 1. First, you take your old bike and start stripping away those unneeded parts. What you want left on the bike is the frame, handlebars and the seat. Everything else comes off. In case you need a BMX bike, here is our selection >>
  • Step 2. Get a top degreaser and remove all the grease that remains on those few parts. Don’t leave any grease behind.
  • Step 3. Take some thick foam padding and some duct tape. Find all the sharp points still left on your bike and wrap the padding around them. Next, use the duct tape to secure the padding in place making sure the latter does not go anywhere. You do not want to damage the trampoline with any of those sharp points.
  • Step 4. Double check your work and make sure no sharp parts are left exposed.
  • Step 5. Add more padding and duct tape where needed and then finish off. That is all there is to building your own trampoline bike.

In Case You Need a BMX Bike to Build Your Tramp Bike

This Razor BMX bike is great for a tramp bike. And it's very cheap. Check the price on Amazon >>


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Where Can I Buy a Trampoline Bike


Two places where you cannot buy a trampoline bike seems to be at e-Bay and Amazon. We did search and we have no matches come up. But if you want, you can try overseas as we did find one store called Aerosteeze.

Their bikes seem to come without seats, and you can buy that accessory separately. The cost for a seatless trampoline bike starts around 80 British pounds or roughly $100 or more.

We also tried another overseas outlet, Alibaba, but they did not market trampoline bikes either. It seems that the liability factor may stop a lot of companies from marketing that invention.

Or the idea is too new to catch on and there are few people interested in buying them at this time. Finding a trampoline bike on the open market may prove a bit difficult unless there is a bike specialty shop that handles them on a small basis.

Trampoline Bike for Sale


As noted above, there was only one company that seems to market trampoline bikes and they are not in America. There may be safety issues as to why there is such a limited availability.

We can only guess at the reasons as no place is talking about trampoline bikes except Aerosteeze. They have 3 models on their front page and they are highly decorated and come in a rainbow of colors to highlight their unique shape and purpose.

To see these bikes for yourself, you can just click on this link. We were able to find a second place that sold a trampoline bike and it is sold already but all you are doing is buying the frame and some padding.

It may be cheaper to make one yourself. The link to that overseas opportunity is here. If you have any legitimate non homemade sources for trampoline bikes, we would be interested in hearing from you and getting a link to their site.

If you really want to get a homemade version, then maybe Craigslist has some for sale on it. Other than that, you may have to do a lot of searching.

Tramp Bike Price

Homemade trampoline bikes are not going to cost you a lot of money. That is because everyone knows if they price theirs too high, you can go out and get the materials you need and make your own.

Custom made bikes sold through different legitimate businesses will be another story. With their product, you will get professional custom paint jobs, top of the line padding and most likely no sharp edges and more.

All that work will add to your cost and as you can see by Aerosteeze, you are looking at paying over $100 or 80 British Pounds for a bike frame and a little paint. Seats are going to be extra.

Then you will need to figure in shipping and handling which will also raise your cost. If the maker is overseas, international rates do not tend to come cheap especially when only 1 bike is being shipped at one time.

Your best bet and to save on costs is to use your own old bike, strip it down and you will only have to pay for the padding and the duck tape. You will be lucky to pay about $20 for those materials.

Best Tramp Bike Company


Right now, that looks like Aerosteeze. We did another search just in case we missed something in our original searches, and we found a Triple R Tramp Bike shop, but we are a bit skeptical. Their website is on WordPress and that is a blog.

We also noticed that they had a Facebook page, but we could not find a real professional website that provided excellent shots of their products. We found no real shopping page either.

From their about page it looks like the company is being started by a group of teenagers. We did see another company, but it seems that their tramp bikes are homemade and they specialize in real BMX bikes and the trampoline bikes are just a new sideline.

So we have to hand the title of best tramp bike company to Aerosteeze. Their bikes look professionally made and designed. Their only drawback is that they remove the seats and charge extra for those.

With only 3 sizes and 2 seat designs to choose from, your selection is a bit limited, but it seems that Aerosteeze is the only tramp bike company out there making a serious effort of opening up the trampoline bike market.

Bike Trampoline Tricks


If you make your own, and it is highly likely that you will have to, there are a number of different tricks you can do with your tramp bike. First off, you can borrow all the tricks you want from the BMX cycling world. These tramp bikes are not limited in any way of copying those options.

You may get more height from using a trampoline giving you more time to complete your tricks but that is about the only difference between the two systems. If you want to see some great tricks to copy, you can go to the Triple R WordPress site and see some great shots of people doing their tramp bike tricks.

That link is right here. Notice that the participants have safety netting around them as they do their tricks. Safety is always first when you want to explore the many forms you can do to upgrade your trampoline time.

Padding and a helmet should also be worn to make sure you do not hurt yourself through some freak accident that can happen on occasion.

Trampoline Bike Competition

Believe it or not, there are some tramp bike competitions you may be interested in trying out for. One is the world championship and this is a link to their 2015 video. Here is a link to their 2017 video

As you can see, the competition ha sot hit the world stage and it lacks a following. But to be fair, the 2015 competition was only the second year the tournament was in operation. We have not found any videos for 2018 or 2019.

We also see links to old competitions, but these are at best 10 years old and there has been no mention of any more recent events to market those enjoy using a modified bike on their trampoline.

The Benefits of Using a Tramp Bike

With every activity there are benefits that come. Tramp bike participation is not excluded from that category. One such benefit is that you keep moving. Keeping moving is highly recommended as just that alone provides you with some great health benefits.

Here are some other benefits you get from doing tramp biking:

  • 1. You learn to do bike tricks safely - As we mentioned before there are few differences between real BMX bike tricks and tramp bike tricks. This means you can learn how to do your real bike tricks in a safe manner that keeps you from injury.
  • 2. You can have fun - having a little fun eases a lot of stress. Losing stress is a great way to live a little longer. Plus, having fun provides you with some great memories for when you get older.
  • 3. You get exercise - not only from keeping moving but walking, running jumping and the twisting involved with doing your bike tricks.
  • 4. You concentrate better - learning to do new tricks and implementing them takes concentration. As you know one mistake can cause you a few problems. Building your concentration up will help you in school and other activities.
  • 5. You develop co-ordination - this is always a good motor skill to develop. Co-ordination will help you in a variety of activities including your employment.
  • 6. You create a social life - you meet new people make new friends and have a great time. The social skills of the participants get developed and making friends later in life becomes a little easier.
  • 7. You learn how to help others - when they fall you can help pick them up, give them advice and possibly take care of any medical issues that may arise.

The Risks Involved With Tramp Bikes

Basically, nothing is risk free. There are some risks that are involved when you turn to tramp bikes for your entertainment, development, and exercise.

  • 1. You can get hurt - mistakes and accidents happen. You can make a mistake and land on your bike, the side of the trampoline or even just land wrong hitting the wrong part of your body hurting yourself.
  • 2. You can move the wrong way - without proper stretching beforehand you can make a nice move and stretch too far pulling muscles or straining your back.
  • 3. You can ruin your trampoline - when you make your own bike you may miss a sharp point or two and those will rip through the trampoline pad like a knife through butter.

Looking For a Trampoline? Don't Buy Something You'll Hate

Some Final Words

What tramp biking seems to be is an activity that helps prepare you for top BMX tricks and competitions. The activity may be popular in some neighborhoods, but it does not seem to be catching on as a great exercise alternative.

The lack of popularity, the lack of companies making these bikes and the lack of competitions provide clues that this activity has a long way to go before it becomes mainstream.

If you are careful, then you may be able to benefit from participating in this activity. But be careful as no activity is perfect and you still run some risks.

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