Finding The Best Children’s Trampoline With Handle Bar

As everyone knows, toddlers have tons of energy. It is easily expelled on sunny days by playing outside. But what if it is a chilly winter day, or a rainy one? Without being able to burn that energy, it interferes with their ability to rest well. There is also the possibility of driving their caregivers up the wall! One product to be considered is a children's trampoline with handle or safety bar.

Toddler Trampoline With Bar Benefits

A trampoline with handlebar for toddlers allow your child to exercise their entire body, which can improve their overall fitness, balance, and help their coordination. You should look for one that is durable and stable, and is safe to jump on. The feet of the trampoline should be non-slip, and the bar should be safety bar shouldn't move easily, if at all.

What To Consider When Buying a Kids Trampoline With Bar

It is also important to consider the weight limit to prevent injury. You also want to have plenty of space surrounding the area, and a wide mat surface area. Research the manufacturer, and make sure there are warranties available. Another thing to consider is if the company has a spare part availability. There is nothing more maddening than one spring breaking or one screw missing and then having to toss the whole thing. Not only would there be no toy for the child, you would be out of a pocketful of cash. Make sure the company provides spare parts if needed.

Although the research will take a little extra work, if you are interested in buying a kids trampoline with a bar you will feel better knowing you will have bought the best possible product, and rest easy knowing your child will get the exercise he needs safely (with adult supervision of course). This review will cover the top kid trampolines with bars available in the market.

Our Top Recommendations

The Best Children's Trampoline With Handle: Little Tikes 3 Foot Trampoline With Bar

The Little Tikes 3 foot trampoline has a thirty six inch length and width and is thirty three and a half inches in height. It is constructed out of plastic and metal to keep it durable. It is made for a child up to fifty five pounds. It is easy to assemble, with snap on non-slip rubber feet. The legs have a support bar built into them, and the cross bar needs only two screws too attach to the trampoline. It is strong enough for a small child to swing from it, and it even blinks! The mat has elastic webbing, which is much safer than springs (to avoid pinched fingers) and has more durability than the average bungee cord. It is also inexpensive at around $32. It can provide hours of entertainment for your little one. Check latest price here >>

However, there is a common problem. It deals with the bar itself. It is easily bitten off or torn, forcing consumers to duct tape or otherwise wrap the bar so the toddler doesn't have mouthfuls of foam or knock a tooth out on the metal bar. Also, if your child swings on the safety bar while it is placed on the trampoline's edge, it lifts up in the back, causing it to fall over.


The Little Tikes trampoline does sound it would be effective at entertaining your child in dreary weather or when you just can't get out. The safety features are very attractive, such as the non-slip rubber feet. The inexpensiveness is enticing, as well as the simple assemblage. However, the concern would be about the safety handle bar. Toddlers like to chew on things, making it a choking hazard. If you prefer this one, it may be wise to wrap it in something like duct tape to prevent any incidents and to keep the product intact. The Little Tikes 3 trampoline (as in any trampoline) would also require adult supervision to make sure the item doesn't tip over if your toddler decides to swing from it too hard.

  • Perfect for kids
  • Large jumping surface
  • Indoor use
  • Easy to move around
  • Recommended age: 3 to 6 years

over 2000 reviews

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Kangaroo's 36" Kids Trampoline

The next trampoline worth examining is the Kangaroo's 36 inch Kids Trampoline, which costs around $75. It is made for ages three and up. According to the manufacturer, the dimensions are seventeen inches in length, eleven inches in width, and three inches in a height. There is a six month warranty, and folds up without having to disassemble it.

It is sturdy and has tension straps. The set up is very simple, and the bumper pad is padded, and easy to grasp. It is great for a hyperactive kid. The weight limit is great at one hundred and fifty five pounds. It is lightweight and older children can play on it as well. It also doesn't take up a great deal of space.

The drawbacks are once again the balance bar. In its defense, it is removable, although it wouldn't be recommend with small children. The handle bar tears easily, and because the design has it built a tiny bit to the side, it also tips over easily. It claims to be good for outdoor use, but it really is not as advertised.


It is wonderful that it has a higher weight limit and that older children can enjoy playing on it. It is also nice that it doesn't take up a ton of space. The concern is again the balance bar, but if some precautions are taken, I'm sure it wouldn't tear as easily. Nonetheless, the fact that it easily tips over when small children jump on it seems to make the whole thing not worth the money.

  • Recommended age: 3 and up
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • 3 Foot (36 inches)
  • Passed all US Safety Tests

Over 160 reviews

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Bazoongi 48" Bouncer Trampoline

The Bazoongi 48 inch bouncer with bar has 6 legs for additional stability, and the manufacturer claims it lasts all year round inside or outside. The padded handle adjusts to two different heights, and is made with galvanized springs without your child's feet getting pinched or caught. The handle is also removable. The one hundred and ten pound weight limit allows more children to burn calories and get a cardio workout. It says for ages three and up, although the manufacturer recommends four and up. The dimensions are 27 inches by 14 inches by six inches. It comes with a 90 day warranty, and a big warning about not allowing children under two to play on it because of the small parts. Check latest prices >>

The only real pro found with this one is that it is easy to assemble. There is a long list of cons. That "easy assemblage" cannot be done without two people, as it is tough to get the springs on. The metal cracks after roughly three months. The handle can bend outward, even with small toddlers. The caps aren't made for a wood floor, because it will scratch it easily. The directions are shown with blurry pictures. Most dangerously, the frame can break, causing it to totally collapse with your child on it.

This one doesn't seem to be worth the time and effort. Although it looks very appealing on the outside, there are just too many risks to put your kid on it and expect the product to be reliable. Even with adult supervision, it isn't worth the chance of a bending handle or total collapse of the entire trampoline. Read more >>

  • Galvanized springs
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Adjustable height handle
  • 6 legs for added stability

Over 400 reviews

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Portable & Foldable Trampoline

The Gymenist Portable and Foldable Trampoline with bar has a lot of claims by its manufacturer. They say it has durable construction, with a handle and frame cover that is padded. They offer a one year warranty, and say it can has indoor and outdoor usage. There is no bungee cord, and the mat comes pre-assembled, and is attached to the bouncing frames. It also claims that this trampoline "helps promote active play in children and improve their motor skills, confidence, coordination, and sensory processing." It meets all US standards, and is for ages three and up. It says it is easy for travel because of it's fold and close ability, and comes with a free storage and carry bag. Check latest prices here >>

Portable & Foldable Trampoline - 36

The list of health benefits they claim this product can produce is very long. It includes an "aid lymphatic circulation, as well as blood flow in the veins of the circulatory system. Stimulate the metabolism, reducing the likelihood of obesity. Trampoline exercise can strengthen bone density as well as muscles. Increased bone density helps to prevent broken or fractured bones or osteoporosis. Because a trampoline teaches muscle control and coordination, many children see an improvement academically when regular use of trampoline occurs." All this sounds great, but they did not cite any evidence to prove it. Several therapists consider this trampoline the best indoor trampoline for autism because it is the safest.

The height is thirty two inches, and the height from the floor is nine inches. The diameter is sixteen inches. The dimensions are thirty six inches in length, thirty six inches in width, and thirty two inches in height. It is considerably more lightweight than the other models at fourteen pounds.

It makes for great exercise in smaller places, and can hold up a larger child's weight. It can be assembled in ten minutes, and folds in just five. There are some disadvantages though. The straps on the underside can fall off and do not seem to reattach. This can create holes in the trampoline. The foam around the handle can tear easily, although this can be remedied with tape. The directions can be very confusing. For instance, the manufacturer says the product is for ages three and up, while the directions say five and up. You also need to keep it on a non-slip surface or the trampoline will travel across the floor. Read more here >>

It is hard to be certain if this particular brand will live up to all it's health claims (that will require additional research), but the fact it can hold older kids weight and is easily assembled and folded up for storage seems quite appealing. It is also awesome that they provide a travel bag with it. However, the underside straps are alarming. If you cannot reattach them, and the mat is already attached to the bouncing frames, how can you fix the holes? Good thing it has a one year warranty. The fact that the trampoline can travel is also a cause for concern, although if you place it on carpet or grass this is a more minor detriment. It is also a great bouncing toys for 2 year olds idea.

Portable & Foldable Trampoline - 36"
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Recommended age: 3 and up

Over 140 reviews

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Our Veredict

All of these kids trampolines have their flaws, but the trampoline from Little Tikes seems to be the best option, as long as you wrap a durable tape around the foam bar before use. With all it's safety hazards, it would probably be best to avoid the Bazoongi brand trampoline. The Gymenist brand will require research to verify all their health claims. The biggest downside is that you will have to send back the entire trampoline if problems arise with the mat because it is already attached to the bars. Kangaroo's trampoline appears to rust if left outside, and the handle bar appears to easily come off.

All of these brands are very entertaining for little ones, but because they get so much enjoyment out of it and are likely to expend a lot of vigorous energy on them, it is critical that you do your own research and look for what others have to say about the product. Look for durability, steadiness, and that pesky foam bar. Ensure that the weight limit is appropriate for your child or children, and that it can hold their weight.

Research what previous consumers have to say about the product. They have experience with them, and this can help influence your decision. Look for warranties in case of potential problems. Find out if the bottom legs are non-slip, because this could create a serious safety issue. If you want a model that is also good for the outdoors, make sure the material the trampoline is made out of is created so that it won't be ruined or get rusty if left out in the rain. Find out what the mat is made out of, because it can seriously affect durability. Avoid springs because of potential safety issues, like little feet getting caught or pinched.

Make sure the product comes with everything it advertises before the warranty runs out. As always, ensure there is adult supervision. Never get on top of it with them (however tempting), and never let more than one child get on it at a time.

Hopefully this review will help you in your decision in picking the best trampoline for kids. Have fun!

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