How Much Are Trampoline Nets? Find Netting Replacement For Sale

Trampolines are one of the most popular backyard play equipment in America. Along with the fun of trampolining comes the risk of injury when using a trampoline. Injuries can range from sprained ankle, broken leg or arm, concussion and contusion injuries or even death. The trampoline security net enclosure was a welcome answer to the problem of injuries among those who participate in the trampoline craze. But how much are trampoline nets?

A lot of trampoline models come complete with a security net enclosure, however, not all models do. Sometimes the security net that came with the trampoline becomes damaged and torn requiring it to be replaced. If purchasing a net to replace one that can no long be used due to damage or wear, it is a good idea to contact the manufacturer and determine if it is possible to replace the damaged net with an exact matching brand correct part number for the model. However, it is not always possible or desirable to replace trampoline netting with an exact match.

How Much Are Trampoline Nets?

Usual trampoline replacement nets cost from $30 to $100 dollars. The exact price will depend on the brand, size and type of trampoline netting. The cheapest trampoline net available is SkyBound. You can check the latest price for your model here >>

Some manufacturers have designed security net enclosure sets for replacement of worn out or damaged nets and also for trampolines that never came with a security net in the first place.

Check If Replacement Will Fit

If replacing a net but cannot replace it with the exact brand match and part number, it is important to determine whether the pole configuration will match up with the replacement set for a perfect fit.

Exact Size of the Jumping Surface

It is important to know the exact size of the jumping surface. Also important to know before purchase is whether the security trampoline netting will be mounted on the inside of the spring configuration or on the outside frame of the trampoline.

Check If Poles Are Included

Also important to note is exactly what is included in the replacement trampoline net being considered. Some replacement trampoline nets come complete with poles, some do not. It is important to determine which kind is required before making the purchase.

Our Top Recommendations

Now we can look at some of the great trampoline net options out there.

SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Nets

Skybound brand replacement trampoline nets are designed in such a way as to fit various models of the most popular trampoline brands. Check latest prices here >>

A purchaser can phone the Skybound customer support team to identify which specific trampoline safety net enclosure is being replaced. The purchaser may also use the illustrations below to determine what size and style are required.

The diameter of the trampoline frame must be measured (not the net that is being replaced) to assure that the Skybound replacement trampoline net will fit correctly.

The number of poles used for the net being replaced will also be necessary information. The customer support team will evaluate what is needed to replace the existing net. They guarantee a perfect fit for the existing safety net enclosure system.

What Buyers Liked

Buyers report satisfaction with this replacement trampoline netting system. Several users commented that it is made of quality materials and lasts longer exposed to the elements than other replacement they have used.

Several users remarked that the replacement net made them feel more secure when their children are at play on the trampoline. A small tear can grow quickly when a child lands on it.

Several purchasers reported that this trampoline net was a bit difficult to assemble and install and they also said that the instruction sheet included in the set was not much help. However, they also remarked that with a bit of online help the enclosure was not terribly hard to put together and any aggravation was made up for in peace of mind.

Nearly every purchaser had a report of an adjustment or modification that was necessary in order to utilize this trampoline net with their system.

This trampoline net is sold as a replacement set so it does not come with poles. If poles are not already owned by the purchaser they must be bought separately.

Overall, this product was well like other than issues of fit. Read more here >>

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Trampoline Replacement Enclosure Set

This trampoline net replacement set from Upper Bounce features heavy-duty poles and a high-quality 8ft safety net. A total of 6 poles is included as well as foam sleeves to protect the poles from the elements. The set comes complete with 12 U-bolts and 6 protective pole caps.

This trampoline net replacement set promises to be compatible with most trampoline frames. It is compatible with trampoline legs up to 1 1/2 inch in diameter. Several users reported that they needed to purchase larger U-bolts since the legs of their older trampoline were larger than 1 1/2 inch in diameter.

The Upper Bounce net mounts to the frame of the trampoline on the inside of the spring configuration with durable high-quality clips. This mounting design keeps arms and legs out of the way of the spring and allows for maximum protection against spring related injuries or entanglements.

What Buyers Liked

Users reported that the 4-step trampoline measuring guide included in the listing was very helpful in determining the size of the trampoline to ensure that their replacement trampoline nets would fit perfectly.

A few users remarked that the trampoline net system was difficult to assemble but that online help is available. They reported satisfaction once the job was accomplished, and enjoyed the secure feeling of knowing their children were protected by a sturdy, well-made safety net.

This replacement net comes complete with legs included so it was especially popular with owners of trampolines that never had a net before.

Overall, this product seems to deliver what it promises in terms of universal fit, quality, and safety. Read more here >>

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The security trampoline net enclosure is one of the most important safety accessories invented for the trampoline. The number of injuries to jumpers who jump with a net is minuscule compared to the number of injuries to jumpers who do not use one.

When considering the purchase of a trampoline net for sale as a replacement for a damaged or worn out net, the pole configuration of the existing system is most important in obtaining a perfect fit.

When considering the purchase of a trampoline net to provide for a trampoline that never had one before, the poles are key. One of the sets looked at here comes with poles, the other does not.

Safety is a major factor of enjoyment for jumpers and a secure safety net enclosure is a very big part of that. Any trampoline without a safety net is an unsafe trampoline likewise unsafe is any trampoline with a damaged or worn safety net. Indeed, in the long run, no purchase is regretted as long as it serves the needed purpose well.

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