Are Springfree Trampolines Worth the Money? (Trampoline No Springs)

The Springfree Trampoline appears to be a pretty great product! Awesome for the kids and keeping them very happily occupied as well. The safety and guarantee of the trampoline no springs come across as high ratings for the most part. It seems that most of the issues come from people having difficulty putting this product together or getting the assistance in putting it together. However, you may be wondering to yourself, " Are Springfree trampolines worth the money ?" Why don't I list some of the pros and cons to help you come to your decision. Find your Springfree trampoline here >>

Sturdy Product

First, it is a sturdy product that has the ability to hold a large amount of weight, up to eleven hundred pounds. Sounds like your child/children could have a party and no one left out! The drawback here is that the trampoline itself weighs 300 pounds. So, it may not be able to be delivered directly to your door. You'll most likely need extra manpower for picking it up from its destination. Not to mention loading and unloading. You'd probably have to be The Incredible Hulk himself to do this on your own!


Next, is the fact that you can apparently leave this trampoline outside in the elements year round. However, some customers have questions about how well it will hold up in extremely cold weather. So, the closer you are to the cold, the more research you'll want to do on how this will hold up. But, if you find that it will definitely hold up well? I'd say that's a point in its favor! And, the nets and mats of the trampoline can't be messed up by the sun on those bright days.

Springfree-Safest-Trampoline features

Assembly Is Complicated

Some buyers say that assembly is complicated, others say it's not. There are obviously assembly instructions included. But, most have said that online videos were much more helpful when putting this product together. That's usually how it is anyhow in my own experiences though. Videos showing the step by step assembly seem to be easier to follow than the written instructions themselves.

It seems also that the rods that come with the trampoline are all straight. They will need to be bent to fit into the holes they go into. So, you may want to have some stronger people come through to help you out in getting this done. It also sounds like you can have an awesome time while assembling, making some fun memories with your group of pals!

Great Bounce

What about the bounce since it's Springless? The bounce is great as a five year old has the ability to slam dunk a basketball when bouncing on it! And, for you cautious adults out there? It is very safe and secure. Though I can fully understand your wondering if small children could get hurt by sticking their curious arms, hands, and fingers through parts of the trampoline. But, parents have stated how cautious they are. And, confirmed how safe they feel with their kids using this product. You should have about two to three feet of open space surrounding the trampoline. That way the kids can't run into the safety net and run into a tree or the side of the house. Otherwise? It seems to be a very safe product.


As promised, there are pros and cons listed here. The safety of the product, the weight it can hold, the assembly and its drawbacks, etc. So, you are asking the question, " Are Springfree trampolines worth the money "? I personally, think they absolutely are. Read more here >>

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