The Best Trampoline For 2 Year Old, 3 Year Old And Up To 8 Year Old

Trampolines are great exercise. All the jumping really helps build up leg strength, but it also helps you build up core strength too. When you jump your back and abs are keeping your body in proper alignment, so they are getting a workout to.

Trampolining is not just for adults or older kids either. Younger kids can actually receive a lot of benefits from jumping on a toddler trampoline. Not only does it get their energy out, and help them build muscle strength, jumping on a trampoline for kids helps them with developing key balance skills.

This guide is designed to help you understand what to look for as well as give you recommendations as what, for you, is the best trampoline for kids. 

What To Look For In A Childs Small Trampoline

Bar Design

There are a few different types of trampolines for young children to choose from. Some designs just have a bar for the child to hold onto for balance.

These designs are typically small at about 3 feet diameter and only about half a foot off the ground. They are good because they don’t take up much space.

Enclosure Design

The other option of trampoline for toddlers has an enclosure around it that is more similar to a bigger standard trampoline. Some of the trampoline with enclosures are as big as 7 feet diameter, but are still close to the ground.

This means a couple toddlers could jump on them without issue. An advantage to the enclosure version is it will keep the kid from falling off. Most children trampolines with enclosure has the interior enclosure design which keeps the springs out of the jump area which is important to prevent little fingers getting pinched.

What Design To Choose From

It may be hard for you to determine which system to pick. If your child is less than 2 year old than one with an enclosure probably isn’t the best option. Most likely your child won’t be jumping around crazy. If your child is older, say 3 and up, and you aren’t ready for a full size trampoline, one with an enclosure may be worthwhile. As kids get older the more adventurous and daring they get.

Also, if you have multiple young children that will want to jump at the same time than a large trampoline with an enclosure is a must. The ones with the bar are only designed for one child at a time only.

Best Trampoline For Children

Our Top Recommendations

We have assembled 11 trampolines for kids that we think will include the best trampoline for you. They range in price, quality, and material so surely one will fit your needs.

There will be a mix of enclosure system designs, and bar designs, so to ensure that one of these options will be right for you:

Best Trampoline For 3 Year Old: Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper

Starting off we have the Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper. This thirty-six inch mini trampoline for kids has a soft cushioned handle grip. This provides stability for the child. The jump mat is connected to the frame with thirty springs. Check latest prices here >>

The springs and frame are made of steel so this trampoline is durable and recommended for ages three to seven. Don’t worry about your child’s fingers getting into the springs though because the Pure Fun Preschool Jumper comes with a colorful padded cover.

One major advantage to this kids trampoline is the padded cover has letters, shapes, and numbers. This allows the child to learn, while having fun bouncing, and building up stamina and balance.

One fear of the bar type trampolines is tipping, but the Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper’s frame ways twenty-three pounds, so it will stay grounded. Parents will be happy to because the assembly is easy and only takes about fifteen minutes.


One possible downside to this kids mini trampoline though is the recommended weight limit is only seventy-five pounds. This is a little low compared to some others, and if your child is bigger than average, they may outgrow it quickly.

Also, while real springs allow for more bounce than straps, you have to make sure the padding stays over them to keep fingers and toes from getting pinched. This could be the best trampoline for children. Read more here >>

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Best Trampoline For 5 Year Old: Skywalker Round Bouncer Trampoline

The next option for you to consider is the Skywalker Trampolines Round Bouncer Trampoline. This trampoline comes in at 48 inches and is over the enclosure design.

The enclosure extends to 56 inches in the air, so your child should not be able to jump over it. Also, the enclosure has padded poles so the child will not get hurt if they bounce into it.

The enclosure provides no gap between the jump mat and edge padding that covers the bands and frame. This trampoline does not have springs, but instead has thirty elastic bands that provide the bounce. That makes this kid trampoline extremely safe.

It also has a lower enclosure net to make sure nothing gets under the trampoline that could lead to injury.


One minor complaint with the Skywalker Trampolines Round Bouncer Trampoline is assembly can be a little more challenging than some other options. Also, it takes up a fairly good amount of space, so sometimes you might need to take it down. This isn’t too big of issue and the steel frame is top quality being able to hold up to one hundred pounds.

This option could be considered one of the best trampoline for toddlers.

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Best Trampoline For 4 Year Old: Little Tikes 7 Foot

Maybe you are seeking a larger trampoline then the first two options mentioned. You might have multiple younger kids that want to bounce at the same time. Well if that is the case and you are willing to set the trampoline up in your yard, than the Little Tikes 7 Foot Trampoline could be just what you are looking for. Check latest price here >>

This large trampoline is made of blow molded plastic and high quality steel. The plastic keeps the steel from being exposed to make it a little safer for the kids and also adds some fun color for them.

The jump mat and spring cover is made of polyethylene which makes it durable, so it will last for a large amount of jump time. The mat is padded and also covers the safety springs.

This Little Tikes Trampoline has a large enclosure as well, which is really important on this larger trampoline. The poles are padded to provide a bit of extra safety and they extend ninety-six inches into the air to make sure the child is not going over the enclosure.

​Due to its large size the assembly time is about two hours, which for a child trampoline is a long time. It makes sense that it is longer though because this thing is big. Almost the size of a small adult trampoline.

Most people will probably have to set this up outside, but it can be set up inside if you have a seven foot floor space.

little tikes trampoline gettrampoline

Also, the polyethylene is not UV treated, so if it is in a hot sunny area the spring cover may melt to the enclosure.

One perk of this trampoline however is the age says it can be used all the way up to ten. The weight limit is 125 lbs, so it is more than most others on this list. Read more here >>.

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Little Tikes 3 Foot Trampoline

If you don’t want a large trampoline, but still want to stick with Little Tikes because you are familiar with their company and like their products, than they have a smaller option for you. Check latest price >>

You can consider the Little Tikes 3 Ft Trampoline. This one would be much better as an indoor trampoline for kids, but can only be used by one child at a time.

The frame is a bright powder coated blue steel, and also has some plastic pieces. The assembly however is extremely simple. Only the legs and handle have to be connected. The rest comes pre-assembled, which is extremely nice.

The jumping surface is durable, and the pad covers the springs. The bounce provided is great.

The major issue with the Little Tikes Trampoline 3 Foot though is that the padding on the handle is not very durable. The child can easily remove it, especially if they chew on it. This leads to it being a choking hazard. Read more here >>


Also, the max weight is a light 55 pounds. Once the child gets bigger and more daring if they swing on the handle the trampoline will tip.

The good about this trampoline though is it is small and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is also easy to move for when it is time to clean up. This option could also be considered the best toddler trampoline.

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Bazoongi 48 Inch Bouncer Trampoline

Maybe you are liking the handle design ones because they tend to be smaller than enclosure types, but you haven’t found the perfect one yet. Don’t worry, there are still a few more options including the Bazoongi 48 Inch Bouncer Trampoline. It may be for younger children, but it does not give up build quality.

The frame and springs are both made of galvanized steel. This prevents rusting, so this small trampoline for kids can be used indoors or outdoors with no problem.

The padded handle on this model also is adjustable to two different heights. This is good because this trampoline is rated to one hundred and ten pounds, so your child can use it for a long time as they grow.

This children's trampoline is plenty stable with its six legs and will not tip over either.


The downside with the Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline is some people have had bad experiences getting low quality ones.

Sometimes the galvanized steel is brittle if it hasn’t been treated or handle right. This leads to the frame cracking, which is dangerous and costly.

If you are willing to risk it you could be lucky and get a trampoline you will love, or you might have to buy a new trampoline sooner than wanted if you get a bad one.

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Bazoongi Jump Pod

Bazoongi also offers a larger trampoline which is known as the Jump Pod. This model is 7,5 feet diameter, and is a lot like a normal full size trampoline.

The frame is 3,5 inch galvanized steel and it has 3 legs with the W shape providing six points of contact on the ground. This provides top stability and allows for up to one hundred and 75 pounds. That means multiple small jumpers can use this trampoline no problem.

Also, there has been no reports of the frame cracking on this model, which is a very good thing.

The Bazoongi Jump Pod also has a unique enclosure style compared to other kids trampolines designed for small children. It still has six padded poles, but instead of the net attaching directly to the poles, the poles make a ring at the top for the trampoline enclosure net to connect to.

This trampoline also has a unique over/under spring design to help keep kids safe, and on top of that it has the standard spring cover that all trampolines have.

The assembly time for this child's trampoline isn’t anything out of the normal range. It takes a few hours, but since it is a larger trampoline than most on this list, that is to be expected.


The one real flaw with this trampoline is that it is light. That is great when moving to mow, but not so good on windy days. A trampoline stake kit is highly recommended.

Also, since this trampoline is more like a full size trampoline than others on this list, it really needs to be set up outside. With the net it is tall reaching a height of nine feet. You would have to have massive ceilings and floor space to set this up inside.

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Galt Folding Trampoline

If you are seeking a more colorful option for your child, or one that is easy to put up when not in use, than the Galt Folding Trampoline may be just the one on this list that you are looking for.

The padded handle is easily removable by just screwing off a few bolts. Then all you have to do is fold the legs in and you are ready to stick this in a closet.

The frame measures 32 inches by 32 inches, so it is about the same size as most of the other handle models on this list.

The frame is steel and is a bright red color. The padded edge cover is also red with different color stars on it.

This trampoline is one of the few on the list that has elastic straps instead of springs, so if you are worried about little fingers or toes getting pinched, than this is one of a few you can consider.

The maximum weight for the Galt Folding Trampoline is 77 pounds. This is a bit on the low side, but not bad. The folding legs lock into place well while the child is jumping, and the frame has enough weight to it that it will not tip over either.


The biggest complaint with this trampoline is assembly time. Unlike some others on this list where the bands come preinstalled, with this trampoline you have to install them yourself. It can be a little confusing figuring out how the bands attach, and then once you got it figured out it is still time consuming.

However if you are worried about springs, than attaching the bands yourself might be something you just have to deal with. It's a good kids trampoline with bar.

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Best Trampoline For 8 Year Old: Bounce Pro 7 Ft

If you want a smaller trampoline, but still want an enclosure instead of a bar, than the Bounce Pro 7 Ft Trampoline should be right up your ally. This one is great for indoor and outdoor use.

Don’t get confused by the name saying 7 foot though, that is the total height, not the size of the jump area. The jumping area is about two and a half feet.

The frame is mostly plastic, which helps keep it light, but the springs are metal. Since it has metal springs you have to watch for pinching, but the pad covers the springs well. Due to the shape of the pad the jump area is more of a hexagon than a circle even though the trampoline itself is a circle.

Don’t worry about the frame being plastic either, it is thick and the weight limit is still one hundred pounds. The poles for the enclosure however are steel, and come well padded.


The Bounce Pro Trampoline makes an excellent beginner trampoline. It is quick to assemble, extra safe with the enclosure, and has good build quality.

It can be your child first trampoline and the child will also be able to bounce on it for years. The only downsides are, some people may still worry about the springs with a child, and storing this trampoline can be a little hard.

You have to find a spot to put the jumping surface and the enclosure when not in use. Also taking it back a part when not in use can get annoying.

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JumpSport iBounce Kids Trampoline

If space is really limited in your house, and you don’t have a lot of storage room, than you might want to consider the JumpSport iBounce Kids Trampoline.

This unique trampoline is in the shape of a triangle. This allows it to easily fit in a corner. Each side measures 48 inches, so it is a bit larger than others in that respect, but that is because triangles have less surface then circles if they are equal size.

The frame is steel and the padded cover is green with a kid friendly pattern so they can have fun with it. The JumpSport iBounce triangle Trampoline is also unique because connected to the pole is a tablet holder.


This way kids can watch cartoons on their tablet while they bounce. If your young child already doesn’t like to exercise and just wants to watch cartoons, this triangle trampoline will allow them to do both.

The only issue with this trampoline is sometimes the elastic bands come loose and have to be retighten and that is even if the child is below the seventy-five pound weight limit.

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Pure Fun Car Mini Trampoline

The next to last trampoline on this list is extra unique and fun. It is made by Pure Fun and is a 38 inch race car trampoline. Connected to the red spring cover is a race car hood that has a face on it.

The cover also has four wheels. If your child has a big imagination they can pretend to be racing, while bouncing along. The handle matches the yellow and red theme.

The car face also detaches so the child can use it as a pillow when they get tired from bouncing.

The frame is made of steel as well as the springs.


The biggest flaw with this trampoline is the spring cover does not connect in the center by the jump pad, so the child can lift it up or still get their fingers or toes into the springs.

If it weren’t for that problem, the Pure Fun Car Mini Trampoline would be extra cute, on top of providing a great bounce for exercise and fun. Since it is a small size and looks good you don’t have to feel bad about leaving it up all the time, and assembly is fairly easy, but you do have to attach the springs yourself. This could be a great kids indoor trampoline.

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Best Trampoline For 2 Year Old: The Original Toy Company Fold and Go Trampoline

Rounding out the list is a tiny, but good trampoline. The Original Toy Company Fold and Go Trampoline is 36 inches in diameter. It is extremely easy to set up though. From box to jumping it only takes about five minutes.

All you have to do is connect the steel legs to the steel frame, and then connect the support handle. It is really simple. The bands are already attached to the frame and jump mat, so no headaches there.

Also, it disassembles just as easily, so you can store it or travel with it, with no problems. The bands and frame are high quality.


The Original Toy Company Fold and Go Trampoline has a weight limit of 150 pounds, which for its size is exceptional.

Also, the base weighs around twenty pounds, so it won’t tip over. It is really hard to find anything bad about this trampoline.

The only flaw is the straps that hold the edge pad in place are not the best quality, and if pulled on to much or hard, they will break. But it would be a great childrens indoor trampoline.

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I know this article has provided you with a large amount of options, so you might be overwhelmed.

Just remember when picking out a trampoline for your child think of their age and daringness level.

If they are young a small handle trampoline is a great choice, but if they are older or more daring, than you probably want one with an enclosure.

Also, be sure to factor in how many jumpers you have. If you have more than one, you either need to buy a small trampoline for each child, or get one of the larger ones with an enclosure.

Keeping these things in mind, you will not have any trouble picking out the best child’s trampoline for your situation.

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