The Pure Fun Trampoline Reviews


Have you heard about the health benefits of jumping on a trampoline or used one at a friend’s, and now want one of your own? Well the medium sized Pure Fun 12 Ft Trampoline may just be the perfect one for you.

It is easy to assembly with its patented no-weld system and even comes with a helpful assembly tool. Also, it is big enough for multiple jumpers, but you don’t need a huge backyard like you do for bigger trampolines. Check latest prices here >>

This makes it great for a first trampoline or even for someone looking to replace an old one.

No-Weld T-Joint System Trampoline

The key selling point of the Pure Fun Trampoline is the no-weld t-joint system that they have patented. This system makes the trampoline easy to assembly, but still makes it durable, eis made from 42 x 1.5mm galvanized steel poles. The fact that it is galvanized steel means it won’t rust. This allows it to be left in the rain without any worries.

Pure Fun Trampolines Jump Mat

There are four legs with eight total contact points on the ground. This helps distribute the weight evenly and helps it be stable. The jump mat for this trampoline is polypropylene and has a tight weave so you get a good bounce. Another thing contributing to the great bounce is the steel springs which are covered by a vinyl padded mat. This mat keeps you from getting fingers or toes into the springs.

Pure Fun Enclosure

The Pure Fun Trampoline also comes with a UV resistant mesh enclosure. The enclosure extends well over six feet above the trampoline, so there is no way to jump over it and fall off. The enclosure connects to eight padded poles that extend from the legs of the trampoline. It falls down and goes to the edge of the trampoline, so the springs are in the jumping area.

Easy to assembly

The big advantage with this trampoline is how easy it is to assembly. Where some trampolines require two or more people to assembly, and take hours to put together, this one doesn’t have that restriction.

The first time you put this trampoline together it might take you two hours or so, but a single person can put this trampoline together, which is extremely beneficial. Since it is so easy to take up and down, you won’t dread taking it down for the winter months to protect it from the snow.

Very light Trampoline

Some complaints about this trampoline though is the only part that is UV resistant is the mesh net. This has led to some people having straps that connect the net to the pole break from sun damage. Another small issue is that this trampoline is light. This is good because it is easy to move, but bad because if you live in a windy area the wind can move it to. You can always get a stake kit to fix this issue though.

Our Veredict

Outside of the few flaws the Pure Fun 12 Ft Trampoline is still a really great starter trampoline. It is middle of the road when it comes to price, which is nice, but more importantly it is extremely easy to assembly.

One person can get it together in a couple hours, and it goes quicker the more you put it up. So if you don’t know if you will like trampolining or not, but want to give it a try, then you should really consider the Pure Fun Trampoline. Read more here >>

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