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You may be wondering, what are the best trampolines to buy? Some other questions you might be asking are how much does a trampoline cost, what trampoline sizes are there, and how to buy a trampoline? Well, some of these questions are a lot easier to answer than others. While giving an outright best trampoline to buy, you can give a list of good trampolines to buy or a list of best trampoline brands to buy.

The reason it is so hard to specify a best trampoline to buy is a lot of factors go into buying a trampoline including the trampoline size you need and factoring in trampoline cost based on your needs. With this guide though, you will be able to figure out the best price to size ratio for your needs and available space.

Determining The Trampoline Size

Trampoline sizes

The first factor to consider when picking the best trampoline for the money based, off your needs, is figuring out the size of trampoline you need. A standard size trampoline may be too big for your yard, or it may be just what you are looking for. You may be wondering, what is a standard trampoline size? Well, a standard trampoline can range from 8 ft to as big as 15 ft. Any bigger then this and you are getting out of the standard range, and any smaller you are getting into more children or exercise trampolines. An, average size trampoline is normally 12 ft. We also have our 12 ft or 15 ft trampoline article is you are considering these sizes.

Average Trampoline Sizes

  • 8 - 10 Ft Round Trampoline: Perfect for smaller backyards, cost around $200
  • 12 Ft Round Trampoline: Medium sized trampoline, price around $300
  • 14 Ft Round Trampoline or more: More flexibility but cost usually over $400

Trampoline Size Basics

So, how do you figure out what size trampoline to buy? I am not going to go into a lot of detail here because information based off a trampoline sizes guide can be found on other pages of the website, but I will cover the basic factors. The basic factors are how large is your yard, and how many people are going to be jumping on the trampoline. Once you answer these to questions it is pretty easy to find a trampoline that will met those needs. The more people going to be jumping on it means you should buy a larger standard size trampoline. Large trampolines require more room though, so if your yard is smaller you should buy a smaller standard size trampoline. If your yard is really small you may have to go below the average trampoline size of 12 feet and pick out one that is 10 or even 8 feet.

Trampoline Sizes and Prices

Now that you know what size trampoline to buy we can get into trampoline prices. A lot of factors go into trampoline price. The obvious one is size. Large trampolines naturally cost more because there is more material and parts involved. Mentioning parts and material though gets into the next big price factor, and that is quality. When we get to the brand recommendations they are being recommended because they provide quality trampolines for sale. You are better spending more buying a heavy duty trampoline than spending less on one that is not going to last long. One last factor in how much a trampoline cost is technology. The more technology advanced ones cost more, but you get added health benefits like less impact on your joints when landing.

Size + Quality = Price

You are probably thinking great I know now the factors that go into the cost of a trampoline, but how much is a trampoline and what is the best trampoline to buy? Trampolines cost start at around 200 dollars for an 8 ft outdoor one. Any cheaper than this are either smaller exercise trampolines or not good quality. Your average size trampoline, which is 12 foot, is going to cost around $400 to $500 for a top quality one from a good brand. Getting into the large standard size trampolines prices climb to around $800 dollars for a 15 ft trampoline. Large trampolines that are outside the standard size range will cost more. Also, if you want a specialty trampoline like a rectangle or long trampoline then the cost is going to be more. Long trampolines offer great benefits which you can read about in the rectangle trampoline guide, but since they aren’t standard you have to pay more.

Trampoline prices range

These trampoline prices are just averages and you can pay more in any of the sizes mentioned. Generally if two trampolines are the same size, and one cost more the more expensive one is better quality or offers more accessories. This isn’t always the case though, and why it is recommended to stick with one of the best trampoline brands mentioned here because these brands ensure quality trampolines for sale.

Good trampolines to buy

So now that your question of how much are trampolines has been answered, with even more information then you may have wanted, and also the question of how big are trampolines has been answered we can finally start to address the question of best trampolines to buy. This section should help you determine the best trampoline for the money in the size that you and also with the features you want.

Best trampoline brands to buy

Some of the best trampoline brands to buy are Skywalker, AlleyOop, JumpSport, Pure Fun, and Ultega Jumper. The reason these brands are mentioned is because they have been in the industry for a while, and are proven to provide quality products. The frames on these trampolines are made of galvanized steel which means that the frames will not rust. The springs are also top quality galvanized steel and provide great bounces. Quality control is good with these brands, so when you buy a trampoline the boxes will contain all the parts. The jump mats and spring covers are also made of top quality material and in most cases is UV resistant to help it last longer and keep its strength. On top of all this these brands provide enclosures to keep your child safe.


Skywalker trampolines are great intro trampolines. They offer all the standard trampoline sizes, and the cost is a bit below average compared to others in that size range. This does not mean there quality is not good though. Another cool thing about Skywalker trampolines is you can get a model that comes with a basketball goal, so you can have lots of fun on your trampoline.


AlleyOop offers the average size trampolines and the price is a little on the higher side. Even though these trampolines cost more they are still worth considering because they have double bounce technology which makes them safer. Also, AlleyOop offers large trampolines and long rectangle trampolines which some of the other brands don’t offer.


JumpSport trampolines can be a bit on the higher price side for size, but this is because they have advanced stage bounce technology. This helps soften the bounce on your joints, so if you have joint issues and can afford to pay a bit more than the average for that size it is worth it. JumpSport also makes a lot of trampoline accessories and fitness trampolines, so if you are in the market for those it is a good brand to consider.

Pure Fun

Pure Fun offers affordable standard size trampolines and there trampoline prices are competitive. You may not be looking for a full size trampoline either, and that is where Pure Fun can really factor in on your buying decision. You may be looking for the best kids trampoline and if that is the case Pure Fun is a great option. Also, if you are looking for a kids trampoline you can read the guide we have available to help you in your decision.

Ultega Jumper

If the above brands cost more than you were hoping than Ultega Jumper may be the right brand for you. They keep the trampoline cost down while still providing top quality. Even though the trampoline prices are lower than others for an average size trampoline Ultega trampolines are still heavy duty.

So what trampoline to buy

All your questions should be answered now. We have answered how much do trampoline cost, how big are trampolines, and best trampolines to buy. You can now see a lot of factors go into determining what trampoline to buy, so the best trampoline for you to buy may not be the best for someone else. The only question that is still left to address is how to buy a trampoline. For starters you can research. Determine the size you need and then read about as many as you can in that size. This site can help you do that. Then once you have it narrowed down you can compare trampoline prices. Some stores may charge more or less for the same trampoline. You aren’t limited to physical sports stores either when it comes to buying a trampoline. While going to a physical store is good if you have questions. You will probably be able to find the best trampoline prices online.

Sticking to the best trampoline brands

Just remember that it is worth it to pay a little more and get a quality trampoline, than to pay less and have someone get hurt, or have to buy another trampoline sooner than you plan. Sticking to the best trampoline brands to buy will help you get a heavy duty trampoline that will last, so you can feel like that you bought the best trampoline for your needs. Being happy with the purchase and getting the right trampoline size will allow you to have fun for years on your new trampoline.

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