Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Trampoline Basketball Hoop Attachment: Your Trampoline With Basketball Goal

Trampolining is one of the favorite summer fun activities for kids in America. Trampoline accessories have been gaining in popularity for decades, ever since teenage boys (and girls) began to drag the trampoline from the backyard to the driveway basketball goal so they could dunk it like the pros. Lots of trampoline accessories followed and one of the favorites is the trampoline basketball hoop attachment. That accessory turns a regular trampoline into a fun trampoline with basketball goal.

Shooting basketball goals while jumping on the trampoline is a fun challenge and can add interest to the outside activity. Jumping on the trampoline is a great workout on it own and having a trampoline with a basketball hoop is a good way to stretch the benefits from good to great.

What To Look For In a Trampoline Basketball Hoop?

There are a number of brand choices and model choices when considering the purchase of a trampoline basketball hoop attachment. If the hoop set is intended for a trampoline that is already owned, there are several different basketball goal accessory sets designed to fit most brands and models.

Remember When Purchasing a Basketball Hoop Attachment:

  • 1. First should be a check of accessory sets that match the brand of trampoline that it will be used on. It is not necessary to purchase a matched brand accessory, but it is a good idea to look at what the brand has to offer.
  • 2. The materials should be soft and pliable with no hard edges or corners to cause injury.
  • 3. The trampoline basketball hoop should have a break-a-way design attachment so it will let go easily to prevent any sort of injury caused by hanging onto the hoop.
  • 4. When purchasing an accessory set it make sure that the trampoline basketball goal is compatible with the trampoline where it will be used, even if it's not the same brand. It should require no alterations in order to install it.

Trampoline Basketball Hoop Cost

Trampoline basketball hoop attachments are not that expensive. Prices range from $40 to $130. Check latest prices of all models available here >>

Trampoline With Basketball Goal Package

If a new trampoline is required, there are a number of brands with styles that include a trampoline basketball hoop and trampoline-sized basketball with the set. The integrated design of these trampoline models can offer brand specific safety features that one size fits all accessories might not possess.

Trampoline Basketball Safety Rule

No matter which trampoline basketball hoop is chosen, the most important thing to consider is the safety of the user, therefore the rule of one person at a time on the jumping surface must be enforced strictly when basketball play is in progress.

Our Top Recommendations

So now we can look at some of the great trampoline hoops options out there.

Skywalker Trampolines basketball Hoop and Ball Trampoline Accessory

This Skywalker brand trampoline basketball hoop and ball accessory set is made from all soft materials with child safety in mind. The break-a-way rim attachment is designed with a simple hook and loop system that detaches easily to minimize injuries. Click here to check price>>


This basketball goal accessory set for trampolines promises UV and weather resistant quality for long lasting use.

What Is Included

The set includes a mini basketball, a basketball hoop with a net, and backboard.

What Buyers Liked

Some buyers liked this Skywalker trampoline basketball hoop for the soft material that makes for safe play inside the net enclosure. Other commented on the break-a-way attachment that holds the backboard and hoop to the netting. Users reported that the break-a-way mechanism works very to keep children from hanging onto the hoop after making a goal.

Great For Small Kids, Not For Teens

Buyers liked this basketball goal accessory very well for smaller children. They remarked that it isn't a lot of fun for teenagers since it is impossible to hang it high enough to be a challenge to anyone over 5ft tall.


Fits Any Trampoline

This Skywalker trampoline basketball hoop accessory set is made to fit any brand or style of trampoline. It promises to fit on any safety net enclosure system and users verified that it does fit all.


What Buyers Didn't Like

This set received several critical comments concerning the sturdiness of the basketball net and backboard. A number of users reported that it falls down every time a goal is made and has to be re-installed. Several purchasers remarked that they love the idea of this product, but it just does not deliver on stability.

Overall, this product seems to be well suited to smaller children who are learning to shoot hoops, and less well suited for teens or bigger children who want to push the envelope of safety. Read more here>>

  • Fits any trampoline brand
  • Great for small kids, not teens
  • Made of soft materials
  • UV and weather resistant

over 60 reviews

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Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop

This Jump Slammer brand basketball hoop and accessory set is made from all soft materials with no hard corners or edges that can cause injury. It features a break-a-way rim design that promises safer and more realistic basketball play experience. Check prices here >>


Adjustable Design For Universal Fit

This trampoline basketball hoop, net, and backboard promise a more adjustable design than similar products because it is specifically designed for universal fit. This basketball goal  will adjust to easily attach to most straight, curved, or arched pole safety net enclosure systems. There is even a mounting option that adapts for crooked poles. That's the reason we consider this model the best universal trampoline basketball hoop for all sized trampolines.

This Trampoline Basketball Hoop set includes a foam basketball instead of the typical inflatable one. The foam basketball hoop is softer and less likely to cause impact injury to small children.

What Buyers Liked

Buyers liked this trampoline basketball hoop and soft basketball set for the adjustability. They reported it was great with lower heights for small children and higher mounting heights for older children or adults.


Users commented that the break-a-way design gives parents confidence in the safety of the accessory. Users reported that this trampoline basketball goal accessory set fits practically any spring mounted trampoline. Users advised against using it with any Springfree model, stating that the safety net enclosure pole configuration is different on a spring free which might weaken the safety features of this accessory set.

What Buyers Didn't Like

There were a few critical comments about this trampoline accessory set. Purchasers commented that in order to install the hoop and backboard on some models it is necessary to cut holes in the net. Cutting holes in the safety net enclosure is not recommended by any manufacturer since any alteration to any safety feature can render that feature useless.

Other users commented that the basketball hoop and net were not good quality and they only lasted a short time before they started to wear so much as to become useless.

Overall this trampoline basketball net accessory was not well liked among those who used it. Many purchasers remarked that is was not as well made as they expected and other commented that the installation was difficult and not explained well on the instruction sheet. Read more here >>

  • Foam ball included
  • Highly durable and UV resistant
  • Safety break-away rim for safety
  • Adjustable to fit most poles

Over 150 reviews

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Skywalker Trampolines Double basketball Hoop for 15' Trampolines

The Skywalker trampoline basketball hoop set is made from all soft materials with no hard edges or corners in order to minimize safety concerns with children. The break-a-way rim design promises added safety when jumping and dunking. Check latest prices here >>


Not Compatible With Other Models or Trampoline Brands

This basketball hoop and ball accessory set is manufactured for use with Skywalker 6 pole, 15ft round trampoline. It is not compatible with any other Skywalker model of trampoline. Neither is it compatible with any model of trampoline from any other manufactured brand.

What Buyers Liked

A few users loved this trampoline basketball hoop and basketball accessory set as a welcome addition to their Skywalker 6 pole 15ft round trampoline model.

What Buyers Didn't Like

Some buyers were disappointed that the set was not compatible with their older Skywalker 15ft round model.

This is a Skywalker Trampolines accessory set and it is only compatible with one model of Skywalker round trampoline. Read more here >>

  • Only compatible with Skywalker 6 pole 15' round trampoline.
  • Can be turned inward for single player.
  • Includes 2 foam balls.
  • Made of soft materials and breakaway feature.

Over 10 reviews

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JumpSport Elite Basketball Trampoline Package

The Jumpsport Basketball Trampoline Package features a pre-galvanized frame with a rich dark blue powder coated finish. The safety net enclosure is mounted inside of the spring configuration to minimize the chance of injury from falling through the springs and becoming tangled. The trampoline has 4 W-shaped legs for stability when in use. Check latest prices here >>


Basketball Goal Are Held With ProFlex Hardware

The springs feature a padded cover to protect in case of falls. This trampoline with basketball hoop set does not feature a break-a-way net design. The basketball hoop and net are held securely in place with ProFlex hardware. The basketball goal and backboard unit are not adjustable and are not manufactured for and should not be modified for use with any other trampoline.

The ProFlex basketball set includes the backboard, the cushioned hoop and ProFlex hardware necessary for assembly and a 5 inch inflatable basketball.

What Buyers Liked

Purchasers who used this trampoline with basketball hoop commented on its sturdy design and quality materials.

Users were happy with the safety net enclosure mounting design which keeps the children inside the net and away from the springs.

Users reported that the trampoline was fairly easy to assemble when following the directions and the basketball hoop installed as directed with little problem.

What Buyers Didn't Like

There were few critical reports concerning this trampoline and basketball goal set. There was some concern that the basketball hoop is not a break-a-way design allowing for children to dunk the basketball and hang on the net which could be a safety concern.

Overall, this trampoline and basketball goal set was well liked for older kids as the goal mounts above the safety net enclosure so it is difficult for smaller children to throw the ball into. However, the trampoline itself is a good fit for smaller children with the excellent safety design features.

  • Includes trampoline, safety enclosure and basketball hoop.
  • Cushioned hoop

Over 10 reviews

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Springfree Trampoline - 8x13ft Large Oval Smart Trampoline With Basketball Hoop

The Springfree Trampoline with Basketball Hoop set is one of the world's first smart trampolines. It features the tgoma integrated outdoor digital game system with more than 10 games and apps that exercise both body and brain. Check latest prices >>


This Springfree trampoline and basketball hoop set has a double powder coated galvanized steel frame for long lasting use. The set includes UV resistant polypropylene nets and mats as well as composite fiberglass rods for durability and strength.

The Safest Trampoline

The Springfree unique spring free design puts the bouncing mechanism under the jumping surface and away from jumpers to minimize the chances of injury.

What Buyers Liked

Buyers report extreme satisfaction with this Springfree trampoline with basketball goal. The trampoline is sturdy and made from quality material that does not deteriorate.

Buyers commented that the unique spring free design looks and feels safer than conventional trampoline spring mounted designs.

What Buyers Didn't Like

Buyers who assembled the trampoline on their own expressed that it was a bit difficult to put together due mainly to the unique bouncing mechanism. The spring free bouncers mount under the jumping surface and some users commented that they were disappointed about how difficulty the assembly was. A few users suggested that purchasing the expert assembly would be worth the cost.

Overall, this trampoline and basketball goal combo set was well liked by those who used it. Parents like the tgoma one at a time safety feature. Parents also like the FlexrHoop break-a-way design on the basketball hoop as it discourages any dunk and hang maneuvers. Read more here >>

  • FlexrHoop break-a-way design
  • Tgoma game system

Over 10 reviews

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Finding the right trampoline for your kids age and size is important. When considering the purchase of any trampoline or trampoline accessories, safety should always be the first priority. Experts have advised that any trampoline basketball hoop design should have a break-a-way system of attachment to minimize the chance for any hanging injuries.

The JumpSport Elite Basketball Trampoline Package does not have the break-a-way design that is so important in a trampoline basketball goal. This trampoline basketball goal set does not meet those standards.

If the purchaser already owns the Skywalker 6 pole, 15ft round trampoline, then the Skywalker Trampolines Double Basketball Hoop For 15ft Trampolines is probably the perfect choice to buy. This basketball goal should not be modified to fit any other trampoline.

On the other hand, if a Skywalker brand is wished for then the Skywalker Trampolines Basketball Hoop and Ball Trampoline Accessory might be the right choice. It comes standard and promises to fit most models.

Overall, for safety reasons experts recommend the trampoline and basketball hoop combo sets. The components of these combo sets are manufactured to provide the safest, most reliable experience when used as intended. The best-liked trampoline and basketball goal combo set was the Springfree brand with its break-a-way goal and safety first features.

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