How Much Do Ball Pit Balls Cost And How Many Balls Are In a Ball Pit?

One of the most popular activity centered toys that has recently made a comeback on the marketplace has been ball pits for toddlers. Coming in a variety of sizes and shapes for children young and old, ball pits filled with balls provide the ultimate indoor playtime experience, and never grow old!

However, there are many questions surrounding what works best for your high energy kids and these popular toy areas, especially when it comes to the ball pit balls themselves. In this article, we are going to hit the major topics on our list, including how much ball pit balls cost and how many ball pit balls you need to fill your child's ball pit, as well as getting into the more nitty gritty details of what you need to know and consider when purchasing. So, let's get started!

How Much Are Ball Pit Balls?

As we said before, there are many different varieties of ball pit balls that all range in varying factors. That being said, this also tends to effect the price of the balls themselves. Typically, the ball pit balls come in bundles, or bagged up into a large grouping. The price ultimately comes down to three things -- The size of the balls themselves, how many you will need to fill your ball pit that you own/are purchasing, and how many balls come in the specific bundle you are looking at.

When we look along those lines, the average range of buying one bundle that contains 100 balls is somewhere around $20. Check latest prices here. You can also, if you wish, buy bundles that contain more ball pit balls (even all the way up to bulk 1000 balls), but this typically doesn't exceed the $100 to $200 mark.

How Many Balls Do I Need For a Ball Pit?

This question, of course, is dependent on how big of a space your ball pit takes up, and how big it is in general. Also, the majority of ball pits are directed toward younger children (ages 0-7), meaning they also aren't as large in size. In fact, the majority of ball pits on the market that are directed to this age group stand less than 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. This size in ball pit typically fits about 50 ball pit balls respectively, and as you increase in size, the more you can fit. To put it in a different perspective, a bundle of 500 ball pit balls would fit a pit that is about 6 cubic feet respectively. It may also be dependent on how full you are looking to make your ball pit in your home; If you have children who want it more full, you may want to purchase an extra bundle when you're looking.


Choosing The Right Ball Pit Balls

As we have said before, purchasing ball pit balls can be dependent on so many things. This same concept applies when looking for the right type of ball pit balls for your in home pit. Factors to consider include things like cost (as mentioned before), the size of the balls, and their durability. We will discuss these factors and more as we continue on with our article.

Crush Proof Versus Non-Crush Proof Balls

This is probably one of the biggest concerns that parents have when looking into ball pits for their home and their children. Of course, you want your products, regardless of the scenario, to be long lasting. This is the same case for ball pit balls. Over time, and when used frequently, ball pit balls can get crushed from impact, from being stepped on, et cetera. Although crush proof ball pit balls tend to be a little more pricey in the market place, you can be assured that they will last for a long time while also still lightweight and fun to play with.

Where Can I Find Ball Pit Balls?

As we said before, ball pits have made a huge comeback in recent years, making the demand for them in the home greater than ever. That being said, it is easy to find several different options for ball pit and ball pit balls through a variety of different department stores and other marketplaces as well. They can also be ordered online both in the bundles that they typically come in as well as in bulk for bigger ball pits. We recommend buying your ball pit balls from Amazon. Their customer service is the best, they have a large number of options and the shipping is usually free. Check Amazon prices here >>

How Big Of Ball Pit Balls Do I Need?

This question is also very dependent on two different factors -- The size of your ball pit (once again), and the age of your child/children who will be playing in it. Often more than not, when looking at ball pits, you will want balls that are more lightweight, brightly colored, and easy to pick up/move around in. Average ball pit balls will typically be about 2.5 inches in diameter, but you can also find ball pit balls that are 3 inches or more. You won't want to go too big when looking at ball pit pieces, as we eluded to before, because it can make playing in them a little more difficult.

Step By Step Calculating To Determine How Many Balls You Need:

When looking for the correct amount of ball pit balls you will need for your ball pit in your home, it can be good to do a little calculation before buying. This will allow you to have a better estimate of how many your ball pit will actually hold and what is manageable as well. It can work best to determine the height, width, and depth of your ball pit (either previously purchased or built yourself) and go from there. As we said before, 500 balls fits a space of about 6 cubic feet, and the majority of bundles to purchased come in packs of 100.

Calculate your ball pit size (ft): Lenght x Width x Height

Simply multiply the ball pit size by 83 (average amount of balls per cubic foot)

If your ball bit is 3 ft long, 4 ft wide and 2 ft high, the total size is 24 cubic feet. So you'll need 1992 balls (around 2000 balls) to fill it. 

How Big Should My Ball Pit Balls Be?

As we mentioned earlier, this is dependent on the size of your own ball pit as well as your children. They're size and age will play a major factor as they will be the ones playing in it, obviously. That being said, it is best to stick with the average inch to inch size ball pit balls that are lightweight and easy to hold. This will be easier for your children to move and play in, and they will be able to fit and take up more space within the ball pit that you have.

How Do You Clean Ball Pit Balls?

This can be difficult depending on how many you end up having in your ball pit. However, the easiest solution to cleaning ball pit balls in to take a large plastic container and fill it with a bleach and water solution. Once the ball pit balls have soaked for a bit, take them out and lay them on a large towel or old sheet to let them dry. You can be guaranteed that they are disinfected and ready for play once again. This cleaning solution should be done at least once a month to protect from bacteria or other germs that may be floating around in the ball pit.


If you are ready and looking in the market to add a ball pit to your home, there are many different things to consider when shopping around, especially when it comes to the ball pit balls you use. Whether it is how much the ball pit balls cost, or how many balls you really need to fit in your ball pit, always take each and every factor into consideration to make sure that everything balances out. Regardless of what size ball pit you have, or how many ball pit balls you purchase, you can be sure that no matter what, you're kids will have the most fun and excitement they have ever had with their new ball pit filled with colorful ball pit balls! Click here to buy ball pit balls on Amazon

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