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How Does an Air Hockey Table Work? Parts + Physics Explained

You love hockey but you do not know how to skate that well on ice. Thankfully there is a hockey alternative. Air hockey games provide a lot of fun, competition and hours of entertainment.How Does an Air

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5 Best Tabletop Air Hockey Tables of 2019 (Expert Review)

In air hockey, you want the best table top model helping you develop your skills. You never know, you might be able to turn pro after using one to get the best results.To get the best air table top air

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What Are Air Hockey Tables Made Out of? Table Materials

You are only as good as your weakest link. That fact applies to air hockey tables as well. You can be a great air hockey player but if you are using an inferior table then you are going to have a difficult

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What to do With an Old Air Hockey Table: 7 Repurpose Ideas

Air hockey has given you hours of fun with your friends and family. It has contributed to your healthier lifestyle, made rainy days more enjoyable and helped you burn some extra calories. It is a good

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How Much do Air Hockey Tables Cost? (With 17 Price Examples)

When you are on a budget or a fixed income what something costs is the most important factor involved. The same goes for air hockey games. What they cost is part of the decision making process.How Much

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Can You Put an Air Hockey Table Outside? Remember to Cover!

The good thing about air hockey is that you can enjoy playing it just about anywhere. On your kitchen table, in your family room or even down in the basement. Most air hockey tables are portable and easy

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How to Hold the Air Hockey Mallet: 6 Expert Tips

Your air hockey fun isn't complete until you learn how to hold the paddle or mallet properly. Air hockey isn't just about holding the mallet with your hand. There's a special way to hold it to make your

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Can You Resurface an Air Hockey Table? 5 Tips and How To

Air hockey is a lot of fun. It is a great way to burn off some excess energy and have fun at the same time. But air hockey tables are like anything else in this world-- they get damaged and need to be

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How High Should an Air Hockey Table Be? The Ideal Height

Air hockey is a fast growing activity. More and more people are turning to air hockey than ever before. The popularity of the game causes some confusion as there are so many different styles. There are

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How Long do Air Hockey Tables Last? 8 Maintenance Tips

You can get a lot of fun out of your air hockey table. Your kids and you can have hours of fun playing air hockey. Besides fun time on rainy days, you could set up your own league and have your own records.

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