How Much do Air Hockey Tables Cost? (With 17 Price Examples)

When you are on a budget or a fixed income what something costs is the most important factor involved. The same goes for air hockey games. What they cost is part of the decision making process.

How Much do Air Hockey Tables Cost? The good news is that air hockey games can be very inexpensive. The bad news is that they can also be very expensive. It will depend on the brand, the model, the dimensions and other factors that determine their actual cost. The average cost is around $200.

Because different retailers place different prices on the same air hockey table models we will only give you a ballpark figure for each of the examples we use. That includes used air hockey tables. Just keep reading to find out approx. How much an air hockey table will cost you.

Cost of Air Hockey Table

There are several factors involved when a manufacturer sets the wholesale price of an air hockey game. First, is it size. The large professional sized models will cost you a lot more than a small table sized air hockey game.

Second, the type of materials used will influence the price. Cheap materials will demand a more inexpensive price than a table made from all wood. Third, the type of air blower used will raise or lower the price. A more powerful motor costs more.

Fourth, the type and amount of accessories will also increase the price. The more you have the hire the price tag. These are just some of the factors involved in assessing the cost of an air hockey table.

Air Hockey Table Cost Examples

What follows in this section are our selected air hockey table examples. This will help you get the idea of the wide range of costs. This list should also help you find the air hockey table that will fit your budget or income

#1. Full-size air hockey table price

The measurement of a full size air hockey table ranges between 6 to 7 1/2 feet in length and its width measures between 3 and 4 feet. Plus the height is roughly between 30 to 32 inches.


You can expect to pay between $450 to 1,000 for this table size.

#2. Mini air hockey table price

Mini air hockey games can be quite light. Depending on their size their weight can be between 4 and 10 pounds. Their measurements range between 20 and 40 inches long by 12 to 22 inches wide. Their height is roughly between 3 to5 inches in most cases.


The good news is that their cost is very low. You can expect to pay about $25 to 100 for one.

#3. Arcade air hockey table price

These air hockey games usual;l;y come with all the bells and whistles. That is because they are designed for maximum entertainment. Their measurements are usually 8 by 4 feet in size and stand roughly 32 inches.

The cost of these tables, like all the rest can range. Depending on who is selling them, you are looking at about $650 to 1,000 range

#4. 4 person air hockey table price

These are very unique air hockey games and they present new challenges to conquer. Their dimensions may vary but one model come in at 6 1/2 by 6 1/2 feet while still reaching 31 inches high.


Get ready to brace yourself. The upper price boundary tops out at around $8,000. Yes, you read that right. The lower price boundary clocks in at just over $1,000.

#5. Price for a used air hockey table

Again, the price you pay depends on where you look. Used air hockey tables can range as low as $20 on Craig’s list and can go up from there. You can get a quality used air hockey table for around $600.


The price will depend on the condition, the materials used and how well it was cared for. Of course, used professional tables will demand a higher resale price.

#6. Tournament choice air hockey table price

These tables are professional sized and do not come with a lot of accessories that would distract you from your play. They are well built, solid and have leg levelers so you can keep the games fair.

If you want to purchase one of these models then you are looking at a price range between $3,000 and 4,000. And you thought the 4 person game was expensive.

#7. Rhino air hockey table price

You may not have heard about this brand yet. It is not that well known but so far its reputation states that the company puts out a solid air hockey table. The company also sets its prices in an affordable range.


You can get a good air hockey table from this company for under $700

#8. Harvard air hockey table price

This company puts out full sized air hockey tables that look good. Their design should not detract from the decor in your home. Each game is well built and one version combines with another game to double your fun.

To get a good table from this company you are looking in the $500 to 700 range. Of course, the prices may be higher due to the added accessories.

#9. Air Fx air hockey table price

This is a highly designed air hockey table that measures almost 8 by 4 feet in size. Its bluish and purplish coloring adds an out of this world dimension to your basement or family room.

To enjoy this game though, you will be looking at paying around $6,000 and that is when it is on sale.

#10. Sportcraft air hockey table price

This may be an air hockey brand that is more budget friendly than others. Its smaller tables start at under $100 and go up from there. It is all going to depend on your budget and how old your children are.

Just because the price may be lower, doesn’t mean it is a bad table. Good air hockey tables are not always the more expensive kind

#11. MD Sports air hockey table price

Some air hockey tables work with you when it comes time to meet your storage and room space needs. This brand makes a good good folding air hockey table that should fit your budget.

It is also a good size for young kids to learn how to play the game and develop their skills. You can find one for under $50.

#12. Brunswick air hockey table price

Brunswick has been making unique sports equipment for generations. Their air hockey tables shouldn’t damage their fine reputation. Their large size air hockey tables are great for the aspiring pro air hockey player in your family.

Top get one of their well built air hockey tables in your home, you are looking at paying between $800 to over 2,000. The more expensive version converts into a multi use platform.

#13. Franklin air hockey table price

Fun for the whole family no matter their age. Franklin makes a wide variety of mini air hockey games that will meet your family’s ages and still give them a lot of fun. Plus, the games are very affordable.

You can find a child’s air hockey game for around $30. Then if your children are older, you will be looking at spending under $200 depending on the game style you choose.

#14. Atomic air hockey table price

This air hockey table comes with a powerful 120 volt air blower. Its ability to send the right amount of air to move your puck makes it an essential air hockey game. Its 8 foot size allows you to implement all the professional rules of air hockey and have highly competitive games.

Depending on how many bells and whistles you want, you are looking at paying between $650 and 1,100 for an individual table.

#15. Hathaway air hockey table price

Hathaway is another company that specializes in a variety of air hockey table sizes. They have a table model that is right for every age group in your family. Of course, with this wide range of products and product sizes, you can expect to see a wide range of prices.

If you want an air hockey game that is larger than a mini model then you can expect to shell out between $100 to 600. Full size tables should be in the neighborhood of $700 to 1,000.

#16. Triumph air hockey table price

One model that is perfect for children between the ages of 8 and 11 is the Triumph lumen x lazer model. Its 6 foot by approx. 3 foot dimensions allow your young child to reach the puck with ease, even if it is at center ice.

This particular model comes in at just over $400. A smaller 4 1/2 foot version will cost you just under $200. You get a lot of choice for your money

#17. Playcraft air hockey table price

This game’s wood grain look will complement any room decor including your basement. Its 6 foot size gives plenty of space for lots of air hockey action. Plus, its leg levelers keep every game honest and more fun.

Depending on the store where you buy it, you are looking at paying just under $400 to just over $500 to take it home with you. The price you pay will depend on if you buy this table or choose a different sized model.

Cost of Air Hockey Pucks

After reading about the high cost of air hockey games, you might be in the mood for some less expensive costs. We admit, air hockey games can get a little pricey but the good news is that the pucks and mallets do not.

The cost of the pucks will depend a lot on their weight and size. They are usually made out of plastic so their construction material will not influence the price that much. Color does not play a part in the pricing that we know of.

To get some spare pucks so that you do not interrupt yours game playing or tournament, you are looking at spending between 5 and 15 dollars. Each puck set comes with different number of pucks. We would suggest you buy the larger sets. This is so you have enough pucks on hand when you need one.

If this is good news to you, then it can only get better. For the same price for pucks, some companies throw in extra mallets at no extra charge. They key to buying new pucks is that their weight and size must match your table.

Answering your questions

#1. Where is a good place to buy a nice air hockey table?

If you are looking at buying a new table you can check your local sporting goods stores, department stores and box discounters. Or you can go online and check E-Bay or Amazon

#2. What should I look for in a used air hockey table?

The first thing you should check out is the air blower. If it is not blowing the right amount of air you will be looking at extra repair or replacement cost. In this case, if the blower is bad, you may want to buy new.

The second item you should checkout is the quality of the construction materials and what shape they are in. When buying used you are trying to save money not trying to find new ways to spend it.

Some Final Comments

As we stated earlier, we are only giving out ball park costs. How much you will actually spend on an air hockey game depends a lot on where you live and where you shop.

Our price list does not include shipping and handling. Nor does it include any local state or city taxes you need to pay. We are just giving you an ideas of the expense so you can plan better.

Considering giving your children an air hockey game is a good move. Air hockey develops a lot of motor skills, helps your children learn valuable life lessons, and gives them something to do on rainy days.

Plus, it helps them burn off excess energy. The positives certainly outweigh the cost of the game.

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