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Can You Use a Playground Slide for a Pool? (How to Guide)

It is possible to use a playground slide for a pool. But, it may not be the smartest thing you have tried to do. Of course, it will depend on the type of pool you have as it may be quite difficult to

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7 Helpful Tips for Deciding on a Playground Slide Angle

Public playground slides are usually built to the same standards. The local governments don't want any child getting hurt on their playground equipment so they keep the slide at a standard angle to ensure

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Playground Surface Cost Comparison (Rubber vs Turf vs Sand)

We know that you want your child to have a great childhood. That is why you are taking taking the time and expense to install a playground for them to play on. But there are costs you need to consider

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How Much is the Average Cost of Playground Equipment?

Playgrounds are not the same as they were in your grandfather’s day. Back then, they did not have to worry about base cover or a lot of fancy equipment. Basic metal constructed swing sets, monkey bars,

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What is The Playground Spinny Thing? Merry-go-round

They are an integral part of most parks and schools playground equipment. You and your friends probably spent hours playing on a merry go round, yet you know so little about it.In this article we are

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80 Kids Playground Names Ideas and Suggestions List

What's in a name? Actually a lot as the car and other industries have found out. Their attempt at using creative names not only backfired but drove customers away. It is all in the name.To attract children

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