80 Kids Playground Names Ideas and Suggestions List

What's in a name? Actually a lot as the car and other industries have found out. Their attempt at using creative names not only backfired but drove customers away. It is all in the name.

To attract children and their parents to your playground or play business you need the perfect name. In this article we'll supply you with as many name ideas and suggestions as possible.

We realize that we may duplicate some names already in use but that is purely accidental.

10 Indoor Playground Name Ideas

Indoor names are not going to be the same as for outdoor playgrounds. You want the names to be exciting and reflect the emotion children will experience while they play.


The Sunshine Clubhouse

Toddler Town

The Sunshine Express

Fun Factory

Imagination Station

Dinosaur Den

The Toddler Tree house

The Discovery Den

Hidden Wonder Land

Always Sunny Inside

10 Adventure Playground Names

Most adventure parks will have the word adventure in it. The trick is to find a great name that says adventure without using that word. Here are the ten names we came up with and we are sure you can add to the list:

  1. Castle Park

  2. The Magic Forest

  3. Inside Africa

  4. Travel in Time

  5. The Wonders of Pirate’s Cove

  6. Fantasy Exploration

  7. The Last Frontier

  8. Old West Action

  9. Buried Treasure

  10. Wonderland Park

10 Cool Playground Names

You want a name that people will remember very easily. You need it to stick in their minds so they will always think of you when they are looking for a cool place to go.

Playground in a box

The Rooftop Playground

Anything is Possible Playland

Odyssey Adventure

Pandora’s Box Playground

Blue Moon Space Playground

Excalibur Playground

Fireball Adventure Playground

Mad hatter Funland

Viking Adventure Park

10 Cute Playground Names

Not everyone is attracted to the same type of name. Sometimes, the cute names gets the attention of the parent or child and creates an interest in seeing what the park is all about

  1. Teddy Bear Fun Park

  2. Over the Rainbow Wonderland

  3. Pitter patter Park

  4. All Smiles Playland

  5. Rainbow Fun Haven

  6. PuppyDog Tails Park

  7. The Children’s Cloud Adventure Park

  8. Ugly Duckling Fun House

  9. Happy Trails Wonder Park

  10. Stop and Play Playground

10 Catchy Playground Names

Like cool and cute playground names, you want a catchy name that sticks in the minds of both parents and children

Spirit Park

Mystic Zone

Alien Adventure Land

The Royal Quest

Magic Wand Playground

Ghost Town Fun Park

Dragon Races Fun Land

Legends Adventure World

Colossodon Adventure Park

Hawk Kid’s Park

10 Dog Playground Names

Dogs need a safe place to play just like children do. Since they are a member of the family good, catchy dog park names help pet owners find a good place to let their dogs run and have fun.

  1. Camp Canine Park

  2. Citizen Canine Park

  3. Go Fetch park

  4. Happy Hound Dog Park

  5. King Pup Dog Park

  6. Running Paws Dog Park

  7. Tails & Trails Dog park

  8. See Spot Run Dog Park

  9. Happy Pets Dog Park

  10. The Woof Pack Dog Park

10 Funny Playground Names

A good name that can bring a smile to the face of a parent or child is a good name to use. You know they will remember it because it made them laugh. A funny name is as good as a catchy one when you want people to come to your playground.

Hardy Harr Play Land

Bear Trap Park

Toddle Wobble Wonder Land

Kids Kaboom Fun House

Anna Bananas Adventure Land

Wee Fun Time

Ju Ju Playground

Just Kidding Magic Park

Kanga Kids Zoo and Playland

Itsy Bitsy WonderLand

10 Unique Playground Names

Being original is the goal for many people. The feel that if they are unique they will stand out from the crowd and get more business. It does work because unique names can be remembered a lot easier than common ones and most people in the neighbor will know where you are located.

  1. Crypto Wonder park

  2. Angel Wings Space exploration

  3. The Distant Shore Play land

  4. The Dragon Nest Adventure park

  5. The Zig Zag Playground

  6. The Royal Gold Treasure Hunt

  7. The Ivory Wilderness Jungle Park

  8. The Misty Hills Adventure

  9. Whispering Falls Water park

  10. Harmony Kids Play Park

How to Come Up With New Names

Coming up with unique, cute or catchy names is not always easy. It takes time and a lot of work to find just the right name for your playground. Here are some tips on how you can come up with your unique, cute, catchy or other name for your playground or adventure land.

Brainstorm - get together with friends and family and just toss names out there

The Audience - focus on knowing your target audience and what interests them

Toys are good - if you are targeting a very young audience, you can use different toy names to be creative

Don’t be confusing - make sure your name states to all exactly what you are doing

Rhymes work - a good rhyme helps keep your name in the minds of your audience

Express emotions - but keep it light and stay away from dark, negative emotions that will turn your audience off

Use common sense - what you think is funny, cute, unique may be offensive, and insulting to others. It may also just be in bad taste

Some Final Comments

One of the problems with finding a new name for your business is that there are very few good unique and original names left that will work well for your playground. To get a good name you have to be innovative and creative without crossing any negative boundaries.

It is not an easy task to complete. We hope that the above 80 names will bring some inspiration to you and get you on the right track to finding that cute, unique name that stands out in your target audience’s mind.

The name says it all and you want the best one so you do not lose any business or get a bad reputation.

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