Can You Use a Playground Slide for a Pool? (How to Guide)

It is possible to use a playground slide for a pool. But, it may not be the smartest thing you have tried to do. Of course, it will depend on the type of pool you have as it may be quite difficult to adapt a playground slide to an above ground pool. The above ground pool’s walls may be too high for the slide to reach the water safely and effectively.

Tip #1: You want to make sure the weight capacity of the playground slide will hold the weight of all the people using the slide.

Not All Slides Are Created Equal

This is what you have to be cautious of if you are thinking of saving some money and use your old playground slide as a pool slide. Each type of slide is created with a different purpose in mind. They are also not shaped the same or have the same safety requirements to meet.

An in ground pool slide is is designed to be anchored to the concrete walkaway around the pool. Most playground slides do not have that capability and it would take a lot of adapting to make it secure for kids to use safely. With an above ground pool, you would need to build a good deck to secure the slide to if you do not already a have a deck around your pool.

That may be an expense you don't want to pay. Another option is you can use the playground slide a lot easier with an inflatable pool. The length of the slide would be an issue here and you would not want your kids sliding down too fast if the inflatable pool is not that deep.

Tip #2: The design of the playground slide will influence your placement of the slide. It won’t just fit anywhere. You will also have to look for the best place to safely anchor the slide.

Using a Playground Slide For a Pool


There are two basic ways you can use a playground slide as a pool slide. If your slide is attached to your swing set and cannot stand on its own, then you would need to assemble or move your swing set over to your pool side. Then you would have to anchor your swing set so it will not tip over when people are using the slide.

The second way to use your playground slide is if it can stand on its own and does not need a lot of support to hold it in place. You would need to anchor both the front and the back of the slide to make sure it will stay where you put it. The trick is to get the front and the back completely on the concrete. Anchoring the back in the grass may not be as secure a fit as you would like.

The design of the pool will also influence your placement and you want to make sure you get the slide over the deepest part of the pool, if possible. You do not want to place it where it will interfere with your diving board. If the slide is not too steep, then you may be able to use the middle of the pool where it is not too shallow and not too deep.

The key is safety and you want your family to have a lot of fun without being worried about accidents. The other item you need to worry about is space. You need the right amount of space to place the slide correctly and be safe for climbing up the ladder rungs.

Tip #3: Plastic slides may not have the durability, length or weight capacity to handle the action. Use a metal slide instead

How to Use a Swing Set Slide as a Pool Slide


There are a few easy steps you can take to be able to use your playground slide as a pool slide. We are mainly talking about an in ground pool here as there would be too much expense to adapt a slide to an above ground pool.

If you have a swing set slide:

    Assemble your swing set according to the instruction manual

    Double check all nuts, bolts and screws to make sure they are tight and fitting like they should

    Move the swing set closer to your pool. You need to make sure the swing set is level and very stable. If you have an inflatable pool, you can move the pool to the swing set

    When you position the swing set, make sure the slide’s bottom end hangs over the edge of the pool wall. The same for an inflatable pool.

    Test the slide. Send a ball or something that will slide well down the slide first. If the object does not reach the water safely,then you will have to make adjustments.

    Keep testing till you have the slide where you need it to be. Once you know you and your family will land safely in the water, get on the slide and have fun.

Tip #4: The slide should overhang the pool’s edge by a minimum of 1 foot. Anything less and you risk banging your head on the pool’s side.

How to Choose a Playground Slide For Pool

Getting the right playground slide to use for your pool is a must. You will spare yourself a lot of pain and expense when you have the correct slide in place. Here are some tips on what to look for when looking for the right playground slide:

    Weight capacity - it needs to hold the weight of every user and a bit more.

    Construction material - metal is best and will hold up the longest

    Independence - can it stand on its own or does it need a swing set to anchor it

    Length - will the slide be long enough to reach the pool and meet the minimum over hang requirement

    Anchor - is it easy to anchor to the concrete to keep it stable and safe

Some Final Comments

Using a playground slide instead of a slide built for a pool can save you a lot of money. You may have the slide in your backyard right now. It doesn’t take too much effort to move the slide over to your pool to upgrade your pool fun. Or if you have an inflatable pool, it is even easier to move it over to your slide.

Either way, you should make sure that the slide is anchored properly and will not tip over. Then you should create some rules to make sure your family and their friends do not get hurt. The key is and always will be safety.

When you adapt a playground slide to work with your pool, you want to make sure you do it right and that all users will be safe. When the slide is installed right, then everyone can have more fun. That is why you want to use the slide in the first place. It is possible to use a playground slide as a pool slide, you just have to have the right one.

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