Cool Trampoline Tricks to Impress Everyone


So you have a trampoline, and now you want to start impressing your friends with different trampoline tricks. Well, the first thing to remember with trampoline tricks is learn the basics first and only do what you are comfortable doing. You don’t want to progress too fast or else you could get hurt.

If you take your time though and practice the basics, then you will be well on your way to having a trampoline trick list that is full of cool trampoline moves.

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Basic Trampoline Tricks

Just like with any sport when you want to learn tricks you need to start with the basics. I know it is boring and not much fun, but you need a proper foundation before you can have a list of cool trampoline tricks.

Tuck Jump on Trampoline

Once you have mastered bouncing and keeping your balance and control you can start out with something simple such as the tuck jump. This move is important, but all it is, is jumping and pulling your knees up and grabbing them before landing. This trick helps you get more air time, and can be combined with more advance moves to make them look cooler.

Straddle Jump and Pike Jump

Once you have the tuck jump down, which shouldn’t take you long, you can move to the straddle jump and pike jump. The straddle jump you jump up and as you are going up you spread your legs in a V-shape like the splits. You then reach your arms down between your legs. The pike jump is similar but instead of spreading your legs you lift them up in front of you so your body makes and L-shape. With the pike jump you reach your arm out in front of you and try to touch your toes.

These tricks are good because they help with balance and body control. They also are great at building up your core muscles such as your abs. To do a lot of the more advanced tricks, it is important you have a strong core.

Half Twist and Full Twist

The next trick is starting to get into something cooler. It is the half twist and full twist. Like the name implies when you jump you spin in a circle. The thing with this trick though is when you spin you don’t use your arms to power you through the spin. You just use your whole body in a twisting motion. You can put your arms above your head or at your side to keep you from using them. The twist is one of the tricks that can be combined with the tuck to make it look cooler or more advanced.

Seated Drop on Trampoline

After you got that down it is time to start getting into some drop moves. The easiest is the seated drop. All you do is bounce a few times and then land on your bottom with your legs out in front of you and then come right back up on your feet. Another version of the drop is the knee drop. If you can’t guess, this is where you drop down on your knees and then bounce back up. It is the same technique as the seated drop of a few bonces and then dropping and then come back up. Once you got the drops down you can start mixing the twist into the drops. You can do a half twist before dropping to your knees or you can do a twist when you are coming up from the drop. Doing these moves helps with building hip control.

Front Drop and Back Drop

Some more advanced drops are the front and back drop. The back drop you just fall back on your back before bouncing back up. To do it properly you need to tuck your chin to your chest to keep your neck from getting hurt. Also, landing in the middle of your back is key and having your legs and arms out in front of you to help carry you back up. The front drop you drop to your belly and come back up. This one can be scary because you want to catch yourself and don’t want your face to hit the jump mat. The best way to not get hurt is keep your arms at the side of your face in a triangle shape as you land. This keeps your face from hitting the trampoline.

Advanced Trampoline Tricks

Once you got the basics down you are ready for harder things. Take the tricks to another level learning how to double bounce on a trampoline.

Backflip or Frontflip on Trampoline

The first hard thing you will probably want to do is a back flip or front flip. These really are a more mental challenge then a physical. For either one you jump up and pull your knees in while leaning either forward or backwards. Once you get the flip down you can start to add in twist and other moves like back flip into a knee drop twist.

The Cody on Trampoline

Some advance tricks with names are the Cody. This is a back flip which you then go into a front drop after which you come back up and do another back flip. It can be hard to get the right momentum to do all these, but with practice you can.

Handspring on Trampoline

Another advance trick is the hand spring where when you do the front or back flip you place your hands down on the trampoline and bounce off them.

Your Own Trampoline Trick

The best thing about trampoline tricks is once you know the basic moves you can combine them in different orders to make your own cool trampoline tricks. The thing about trampoline tricks is there are not rules and no right tricks.


Just remember when doing trampoline tricks don’t do any that you don’t have enough space for. Also, remember that it takes practice and you got to learn the basics first. Take your time and don’t push yourself to do anything you aren’t confident in doing. By progressing to fast or not being confident is how you get hurt. If you learn the basics though, then you will have your own trampoline trick list that you can perform and impress all your friends. (Don't forget to check this guide about trampoline bounce boards

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