What Is A Rebounder For Exercise – Best Mini Trampoline For Adults

Are you seeking a fun way to lose weight and doesn’t require a lot of time? Well than bouncing on a mini trampoline rebounder for exercise may be just the perfect activity for you. You may be thinking that you don’t want a large trampoline in your yard, or you might not even have a yard to sit a trampoline up in. Don’t worry though, I am not referring to bouncing on those types of trampolines. You can get a small indoor mini trampoline for adults, specifically designed for exercise. Rebounders are small trampolines designed for exercise.

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The Best Mini Trampoline In The Comfort of Your Home

The great thing about using a trampoline for exercise, is you can bounce in the comfort of your own home. One of the best things about trampolines designed for exercise, is that they are small and meant to just set up in the middle of the living room. You can bounce while watching your favorite television show, or even bounce along to a work out DVD that has a routine designed to maximize the effects of trampoline exercise.

Rebounder Benefits

Burn Energy

You may be wondering how bouncing on a trampoline will help you lose weight. Most people just think of jumping on a trampoline as a fun activity for the kids, but jumping on the trampoline takes a lot of energy.

​Great Cardio Work Out

Bouncing on a trampoline is a great cardio work out, and doing any extra activity in your day is better than none. Just thirty minutes bouncing on a trampoline can burn well over a hundred calories. This may not sound like a lot to you, but it adds up.

Helps You Build Muscles

Also, bouncing on a trampoline helps you build muscles. The main muscle growth is in your legs and core. It can help you get toned abs, and a more firm butt. Also helps remove cellulite.

Work Your Arms

Some of these trampolines even come with band attachments though, so you can work your arms too while bouncing. The muscle building is a great added benefit on top of the initial calorie burn because muscle needs more calories that fat to work. This means that your metabolism will increases, so even when not exercising you will burn more calories in a day. This compound effect really helps you lose weight.

Our Top Recommendations

Even if weight lose isn’t your goal and you just want to become more toned, and have a stronger heart bouncing on a trampoline is right for you. So now that you know all the benefits it is time to get into the different exercise trampolines options. Don’t let this list overwhelm you, once you finish reading it, your purchasing decision will be much simpler for you.

We have assembled 12 mini trampolines that we think will include the best trampoline for you. They range in price, quality, and material so surely one will fit you needs.

Pure Fun 40-inch Mini Rebounder Trampoline With Handrail

The first trampoline you can consider is the Pure Fun 40" Mini Rebounder Trampoline. This trampoline consist of a steel frame, and 36 steel springs. This number of springs helps to make the bounce easy on your joints. Assemble is also a breeze for this trampoline, and no additional tools are require, which is really nice. One feature that makes the Pure Fun Mini Rebounder Trampoline stand out is the included balance bar. The bar can be adjusted from 39 inches to 42 inches, so it can be comfortable for your height. If you are worried you aren’t coordinated enough for a trampoline, then having a balance bar for security is a nice bonus.

There is one issue with the Pure Fun Mini Rebounder Trampoline, and that is some have welding issues on the frame. While the trampoline is rated for 250 pounds, sometimes the frames weld will come loose, or one of the five legs will break. Pure Fun knows about this issue and has attempted to improve it, but you might get an older trampoline that has been in the warehouse awhile that still has the weak weld issue, so this is something to keep in mind.​

  • Easy to assemble
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs
  • 5 legs and 36 springs

Over 560 reviews

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Best Under $50: Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline

The next option on this list is the Stamina 36-inch Folding Trampoline. This trampoline is nice and compact, which would make it good if you have an apartment, or small room you want to exercise in. The frame is durable steel, but still only fourteen pounds, so it is easy to move. The jumping mat is connected to the frame with two inch wide bands instead of spring, so no pinching will occur. Even though this trampoline does not have standard metal springs, it can still hold up to two hundred and fifty pounds.

The only down side to this trampoline comes with assembly and using the folding features. While it is not hard to assembly, a lot goes into getting it together and apart. The six legs screw on and off, and cannot be left on to fold it. Also, the silver edge cover has to be removed to fold it, and some people have a hard time stretching it on. However you probably don’t need to take it down every time thanks to the small size. If you don’t have a big space, the Stamina Folding Trampoline may be the right exercise trampoline for you.

  • Weight limit: 250 lbs

Over 560 reviews

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Sunny Health & Fitness 40 inch Foldable Trampoline + Bar

If you are taller, but still want an exercise trampoline with a balance bar, it may be hard to find one that is tall enough to be comfortable. Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Trampoline has you in mind with their 40 inch foldable trampoline. The balance bar on this trampoline has three positions ranging from 40, 45, or 50 inches. This means there should be a position that is comfortable for you.

The frame is high quality steel, with six legs for extra stability. The jump mat is connected with thirty-two steel springs, to provide a great bounce. This workout trampoline with handle is also easy to fold down, and it includes a carrying bag to put it away in, or make it easier to travel with. Like most others the weight limit is 250 pounds. One downside to this particular trampoline is the weight. It is 25 pounds which makes it a little heavy if you wanted to travel with it, but it isn’t impossible.

The bigger issue is quality. Multiple of these have been known to ship without all the springs attached from the jumping mat to the frame. It is nice that you don’t have to attach them yourself, but it is bad that you could receive one that doesn’t have all of them attached. It is also really hard to attach them yourself because they are really tight.

The springs being tight makes for a great bounce, but if you receive a broken unit you will have to contact the company. They will replace it for you, but you might end up with extra hassle that you weren’t planning on, if you end up receiving a unit that was not assembled correctly.

Sunny-Health-Fitness mini trampoline 40
  • Foldable with adjustable stability bar
  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with 32 metal springs
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs

Over 530 reviews

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Pure Fun Mini Rebounder Trampoline

Another mid-size exercise trampoline to consider is another one made by Pure Fun. If you are worried that a balance bar will get in your way, but want to stick with this company, than the Pure Fun Mini Rebounder, is the one for you. The frame is a high quality steel, and the jump mat is made of polypropylene to keep it lasting longer. It also includes a padded spring cover, so if you do somehow fall, injury will be minimized. This model has 36 springs, which works in a duel system. The duel system helps slow your body down slower, so the impact on your joints is less. This is important because you don’t want to cause joint pain, while trying to be healthier.

An issue with this trampoline recently though, is people are having issues with the springs breaking. This trampoline is rated at 250 pounds like most others. People could be using it wrong, or be over the weight limit and that is why the springs are breaking, but recently a lot of users have been having issues. Maybe the company changed producers of the springs and didn’t say anything. This is a possibility because in the past Pure Fun Mini Rebounder Trampolines had a good reputation. It could just be a bad batch, but it is something to keep in mind when making a purchase decision.

  • 36 high-tension dual spring system

Over 520 reviews

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JumpSport Model 250 Fitness Trampoline

If you are seeking a top quality exercise trampoline, or you want to support a US company, than the JumpSport Model 250 Fitness Trampoline is the one for you. This trampoline comes almost fully assembled to get you bouncing quicker. The frame is steel and has panted no-tip arched legs for ultimate stability.

The frame is 39 inches, and the jump pad is connected with 38 millimeter diameter cords to provide an ultimate deep bounce. The bungees are Enduro-Last 2 and are designed to last two times longer than others. They are also adjustable depending on your bouncing needs. The panted padded peddles are designed to cover the bungees, while maximizing jumping space.

The weight limit is the standard 250 pounds, and this trampoline even comes with a work out music DVD to get you motivated. The only issue with the JumpSport Model 250 Fitness Trampoline is some may consider it pricy, but you get what you pay for, and this trampoline is durable and made to last for years of exercising.

  • Weight limit: 250 lbs
  • EnduroLast-2 bungees last 2X longer

Over 260 reviews

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Best Rebounder Under $100: Stamina InTone Oval Jogger Trampoline

Up next is a trampoline that is a little different. It is the Stamina InTone Oval Jogger Trampoline. The oval surface allows for more side to side movement, so you can vary your exercising some, and do some different routines than the round ones can provide.

This trampoline also has a balance bar to keep you stable, and as an added bonus it has elastic straps with handles so you can get your arms involved in your workout. The frame is steel, and the oval shape also helps with stability of the trampoline, so you can get the most out of your work out. If you don’t know how to incorporate the arm bands you don’t have to worry. The Stamina InTone Oval Jogger Trampoline comes with a workout DVD that can guide you thru fun workouts to lose weight.

This trampoline is rated to 250 pounds. Built into the handle bar is also a monitor to keep track of your states during your workout which is a great added bonus. This mini trampoline has good reviews. The down side to this trampoline is some of the accessories are made a little cheaper. The battery door can break off of the monitor. Also, if you pull on the elastic arm straps to hard during your workout they may break, but the Stamina InTone Oval Jogger Trampoline as a whole is good quality.

  • Includes workout DVD
  • Oval rebounding surface for more stability

Over 420 reviews

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Needak Mini-Trampoline Rebounder-R02

Another top quality exercise trampoline is the Needak Mini-Trampoline Rebounder-R02. The frame is American made steel and is 40 inch diameter. The steel has a powder coat on top to give it a bit of added protection. The frame is extra stable thanks to its 6 leg design. The jump mat is industrial grade polypropylene, so it will last for a long time and can support jumpers up to 250 pounds. The mat is connected to the frame with 36 steel springs made of music wire. They attach with replicable clevis pins, so if you lose a pin, you can buy a replacement.

The Needak Mini-Trampoline Rebounder-R02 also comes with a workout DVD, so you can get started losing weight fast. Customer reviews are very good. Assembly is easy, and the only complaint is on very rare occasions one may ship missing a part or two. If this happens the company has great customer service and will get you the missing part quickly.

  • Industrial grade polypropylene Jump Mat

Over 60 reviews

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Stamina 38" Intone Plus Rebounder

Another option from Stamina is the Intone Plus Rebounder. This one does not have the balance bar like the Jogger, and is also round instead of oval. This may be a positive to some people though because it takes up less space being round and the balance bar may get in the way for some people.

This still has the elastic straps that attach to give a full body workout. The frame is still the same heavy duty steel and the jumping mat is still high quality polypropylene, so jumpers up to 250 pounds can still use. It still has the same monitor, but does not come with the DVD.

The Stamina Intone Plus Rebounder is light at only 13 pounds, so it is easy to move around. This also makes it so storage when not in use isn’t too hard, but this trampoline does not fold like some of the others. Over all this is a good all-around trampoline and if you don’t need the futures of the Stamina Jogger, than this is a good alternative option.

  • Motivational, multi-functional fitness monitor

Over 460 reviews

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Best Rebounder Under $200: MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline

Next on the list is another exercise trampoline that provides the whole package. The MaXimus Pro Mini Trampoline comes with everything you need to start having top notch workouts. This trampoline comes with a DVD that has multiple workouts on it. It has a balance bar and also comes with elastic straps to use for your arms. It even has sand weight to add more resistance when you bounce. Also included is a carry bag which comes in handy because this is a quarter fold trampoline.

The material used for the MaXimus Pro Mini Trampoline is also top notch. The frame is high quality steel and measures forty inches. The jump mat is double crossed stitched making it extra durable. The weight limit for this rebounder trampoline is an astounding three hundred pounds. The springs are giant jumbo coils which provides for a gentle, but powerful bounce. The MaXimus Pro Mini Trampoline is highly recommended and for good reason. It is really hard to find any cons. The only one I can think of is the trampoline is a bit over thirty pounds, so for some moving it around may be an issue.

  • Folds in to quarters and comes with a bag
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs
  • Comes with high energy rebounding DVD

Over 100 reviews

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Best For Adults: Bellicon Classic Mini Trampoline

Maybe you are seeking a trampoline that looks good as well as provides a great workout. Well the Bellicon Classic Mini Trampoline could be what you are looking for. This trampoline is offered with the bands in six different colors. The bright colors can making jumping fun. The steel frame is also a sleek design, and measures 39 inches in diameter. The bands are strong and the frame is durable.

Also included with your purchase of the trampoline is a workout DVD and a one year membership in an online workout program. This will get you motivated to start jumping and keep jumping. The down side with the Bellicon Classic Mini Trampoline is it is fairly costly, so if you don’t take advantage of the online membership, than you could do better price wise. Also, there is no padded cover to cover the bungees which will probably turn some people off.

  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Weight limit: 440 lbs

Over 10 reviews

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Urban Rebounder Trampoline with Workout DVD

Another trampoline to consider if you want easy storage is the Urban Rebounder Trampoline. This trampoline is forty inches and about thirty pounds, so it is on the heavier side. That does include the balance bar though, so if you choose not to use that, than it will help cut the weight down.

This trampoline however does store easily as it is a folding model. The frame is made of high quality steel, and the springs are steel. The weight limit is also on the higher side at three hundred pounds. The jumping mat is a soft surface, and it has a padded spring cover.

The workout DVD that is included with this one has six different workouts, so it will keep you coming back every day and you will have a different workout, so you don’t get burned out. Some of the Urban Rebounder Trampoline though suffer with quality. The springs are connected to straps on the jump mat and some people have had issues with these straps breaking.

  • Weight limit: 300 lbs
  • Includes mega DVD with 6 motivational workouts

Over 620 reviews

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AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline

Last but not least on this list is the AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline. This trampoline comes in two sizes a 38 inch or a 48 inch. The larger size may appeal to some people because there are not many options in that size range. By being a bit bigger you have more jump area, so if you have a wider stance it might work better for you. The frame is durable steel, and this is another band trampoline. The polypropylene jump mat is the same design that is used on full sizes trampolines, so it doesn’t lack in quality.

​This trampoline can hold 200 pounds, which is a bit on the low side, but not bad. The bands are strong and provide a good bounce, but due to their strength if you don't get ‘them spaced correctly on the frame, the frame will twist. You just have to realize this and make sure you align them right during assembly. A padded skirt covers the bands, so once you got them in the right place they shouldn’t get moved. The AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline provides a good value to quality ratio, and might be a better option for a first time buyer, than an experience exercise trampoline bouncer.

  • Safe elastic band technology
  • Padded skirt covers the elastic bands and frame

Over 780 reviews

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So if you are seeking to lose weight, or just want to build some muscle mass and core strength, jumping on an exercise mini trampoline for adults may be the perfect option for you. It will also help you build great cardio and make your heart stronger reducing the risk of heart attacks and heart disease. I know this list gives you a lot of options to choose from, but don’t let this overwhelm you. All you have to do is ask yourself a few simple questions. Start with how thinking about how often you are going to use the trampoline, if you want to travel with the trampoline, how much space you have, if you think you need a balance bar or not, and also if you have a workout plan already.

Depending on the answers to these questions you should be able to narrow your options down to just a few choices. Once you have the list to a few choices it should be pretty easy for you to figure out which rebounder for exercise is right for you. By knowing this nothing should be stopping you from getting in shape and having fun while doing it.

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