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Best Swing Sets for Small Yards (Top 9)

Owning a house with a small yard doesn’t mean your children have to go to their friends’ homes and play on their swing sets. Your small yard can still be the perfect place for your children to play

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Best Wooden Swing Sets Under 400, 500 or $1000 Dollars

When you start your search for a new swing set to give to your children, you will find a lot of models to choose from. The search can be daunting and overwhelming as there are so many good swing sets

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Compare the Best Swing Set Brands of 2019 (Wooden – Metal)

When you are out searching for a good metal or wood swing set brand names are an important factor to consider. Brand names usually mean you are getting a top quality product and it is sometimes hard know

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What to Do With Old Wooden Swing Set (Donate vs Repurpose)

There comes that time when your children have outgrown their swing set. You hate to see it come but it will. When your children have grown up you are stuck with a problem. What to with their old swing

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How Long do Swing Sets Last? (+Tips to Last Longer)

Everyone has the same question when they set out to buy a swing set. How long will the set last? After they receive their answer, their first comment is, you do not know my kids. True, kids can be hard

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Wood vs Metal vs Plastic Swing Sets: Which is Better?

Decisions, decisions. Even when it comes to swing sets, there are decisions to make. With only 3 basic construction materials for swing sets, it can be tough to choose which one, wood, plastic or metal,

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Spacing Tips: How Much Space Do You Need For a Swing Set?

Swing sets are a lot of fun. It is hard to calculate how many happy hours a child spends on a swing set. The hours just seem to roll by like minutes. What helps add fun to your child’s swing set using

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How to Move a Swing Set Yourself vs Cost Of Using Movers

You are on the move to a new house and you want to bring along your children’s swing set. They have a lot of fun on it and you want that fun to continue. Also, you have invested a lot of money in bring

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How to Install a Swing Set on Uneven Ground or a Hill?

Swing Sets can provide hours of fun for both children and adults. Children can build their confidence, improve their balance and just enjoy the fresh air. While adults can sit on a swing seat and reminisce

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9 Base Ideas: What Material Do You Put Under a Swing Set?

We know that you want your children to be safe and protected when they play on a swing set. Yet you don't want to sacrifice their fun. There are ways to keep your children safe without taking their fun

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