Best Wooden Swing Sets Under 400, 500 or $1000 Dollars

When you start your search for a new swing set to give to your children, you will find a lot of models to choose from. The search can be daunting and overwhelming as there are so many good swing sets on the market right now.

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Best wooden swing set under 400: Kid Kraft Appleton



Best wooden swing set under $500: Kid Kraft Big Backyard Sunview II



Best wooden swing set under 600 dollars: Cedar Summit Sun View II



Best wooden swing set under $1000:  Swing-N-Slide Outing



The key is not to just look at the different reviews. Almost every swing set has its share of supporter and detractors and you will find good and bad comments even for the ones you like to buy.

What you have to watch out for is your budget. It is not a good move to spend more than you can afford. In this article we will review 4 top swing sets. These reviews will help you get ideas on what kind of swing set you should buy and how much you should spend.

We will start with the top wooden swing set under $400, then move to the best wooden swing set under $500 and the same for $600 and the $1,000 categories. Then we will provide you with a buyer’s guide to make sure you can find the right wooden swing set for you, your family and your yard.

Best Wooden Swing Sets Under 400

Kid Kraft Appleton Wooden Swing Set

This multi-use wooden swing set comes with sturdy A frame support to make sure your kids can swing with ease. The solid wood beams are put together with strong lag bolts and metal brackets to ensure they will hold your children without difficulty.


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Plus, you get a durable plastic slide, a playhouse with chalkboard a sandbox and a ladder to make sure your kids do not run out of fun. The playhouse and sandbox are covered so your kids can play rain or shine.

The approx. 2 by 8 cross beam holds two belt seat swings and the whole apparatus has the strength to hold 7 children. That is as long as they do not weigh more than 110 pounds each on average.

All you need is just 80 square feet to erect the swing set and then an additional 6 feet all around to set up your safe zone. 2 people can easily erect this wooden swing set in around 4 to 8 hours. Check latest price here >>


  • 5 different activities included
  • Holds up to 7 children at a time
  • ​Strong wood frame
  • Covered play areas
  • Uses only approx. 80 square feet of space


  • Long installation time
  • Some quality control issues
  • Chalkboard made of tarp
  • Damaged parts

Best Wooden Swing Sets Under $500

Kid Kraft Big Backyard Sunview II Playset

The Stained wood should complement any backyard and help keep the natural look your home has, Once assembled your kids get a wooden swing set that should provide them with hours of fun. The two swings are securely supported by the large wood beam.


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Plus, if they get bored with swinging, they can climb the adder to covered platform and take the wave slide down to the ground. If tat doesn’t do the entertainment trick then this wood swing set has a sand box underneath the platform for kids to be creative.

The size of this wood swing set allows for up to 4 children between the ages of 3 and 10 to play on it at the same time. Also, the strong A frame design needs roughly 100 square feet to set up safely. Then add in approx 6 feet in all directions for a comfortable safe zone.

Just make sure you have enough strong help when you go to assemble this wood swing set. Check the latest price here >>


  • Two built swing seats
  • Covered platform
  • ​Sandbox, swings, ladder & slide
  • ​Solid wood frame
  • Hours of fun entertainment


  • No handrails on the ladder
  • Short slide
  • ​Too any hours to assemble
  • Roof may be a bit small

Wooden Swing Set Under 600 Dollars

Cedar Summit Sun View II Wooden Swing Set

The dark wood stain should hide any imperfections that come as your children play on this swing set. It comes complete with slide, rock wall, sandbox, and two belt swings so your children can pick and choose their fun activity


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In addition to all of that, a nice cover hovers over the slide platform to make sure your kids do not get too much of the sun in one day. Then the wooden swing set is held together by metal brackets, strong wood beams and lag bolts.

It will take several hours to assemble it so plan on doing nothing else on your weekend off. Securing the swing set in place is not that difficult either. You will need roughly 100 square feet of room to assemble this model then add the right amount of feet for a safe zone.

Approx. 4 children weighing in the neighborhood of 100 pounds can enjoy this wooden swing set at the same time. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>


  • Plenty of fun activities to use
  • Strong wood frame and metal brackets
  • ​Covered areas to protect from the sun
  • ​Not to difficult to assemble
  • Hours of fun for your children & their friends


  • You need help & time for assembly
  • Sandbox may attract cats and bacteria
  • ​Only 4 kids can be on it at one time
  • Quality control issues

The Best Wooden Swing Set Under $1000

Swing-N-Slide Outing Play and Swing Sets

All the action is here on this swing set. Not only do you get 2 belt swing seats but you and your children can enjoy the ring set, rock wall, slide, and ladder that are a part of this wood swing set. Plus, the covered platform has a place for a telescope so your kids can view their neighborhood.


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In addition to all of this, the swing set is supported by 4 by 6 beams ad 4 by 4 supports to make sure your children can play safely. The swing set is designed to hold up to 800 pounds so when your kids aren’t looking you can have some fun on this wood swing set as well.

Plus, the chains are made of durable rubber so they do not heat up as much as metal chains do. This protects your kids hands as they play. You will need about 150 square feet or more to create the safe zone and play area. Check the latest price here >>


  • Too many fun activities to list
  • Covered platform for sun protection
  • ​Heavy and thick wood beam frame
  • ​Not hard to assemble
  • Durable, strong and can hold 800 pounds


  • May attract mold and mildew
  • Hardware mixed up
  • ​Soft wood construction material
  • Long assembly time

What to Look for In a Wooden Swing Set

With the dilemma of having to choose from far too many wood swing sets on the market today, budget restraints are not the only thing that matters in selecting a top wood swing set.

It is not wrong to get a few tips to help guide your search for the perfect wood swing set for your children. Here are some tips to help guide your search:

#1. You need space

You will be surprised at how much space a top quality wood swing set requires. Then you have to factor in the safe zone that surrounds the swing set. The question you need to ask your self is if the one you want to buy will fit properly in your yard?

Also, you should not have any overhanging eaves, or branches covering portions of the wood swing set. You want a shady area but no possible overhanging obstructions or risks points

#2. Construction materials

Wood swing sets are made from three types of wood, for the most part. Those types are Pine, Cedar and Redwood and they all have different life spans as well as positive points. The key here is how thick are the beams and support sections. No less than 4 by 4 will do. 2 by 4s are passable but do not hold the weight very well.

Also, make sure the wood is treated as this helps the lumber last longer under the elements. Bolts and brackets should be made of tough strong metals, They should also handle the weight, and movement of the swings without wearing out.

#3. The key is safety

Along with your safe zone and strong construction materials, you want to make sure that any ropes and chains can handle the weight and treatment your kids and their friends will dish out. If they can’t do that, the you would want to move on to another swing set.

Rubber is good for a chain as the rubber does not get as hot as metal chains do. But again, you want those rubber chains to hold more than your child’s weight. The same with the rope. Make sure it is made of good material that won’t fray or break easily.

#4. The more activities the more fun

Saving money and only getting a pair of swings on a swing set is okay. But your child may become bored with it and rarely use the swing set. Getting additional activities will enhance your child’s fun and help stimulate their creativity and develop their motor skills.

The key is to make sure they are safe and can stand up to the treatment sent their way. How many you get is up to you and your preferences as well as how much space you have in our yard. Also, the age of your children will be an important factor as well.

#5. The higher the weight capacity the better

Your child may have more than 4 friends and there will be those times when they all are over at your house wanting to get on the wood swing set. Not every wood swing set is designed to handle large groups of children all at the same time.

If you get a swing set with a low weight limit, be prepared to set and enforce rules about its use. The more weight the swing set can hold, the better for you and the more fun your children and their friends can have.

#6. A word about sandboxes

You may have noticed that each of the top wood swing sets reviewed above came with a sandbox. Now sandboxes are fun and can help stimulate some creativity in your child. The issue with sandboxes is a health one.

These sandboxes can attract those cats in need of a litter box. Your child and you may not see the buried waste, the gathering bacteria and insects. You will to take extra precaution when having the sandbox available for play.

This issue is up to your judgment.

#7. Making sure everything is secure

The one major risk that come with wood or any swing set is the issue of the swing set tipping over or being unstable. When you look at the variety of swing sets available, take a little time o see how the swing set is secured.

You want to make sure that it can be secured and kept stable without to much difficulty. Keeping it stable and free from tipping over will help your peace of mind. The wood swing set will be a safe place for your children to play even if they are a bit over rambunctious.

#8. Hours of fun

That is how you can measure the quality of a top wood swing set. How many hours of fun will they have on it and still want to go back for more. You do not want to invest a lot of money in a good wood swing set only to have your children ignore it.

As you search for a good wood swing set, make sure you are getting the design style that will keep your child entertained for ours. Their interest makes your search worth it and keep you from wasting hard earned money that could have been spent somewhere else.

Some Final Comments

These are the wooden swing sets that are the top of their class. They are tough, durable and able to withstand the treatment your children will give it. They are also built out of solid materials t you can let them play without worry.

Then if you follow our buyer’s guide, and know what to look for, you should be able to find the right wood swing set for you and your children. Knowing what to look for is half the battle in finding the perfect wood swing set.

We realize that your list of the top wood swing sets may be different from our but that is okay. Everyone has their own preference. We have given you the information you need to know to find that perfect swing set for you and your children.

There are two important items you need to keep in mind as you search. Space and safety. You meet these requirements and you should be good to go. Your children can invite their friends over without fear and have a lot of fun developing strong childhood bonds.

Just go with the best to make sure your selection is a success.

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