Compare the Best Swing Set Brands of 2019 (Wooden – Metal)

When you are out searching for a good metal or wood swing set brand names are an important factor to consider. Brand names usually mean you are getting a top quality product and it is sometimes hard know which is better.

It can be a struggle to find the right brand name swing set that fits your budget. But it is not impossible. The key to buying a good brand name is not to overspend and burst your budget. In this article we will try to provide the best information on 10 top swing set brands.

#1. Gorilla Brand Swing Sets

This brand has been in business for almost 30 years now. They have assembled a fine team of employees and engineers who produce top quality swing sets that should keep your child entertained for hours. They are also a very popular brand.


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In addition to this, the company provides limited 10 year warranties on their wood and other swing set components. But only a 1 year warranty on the accessories they offer. The company also provides maintenance tips to help their product last you along time.

Gorilla's designers use innovative and creative ways to design their swing set options These designs are made to keep your child interested in playing with their new swing sets.

Also, their care for your child’s safety is seen in their craftsmanship. Gorilla uses top quality materials and hardware to keep your child from being hurt. They also use a timber shield coating to make sure the wood beams are protected and need no maintenance. Check the top Gorilla swing set models here >>

#2. Lifetime Brand Swing Sets

This top swing set brand got its start in 1986. The owner was seeking to build better basketball hoops and backboards. Once they accomplished that, the company expanded its product to include swing sets and other recreational products.


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Their specialty is making the best metal swing sets possible. They combine that feature with top quality plastic and rubber accessories to accentuate their play sets

The metal swing sets are simple in design and only have two swings attached to them. Of course, if you pay more the swing set designs become more elaborate and have slides, etc.

The company offers a comprehensive warranty but the coverage for each component is not the same. On their website they have a warranty claim page to report what is wrong with your swing set. Just make sure you still have your receipt if you want to be covered under your warranty. Check the top Lifetime swing set models here >>

#3. Big Backyard Brand Swing Sets

This brand of swing sets is actually owned and operated by Solowave Designs. Solowave is a company that was founded in 2004 and uses dealers to market their swing sets and other product lines.


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They make roughly 30 different play sets or swing sets so you should be able to find one to suit your needs. Each swing set should come with a roof. This blocks the sun and lets your child play safely away from UV rays

They are also big on safety. Big Backyard makes sure each product is tested and meets the strict requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials. When they sell a swing set or play set, they give their customers a 5 year limited warranty on wood parts and a 1 year defective parts warranty.

The price range on these models are not that expensive and they sell online between $500 & $1300. One drawback is that it is not a BBB Accredited company, although in the last 3 years the BBB has received only one complaint about it. Check the top Big Backyard swing set models here >>

#4. Swing-N-Slide

Started in 1984, Swing n Slide produces top quality wood swing sets or play sets. Their price range starts low, under $400 and goes to over $3,000. Your price depends on how complex the play set is and how many slides, ladders and so on you include.


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Plus, the company uses no cut lumber to keep the quality of heir product high. They use the best 4 by 4 beams and posts and top quality metal brackets to hold everything together. One drawback is tha the instructions may call for lumber pieces the company does not provide in its kits.

Along with those features, Swing N Slide uses a rapid lock system to make sure assembly goes up smoothly and the beams are securely in place. Custom kits are available and you should talk to the customer rep to see what your options are.

A lifetime warranty is included with your purchase of a regular swing set or play set. Custom kits have a 5 year warranty and it would be wise to read the small print to make sure you understand the company's position on repairs and returns. Check the top Swing-N-Slide swing set models here >>

#5. Sportspower

One of the reasons this company was started was for the owners to produce top quality swing sets and outdoor recreational equipment for kids of all ages. Founded in 1992, this company makes a variety of outdoor equipment including metal swing sets.


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These swing sets are all fairly basic in design. Young babies are not left out of the swing set fun as this company produces a tiny swing set for babies and tots. Their most elaborate design includes a trampoline and a slide with their two seat swing set. If you do not want a metal set, the company does offer 3 wood swing set options

Sportspower is getting high marks for their swing sets as they are well designed, well protected against the elements and come with additional play options like slides and more.

The 7 year warranty on the metal swing sets only cover the original buyer and they need the receipt. Plus, the warranty does not transfer to another user or owner. The limited warranty can be very restrictive and may not cover everything you hoped it would. Check the top Sportspower swing set models here >>

#6. Little Tikes

This company came into existence in 1969 and its main focus of production is on toys and swing sets for tots and toddlers. Its products are made with both metal and plastic parts to keep the costs down while maintaining safety standards.


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Little Tykes test their products constantly to make sure they are free from lead, BPA additives and other harmful components. The company also strives to stay in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Unfortunately, their warranty coverage is not that good and does not last for a long time. The most coverage we found on their website was for 1 year. Yet the make top quality products that last and are free from defects. A recent recall notice was not for defective parts but for forgetting to include instructions for assembly of the swing seat

One positive aspect about the company is that they keep their products and accessories affordable. Check the top swing set models here >>

#7. Ironkids

This company started in 1895 and they target outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. The Ironkids brand is owned by Paradigm Health & Wellness and they offer about 5 reasonably priced swing sets designs for children. The strength of their business is in other products


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They do offer assembly videos to help you put the swing sets together but figuring out which video goes with which product may be a bit confusing. They simply list a number and you have to match up numbers to find the right video.

The swing sets they offer are made for people who like simple things that are easy assemble.

The cost for these metal swing sets ranges between $200 and $600. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you have 30 days to get a refund on your purchase price only. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable.

A lifetime warranty is on their frames but their components get only 6 months of coverage. Check the top Ironkids swing set models here >>

#8. Step2

This is another company that targets the very young at heart. Their goal is to produce top quality toys and outdoor equipment for babies, tots and toddlers. The company was formed in 1991 with only 5 employees and today it has grown so large it employs about 800 workers.


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While they have a wide range of young children's products, for example beds, furniture and so on, Step2 also makes about 3 swing sets. Their swing sets are made from metal and wood. The cost of the swing sets are moderately priced with the most inexpensive model about $500. The replacement parts and accessories are reasonably priced.

If you order from Step2 shipping is handled by their central warehouse for quicker and more efficient customer service. If you are not satisfied with the Step2 products and want to return them, you will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Check the top Step2 swing set models here >>

#9. Backyard Discovery

This company has been making different swing sets for backyards for about 30 years now. Yet they are owned by Step2 and managed by people who are parents themselves. This situation gives them a unique perspective on manufacturing swing sets. The company uses cedar as their main construction material on swing sets and play sets..


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Unfortunately the reviews have not been kind to the company and Consumer Affairs does not accredit them. The quality of their product is called into question but that may only be by a few disgruntled customers.

Their design team has created about 25 or more swing set and play set designs . This gives parents ample choice as they look for one that will fit the space in their yards.

They do not put any warranty information on their website and they only state you will find that information in their owner’s manuals. One highlight is that if you cancel your order before shipping, you won’ be subject to any fees. Their delivery system stops at the curb.

If you have returns, it must be in the original box and you are held responsible for checking the shape of the swing set when it arrives. Check the top Backyard Discovery swing set models here >>

#10. Rainbow

This is a large company which was established in 1985. It grew to having over 650,000 feet of manufacturing space and over 200 dealerships around the world. They not only manufacture swing sets but produce over 100 swing set accessories to enhance your child’s entertainment time.


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Not only do they use both cedar and redwood construction materials, these swing sets are designed to last you a lifetime. They back that claim up with a lifetime warranty on most of the wood swing sets. Smaller components get a short coverage term.

Also, they have 4 categories of swing sets including commercial designs. This also helps parents find the right swing set for them. The only drawback is that they do not place their price lists online. You have to request that directly from the company.

They also offer professional installation across the nation. With over 200 hometown locations, they can do the job faster and easier for you. Rainbow do not sacrifice any quality or safety in their manufacturing process. They use top quality construction materials and hardware. Check the top swing set models here >>

Best Wooden Swing Set Brands

As usual, the best wooden swing set brands is ultimately up to your determination. How you are treated by the company, the quality of their product and the amount of fun your children have on the swing setare the main criteria for deciding who is the best.

But in doing research for this article we have been able to form our own humble opinion as to which brand is the best. While Gorilla and Swing N Slide come close to being the best, we have to say that the Rainbow brand tops the competition with ease.

Their commitment to safety is top notch. While both Gorilla and Sing N Slide are tough rivals, we still feel that all the factors that make a good company swings the title of best brand in Rainbow's favor.

Best Metal Swing Set Brands

Again our research has pointed to one company. The problem was that there were few metal swing set models on sale, and there was very little information available about the different brand names.

We liked Lifetime as the best metal swing set brand. They are a motivated company that seeks to manufacture top quality metal swing sets that your children can play with all day long. The other companies really did not come close to meeting the example set by Lifetime..

Some Final Comments

We hope we have provided the most pertinent information to help guide your search. The different brands all produce good quality swing sets, it is just that some were better than others.

Don’t forget to continue to do your research and find the right wood or metal swing set for you and your family. You do not have to keep up with your neighbors and buy elaborate swing sets for your children to have fun.

Even basic ones can still entertain your child for hours. Also, your budget as a say in what swing set you buy for your children.

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