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When buying anything the question what is the best brand comes to mind. This is especially true when dealing with trampolines. People ask all the time what are the best trampoline brands.

To answer the question what is the best trampoline brand can be a challenge. Different trampoline brand names offer different things. Some offer excellent bounce, while others offer top safety.

One thing is for sure with trampolines is you get what you pay for. If you want to learn more about trampoline pricing than check out the article we have here on that topic.

Best Trampoline Brands

To get you started in your search for the best trampoline brand I will list out a few top trampoline brands. Some top trampoline brands are Skywalker trampolines, Springfree trampolines, AlleyOop trampolines, and Jump Zone trampolines. Different factors go into making these great brands. To start with they are established companies that have been making trampolines for a while. This means that they know what they are doing. Also, these trampoline brands use top quality parts. High quality material and workmanship is important because trampolines are an expensive purchase and you want it to be able to last as long as possible. Lastly is safety, you want a trampoline brand that is going to keep the jumpers safe.

What Makes a Good Trampoline Brand?

As for build quality all three of the mentioned trampoline brands are good trampoline brands. They use galvanized steel to keep the frame from rusting. Using strong steel is also important because you don’t want the frame to twist. Also, the frame is one of the determining factors in the weight limit. The other factors in the weight limit are the spring and jump mat quality. Skywalker, AlleyOop, and Jump Zone trampolines also use galvanized steel for the springs, so they won’t rust either. The jump mats and spring covers are also top quality, and have UV protection to keep them from deteriorating. The last thing about these brands is they come with an enclosure that is top quality to reduce the chance of jumpers getting hurt.

Skywalker Trampoline Reviews

Skywalker trampoline offers top quality trampolines and at a price that is affordable. The cost is one of the big attractions for people to Skywalker trampolines. Just because they are affordable though doesn’t mean that they don’t offer top quality. The material used is top quality. Skywalker trampolines are also extremely easy to assemble which is something mentioned in a lot of reviews. Check all Skywalker models, sizes and prices here >>


When you buy a trampoline you want to get jumping as soon as possible. You don’t want to spend a whole day assembling the trampoline. With a Skywalker trampoline you don’t have this problem. You can put the trampoline together in a few hours and when you buy it you can assure all the parts will be there so you won’t run into any speed bumps when putting the trampoline together. Another things about Skywalker trampolines is you can get one in whatever color you like.

Best Trampoline Brand Safety

The Skywalker trampoline safety review is also top notch. They meet ASTM safety standards. People love that the enclosure uses a no gap system. This means that the net comes down and connects to the jump mat. This ensures that no fingers or toes get into the springs. Also, the spring pad is good quality and covers all the springs to make sure the jumper is extra safe. The Skywalker trampoline also gets top marks in safety due to the quality of the steel frame. Some may worry that since it is easy to assemble the steel might be cheap. This isn’t the case. It is easy to assemble because it is designed well. These futures is why Skywalker Trampolines makes the list of best trampoline brands.

Springfree Springless Trampoline

If safety is still a major concern for you than you may want to consider a trampoline brand that offers springless trampolines. A springless trampoline the jump surface is connected to a ring which is supported above the frame with metal rods. These rods are completely out of reach from the jumpers, so there is no way to get fingers in them. A spring free trampoline might be a great option for younger kids who might play with the springs on a standard trampoline. Even if the kid won’t play with the springs on a standard trampoline a no spring trampoline really reduces injury. Check all Springfree models, sizes and prices here >>

Outside of falling off of a trampoline the springs are the most dangerous part. The enclosure on a trampoline does a good job of keeping jumpers from falling off, but sometime the spring cover doesn’t do as good of job as keeping fingers out. If a small gap occurs than you could get your toes into the springs when jumping or if there is a gap you might get your fingers into the springs when climbing onto the trampoline. A spring free trampoline is the only way to prevent this from happening. Springfree trampolines won several awards over the years. In case you are wondering: Are Springfree trampolines worth the money ? I think they absolutely are.

AlleyOop Trampoline Review

If Skywalker is the family car trampoline, than AlleyOop is the luxury car, but don’t let this turn you away from considering them. AlleyOop is made with top materials. The frame and jump mat will last you for years, and customers love the stability of this trampoline. The AlleyOop trampoline is still easy to assemble and most people can get it together in a few hours. Due to the top quality of the parts this frame can hold an above average amount of weight, so you can have multiple jumpers no problem. The springs are also top quality as well as the enclosure, jump mat, and spring cover. Check all AlleyOpp models and prices here >>

alleyoop 14 variablebounce trampoline

The AlleyOop trampoline also lands on the list of safe trampoline brands. Some of this is due to the parts being top material, so you don’t have to worry about the frame twisting while being jumped on. Also, the enclosure will not come off if jumped into, and the springs are covered well to make sure that no toes or fingers get into them. The big reason why AlleyOop is a safe trampoline brand though is the variable bounce technology in the springs. This means that when you land a part of the springs engage a split second before the others. By doing this is slows down your fall slower and allows the trampoline to take more of the force. Not only does this give you a bigger bounce, but it also reduces the impact of the landing on your joints. This makes the jumping safer and healthier.

Jump Zone Trampoline Review

Jump Zone trampolines are the middle of the road when it comes to price verses size, and the features you get are about average. The trampoline is still made out of top quality steel, and users like that it is easy to assemble, but at times it can be confusing. Jump Zone trampolines use a six leg frame which makes them extremely balanced, but adds to the assembly time. The jump mat and spring cover are also still top quality and UV resistant. Jumpers do enjoy Jump Zone trampolines for their great bounce. The trampoline is designed with seventy-two springs which makes the jump surface extra bouncy.

Jump Zone trampoline safety reviews are also good. Like has been mention the frame has six legs which makes it extra stable. These trampolines are not going to tip or fall over. The enclosure is also strong and will keep the jumpers from falling off. The springs are well protected with the enclosure going on the inside of the springs and tucking under the spring cover to eliminate gaps. The frame is strong which allows for multiple jumpers and keeping them safe.

If you are looking for a trampoline for a young kid, then Jump Zone is a brand to consider for that area as well. They make great small indoor trampolines for toddlers to use. To learn more about these kinds of trampolines you can check the article we have available on our site.

What is the best trampoline brand

Figuring out the best brand of trampolines can be a challenge. All the above mentioned brands of trampolines provide top quality. That is why they made the list of best trampoline brands. These are just a few good brands of trampolines. To learn more about different brands you can check around the site. Also, you can check around the site to learn how price of trampolines are determine since you may be wondering since these three brands vary in price so much.


These are some of the best trampoline brands for another reason too, and that is because they offer a wide variety. They offer trampolines in all the standard sizes from twelve feet to as big as fifteen feet. AlleyOop even offers some bigger including rectangle trampolines, so if that is what you are in the market for then you can look into them. A lot of factors go into buying a trampoline and brand is one of them. You want a reputable brand, but you also want to make sure you are getting a trampoline that is right for your needs. If you don’t know how to determine your needs then be sure to read our trampoline buying guide.

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