Vuly Trampoline Review: Are They Worth the Money?

When buying anything, the first thing most people want to know is whether it's worth the money. And that’s understandable. We can’t throw our money around, and when we make a substantial purchase, like a trampoline, we want to know if we’re getting what we paid for.

However, when you’re buying products for your kids, money isn’t the only thing on your mind. People also prioritize safety, assembly, and the overall performance of the trampoline when deciding on a purchase.

That’s why we’ve prepared this Vuly trampoline review. Vuly is one of the most popular sports and leisure brands. What’s more, they specialize in trampolines and also offer trampoline accessories and other yard equipment.

Why buy a Vuly trampoline: Are Vuly trampolines any good?


Overall, the Vuly trampolines have the best price to safety ratio. This Australian company offers very competitive prices. What’s more, all their trampolines are made with Australian weather conditions in mind. That means that the materials are sturdier and made for that humid, salty Australian air.

Vuly trampolines are made from dependable materials. For example, Vuly Thunder extra large trampoline is made out of galvanized and powder-coated steel. Like all Vuly trampolines, it’s rust-resistant. Moreover, Vuly doesn’t use nuts or bolts for their trampolines, which enhances the safety, and the safety nets are made out of silk terylene or polyethylene that’s tightly woven together.

These trampolines are high-quality, and the company puts a lot of thought in safety, although they aren’t the leaders in this field. However, let’s see what the customers get for their money.

What size do Vuly trampolines come in?


Classic Vuly trampolines come in four sizes. You can choose between the 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, and 14ft trampolines. The size of the trampoline depends on the age of the children who will be bouncing their little hearts out on it, as well as the size of the yard.

Vuly trampolines for sale come in different sizes as well. The Vuly Lift and Lift Pro trampolines come in four sizes — S, M, L, and XL, and they all have the height of 9.6 feet.

The fan-favorite Vuly Thunder extra large trampoline is 9.2 feet tall, while the Vuly Ultra trampoline is somewhat shorter and stands at 9 feet tall.

Which Vuly trampoline to buy?

In this Vuly trampoline review, we take a closer look at four different trampolines this Australian company has to offer. All Vuly models are known for their safety and reliability. However, some are better than others. Furthermore, don’t think there are no downfalls! Although Vuly trampolines for sale offer great value for money, they all have their pros and cons. You can check the price of all Vuly trampolines on Amazon here.

Vuly Lift Trampoline


The Vuly Lift trampoline is a high-quality trampoline that offers a significant level of safety. Although no trampoline is 100% safe, Vuly Lift provides reasonable levels of protection.

It has a polyethylene mesh enclosure that will both keep your child safe and stand the test of time. It’s durable yet light. It also has self-closing doors.

Also, the Vuly Lift trampoline is fully secured against spring injuries as both the zinc-coated dual frame and the springs are outside of the safety net. There will be no little fingers caught in springs, as double-sided safety pads protect both inside and outside of the trampoline. Furthermore, they also prevent springs from rusting.

Another advantage is that the Vuly Lift trampolines have a weight limit of 330 pounds. However, like all trampolines, this one has some drawbacks. It’s rather heavy, which can pose a problem when it’s time to mow the lawn. You can order wheels that will help you move the trampoline around; however, those cost extra. Check latest Vuly Lift prices here.

Vuly Lift Pro Trampoline


Vuly Lift Pro is the next generation of Vuly Trampolines. Much like its predecessor, the Lift Pro has no nuts and bolts that would prolong installation or cause injuries.

Regarding quality, safety, and durability, the Lift Pro is the same as the earlier model. It also has the same weight limit and can withstand 40,000 consecutive bounces. However, much like the Vuly Lift, the Lift Pro has the same problem with mobility. It’s heavy and hard to move, especially if you’re trying to move it yourself.

Still, there are some significant differences between these two models. Read more here.

Vuly Lift vs. Lift Pro


These two models differ when it comes to netting, frame, and padding.

Vuly Lift Pro has a net made from terylene. This material is much more gentle on sensitive skin and won’t cause scrapes or scratches. However, since it’s so soft, it’s not as sturdy as the polyethylene mesh that offers higher levels of UV resistance.

Furthermore, the frames are different as well, although the difference is minimal. The Vuly Lift Pro has a twice galvanized frame, but it also has an additional coat of matte black powder coating.

Finally, the models have different padding as well. In both models, the padding is UV resistant and double-sided. However, the Lift Pro offers a choice between blue and light grey, while with Lift, you can switch between blue and electric yellow.

Vuly Thunder Trampoline


Vuly Thunder Trampoline is a definite fan-favorite. It’s very different from Vuly’s previous models. It has a structure of steel leaf springs that are placed under the jumping mat. They increase both the safety and the overall bounce ability of the trampoline.

Without springs attached to the sides of the trampoline, the Vuly Thunder offers a more robust, higher bounce. Bounces on the Vuly Thunder are more even and softer than on their other models.

The Thunder model is definitely the best choice for those looking for the best quality-price ratio. Moreover, Vuly Thunder extra large trampoline also offers the highest levels of safety. In fact, the company claims that their netting is the strongest among recreational trampolines.

However, we have to mention that they only offer a one-year warranty for the netting. Therefore, we have to ask ourselves: if the mesh really is the strongest and most durable on the market, why wouldn’t Vuly offer a longer warranty? Read more or check latest Vuly Thunder prices here.

Vuly Ultra Trampoline


The Vuly Ultra trampoline is the most affordable model that this company offers. However, don’t worry — the low price doesn’t mean that the quality is anything less than superb. Check latest price here

Much like other Vuly models, the Ultra model has UV-resistant polyethylene netting that has doors that don’t require zipping. That is an extra safety precaution, as it prevents the child from forgetting to zip the net and consequently falling out. Moreover, the dual-layer spring system and the frame are on the outside of the netting.

However, the Ultra does differ from other models when it comes to padding. This model has one-sided padding made from foam and bisonyl, which might explain the lower price. Read more here.

Vuly trampoline weight limit

Vuly trampolines have two different weight limits. The 8ft models can withstand the weight of 243 pounds. Meanwhile, the 10, 12, and 14ft models have a higher weight limit of 330 pounds.

That means all Vuly trampolines are suitable for children and most adults. Still, the higher weight limit doesn’t suggest that the trampoline can accommodate more than one child. We don't recommend that multiple children, or adults, bounce on the trampoline at the same time.

How much is a Vuly trampoline?

The great thing about Vuly trampolines is that they are a good fit for any budget. The price depends on the size and the model, but the price range is extensive. The prices range from $599 to $1799. Thus, it’s evident that Vuly offers very competitive prices, as it is one of the cheapest trampoline manufacturers on the market. Click here to check latest prices on Amazon.

The most affordable model is the Vuly Ultra. It comes in four sizes, and the prices range from $599 to $899. But if you're looking for the best price, it is definitely the smallest Ultra model.

Their most expensive option is the Vuly Thunder, which comes in four sizes. The smallest costs around $1200 while the Vuly Thunder extra large trampoline costs over $1700.

Are Vuly trampolines worth the money?


Vuly trampolines have one of the best quality-price ratios on the market. They offer high-quality, and more importantly, high levels of safety at affordable prices. However, the lower prices come with a few drawbacks. Namely, the weight and the lack of mobility of Vuly trampolines are the biggest cons among user reviews.

Furthermore, some reviews show users complaining about Vuly’s customer service, which leaves something to be desired. It seems that people are having a hard time claiming the warranty and that the customer service representatives aren’t very helpful. However, on the other hand, there aren’t a lot of user complaints in general.

Are Vuly trampolines bouncy?


All Vuly trampolines are very bouncy. Each model has been tested and can withstand over 40,000 consecutive bounces. However, the Thunder model provides the best bouncing experience, due to its compact leaf springs. This system makes the bounce more vertical, and it lessens the strain on the knees.

How easy is the assembly of the Vuly trampolines?


Vuly trampolines are not that easy to assemble. They come in clearly marked packages, and there are no nuts and bolts to prolong the installation. Nevertheless, they still fall on the more difficult side when it comes to assembly.

Furthermore, you will need help to get your Vuly trampoline ready for bouncing. It’s not likely that you can do it on your own — it’s a two person job. However, the company does provide extensive instructions, and there are assembly videos available on their website.

When it comes to the installation, the Thunder model is harder to install than others, due to its unique leaf spring system. In fact, some users report that it’s rather difficult to connect the springs to the mat.

Where are Vuly trampolines made?


Vuly trampolines are an Australian product. Vuly is a Brisbane-based company, and although they have become a global brand, their main distribution and call centers are still based in Brisbane. The manufacturing process, however, is done in Vuly factories in China.

Vuly trampoline warranty

Vuly offers pretty standard warranty deals. The most significant advantage is the 10-year warranty they provide for the frame tubes and joiner poles. The springs and the mat have a 5-year warranty, but the warranty doesn’t include the leaf springs nor the print on the mat.

The padding, netting, net poles, and leaf springs have a warranty of only one year. However, there is an option of extending the warranty to three years, but that’ll cost you an extra $249.

Vuly trampoline accessories


Vuly offers a lot of options if you’re looking to accessorize your trampoline. You can buy ladders, decks, and anchor kits in a pack or separately. You can also add a basketball set to your trampoline or make your bouncing more enjoyable during those long summer days with an attachable water mister.

Although most Vuly trampolines come with a free shade cover, you can also purchase an easy slip-on shade. Since these shades have a reputation for being frail, this is an accessory you’re probably going to have to buy.

Other accessories available are a cleaning kit and a pulse. You can connect the pulse to a phone or a music device so that you can enjoy some fine tunes while bouncing your afternoon away.

Vuly also includes installation and an extended warranty in their accessories selection. Check the accessories prices here.

How does Vuly compare to other brands?

Vuly vs. Springfree


Vuly and Springfree are the leaders in the field of recreational trampolines. However, Springfree offers more accessories with their trampolines, such as built-in basketball hoops, and they even have smart trampolines with digital games. That gives them a leg up on Vuly, which is yet to offer the same.

In terms of safety, Vuly and Springfree are neck-and-neck. However, Vuly trampolines are definitely less expensive, and the difference in price is significant. The average price of Springfree trampolines is around $2000.

Furthermore, it seems that the Vuly is ahead of Springfree when it comes to mat design as well. Their mats allow for more surface area to be used.

Vuly vs. Skywalker


When it comes to the price, Skywalker takes the cake. They have a vast and very affordable selection. They also have more models than Vuly and a wider variety of shapes. While Vuly only offers round trampolines, Skywalker has oval, square, and rectangular trampolines.

However, they have a smaller weight limit than the Vuly trampolines. Most of their models have a weight limit between 60 and 250 pounds. That means that the trampolines are only suitable for children, while most adults will have to miss out on the fun. Just a couple of Skywalker trampolines have a weight limit that’s higher than Vuly’s — 350 pounds — but you’ll have to pay a hefty price for those.

Vuly vs. Skybound


Between Vuly and Skybound, Vuly comes out as a clear winner. Vuly trampolines have more accessories, but more importantly, they offer higher quality and better safety precautions than Skybound. Vuly also has springless trampolines, unlike Skybound.

Still, Skybound does offer a wider variety when it comes to shapes and sizes of the trampolines. Not to mention, Skybound is a cheaper brand overall, but Vuly’s higher price is compensated with a higher level of quality.

What we like

  • Printed mats offer variety when it comes to playing
  • The overall safety is at a more than adequate level
  • Vuly trampolines are extremely durable
  • With each trampoline, the company gives a free shade cover

What we don't like

  • All trampolines are heavy and hard to move
  • The assembly is not easy as advertised

Where to buy Vuly trampolines

For finding a Vuly 10ft trampoline at the best price, we recommend It has the most extensive selection of sizes and prices. You can even find Vuly trampolines for sale on Amazon and save a couple of bucks.

A few parting words

Buying a trampoline is not an everyday occurrence, and you’ll most likely have the same one for years to come. Therefore, it’s essential that you pick a company and products that offer the best value for money.

We hope that this Vuly trampoline review has helped you make your decision. Based on our thorough research, we’ve tried to give you an objective overview of Vuly trampolines, their advantages, and shortcomings. Click here to buy your Vuly trampoline from

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