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How to Play Trampoline Paddle Ball (Rules + Best Sets)

Humans are unique. You give them a paddle a ball and they can create some very interesting games. These games can be very entertaining, fun or taken very seriously when a lot of money is at stake. Trampoline

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How to Paint a Trampoline – Helpful Guide and Tips

Paint cover a multitude of errors. You and your family have used your trampoline almost every day. The wear and tear, the spills and other accidents have worn the paint off. The cost of a new trampoline

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30+ Ultimate Trampoline Accessories and Attachments List

We agree that jumping on trampolines and doing incredible stunts is fun for the whole family. But, there are many ways to make trampolines even safer and more entertaining.Nowadays, there are dozens of

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Can You Put Soap On a Trampoline to Make a Slip 'N Slide

Can You Put Soap On a Trampoline to Make a Slip ‘N Slide?

So you want to turn your trampoline into a slip ‘n slide. We can relate! That’s why we’ve decided to answer one of the most pressing questions people have about trampolines: can you put soap and

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3 Trampoline Camping

3 Trampoline Camping Ideas for the Perfect Sleepover

Summer’s here and the children are probably looking forward to all the activities that they’ll be doing in the following months. That includes going to the seaside, traveling abroad, and visiting theme

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50+ Funny Trampoline Jokes and Puns

Everyone knows that jumping on a trampoline should be all about having fun. However, even fun activities can lose their luster when we’re doing them with a spoilsport. Well, if you want to put a smile

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How to Play Giant Jenga Rules, Ilegal Moves, Size

How to Play Giant Jenga (Rules, Ilegal Moves, Size)

Jenga was created in the early ‘70s by the co-founder of Oxford Games, Leslie Scott. The inspiration for the name came from a Swahili word kujenga, whicht means to build. The game originated in Leslie’s

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What Is The Tallest Jenga Tower Ever Created-Build Yours

What Is The Tallest Jenga Tower Ever Created? Build Yours

We’ve found out that the tallest Jenga tower ever created is 40 2⁄3 levels tall. Robert Grebler set this Jenga record height in 1985. That means that Grebler failed to finish the last story before

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How to Play Garbage Card Game (Rules and How to Win

How to Play Garbage Card Game (Rules and How to Win)

Garbage (also known as Trash) is a card game that can literally be played by anyone. There’s no age limit for it as it’s highly customizable and modular. For example, Garbage is a good way of utilizing

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The Fishbowl Game Ideas Questions Rules and How to Play

The Fishbowl Game: Ideas, Questions, Rules, and How to Play

We all love a good game. Considering how often people spend their time in front of computers or TVs, it’s no wonder that, sometimes, they yearn to just relax. Usually with a game which everyone can enjoy,

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