30+ Ultimate Trampoline Accessories and Attachments List

We agree that jumping on trampolines and doing incredible stunts is fun for the whole family. But, there are many ways to make trampolines even safer and more entertaining.

Nowadays, there are dozens of attachments we can use to customize our trampolines any way we like. We can turn them into great arenas for sport, games or cooling off in the summer.

In this guide, we will take a look at the ultimate trampoline accessories for you and your family to have fun with.

Trampoline Game Accessories

Do you wish to make the trampoline experience even more fun for you and your family? We recommend taking a look at the ultimate trampoline game accessories in the following list.

1. Trampoline Basketball Set

Of course, regular basketball is incredibly fun. But, what if we want to take it to the next level? Well, we can play basketball ON a trampoline. Now we can perform amazing acrobatics while at the same time getting those sweet slam-dunks.

The Exacme Trampoline Basketball Hoop is a great addition for trampolines. We can easily install the set on most vertical enclosure poles. However, this set can’t fit on curved or arch style enclosures.

The set comes with:

  • Mounting hardware with u-brackets for easy installation on any vertical pole.
  • A solid back panel.
  • ​An EPE wrapped basketball hoop for safety
  • A 7-inch inflatable basketball

2. Skywalker Multi-Sport Training Net

Have you ever wanted an accessory for practicing all sports in your backyard? If so, we recommend that you check out the Skywalker Multi-Sport Training Net.

This amazing accessory includes a training mat for sports practice and a net to contain anything we throw at it.

The training mat is weather-resistant and has targeting areas to help improve accuracy in many popular sports. With this mat, we can practice soccer, lacrosse, baseball, football, and golf.

The set is installed outside of the trampoline so no one has to stop jumping. Moreover, the heavy-duty net is designed to contain anything we throw at it. The Skywalker Multi-Sport package also comes with six stakes to stabilize the training net.

Furthermore, the multi-sport net package meets all ASTM safety standards.

The Skywalker Multi-Sport Training Net was designed with the whole family in mind, so everyone can join in the fun.

3. JumpSport Trampoline Summer Fun Pack

What should we do if we want to spice up the summer for our families? If only there was a company with a bundle of good trampoline accessories for the whole family to enjoy…

Well, there is, and it’s called JumpSport. The JumpSport trampoline summer fun pack offers a heavy-duty basketball set and a giant tent for backyard sleepovers.

The JumpSport ProFlex Basketball Set is specially built for safe trampoline play. It comes with a full-size reinforced backboard and a 5” inflatable basketball. The set also has four special springs that connect the hoop with the backboard for a more durable product.

The JumpSport BigTop Trampoline Tent is giant, being 11’ across and 5,5’ high and it’s designed to have no structural pole, which improves safety. The tent has 3 windows and a door with zippers and screens. Moreover, it takes only 3 minutes to install it.

However, we must note that the JumpSport Summer Fun Pack is only compatible with JumpSport trampolines. So, make sure to have a compatible trampoline before buying this pack.

4. Acon Trampoline Canopy

The Acon trampoline tent is a simple yet fun trampoline accessory tent. It’s designed for all 14ft round trampolines and it’s incredibly easy to put up and take down.

We agree that a tent is a very fun place for kids to play and sleep in. However, the trampoline enclosure must be taken down in order to install this tent.

5. JumpSport Trampoline Tent

A trampoline tent is a great idea for anyone who wants to have a sleepover with their friends on a bouncy surface, while also serving as a great sunshade.

The JumpSport trampoline tent features a patent-pending no-pole design to greatly improve safety. It’s designed to work with most JumpSport safety enclosures.

The tent fits on 12 – 14 feet JumpSport enclosures and is not guaranteed to work on enclosures from other brands. The tent is 11 feet across and 5 1/2 feet tall, featuring 3 windows with screens and a zipper door.

6. AlleyOOP Trampoline Camping Tent

The AlleyOOP outback trampoline camping tent is giant, being 11 feet across and almost 6 feet tall. This tent also features a no-pole safety design and it’s made out of heavy duty materials. The tent fabric comes in a lush-green and beige color mix. It has 3 windows and one zipper door with screens.

We think a tent is an amazing trampoline accessory for having trampoline campouts during the night, and a great shade from the sun during the day. The AlleyOOP Trampoline Camping Tent features a quick and easy 3-minute installation. Its designed to fit all 12–14 feet JumpSport and AlleyOOP enclosures.

7. Trampoline Arena Pads

Have you ever thought about turning your trampoline into an ultimate training arena? If yes, we recommend you get the JumpSport Extreme Arena Enclosure Pads.

Arena pads cover the trampoline enclosure poles from the inside, thus making enclosures even safer. We can all agree that more padding is never a bad idea.

The package includes 8 pads, 16 sleeves, and buckles to secure them to the enclosure poles. The pads are both UV and water-resistant and have extra padding for extra parental peace of mind.

The pads are designed for all JumpSport and AlleyOOP 12’ and 14’ round trampolines and enclosures.

We also recommend adding a training bag and an octagon enclosure set for the ultimate trampoline arena.

8. Trampoline Training Bag

We believe that no trampoline arena is complete without a big punching bag. A training bag helps us hone our martial art skills while we have lots of fun jumping. So, the trampoline training bag from JumpSport is a great choice for fighters.

The training bag package from JumpSport features:

  • A hose adapter for filling up bladder balls, which allow us to choose the hardness and weight of the bag.
  • 4 bladder balls.
  • ​A hanging bolt assembly.
  • ​A UV-resistant foam bag liner to prevent injury.
  • ​A triangle carabiner to protect the bolts that hold the bag in place.
  • And the training bag, of course.

The training bag can be installed on any 12 to 14-inch JumpSport and AlleyOOP trampoline. It’s a great addition to the arena pads and an octagon enclosure kit.

9. Trampoline Octagon Enclosure Kit

The octagon kit from JumpSport is the final step to completing our awesome martial arts trampoline arena.

The kit adds 8 padded PVC poles that go between the vertical poles of a trampoline enclosure. The poles help tighten the safety net, thus making the arena even safer.

However, we must note that the Octagon Enclosure Kit fits only JumpSport and AlleyOOP trampolines. The kit won’t work on any other brands or AlleyOOP trampolines made before 2006.

10. Trampoline Bounce Board

Most trampoline accessories are made with the idea to make jumping easier and safer for the whole family. However, some people like challenging exercises and activities.

We think that a bounce board is a great idea if you wish to make your trampoline experience a little more challenging. The Voda Push training snowboard is the boarder’s ultimate training tool.

The Voda Push bounce board has a flexible, trampoline-safe design while allowing for realistic training. Its N3 foam core deflects in the bounce and quickly snaps back to help with lift-off. The Voda Push bounce board has easily adjustable feet bindings and flexible tips, making the board forgiving on bad landings.

11. Trampoline Hoppy Balls

Trampoline hoppy balls are a great idea for making trampolines even more fun, especially for children. They come in many sizes to accommodate different age groups. They’re not that expensive and we think they’re an awesome and fun trampoline accessory.

The JumpSport hoppy balls feature patented grip handles and bottom making them perfect for use on a trampoline.

However, we must also note that trampoline hoppy balls should never be used without an enclosure net. If we land badly with a hoppy ball, we can fall off to the side of the trampoline and injure ourselves.

12. Trampoline Game And Party Pack

The Instant Party Trampoline Pack from JumpSport is a great accessory for providing maximum entertainment for children. We can ensure that children are not only having fun but learning at the same time with this incredible trampoline accessory.

The game and party pack comes with:

  • An illustrated book of 20 games
  • 3 squishy balls
  • ​4 shock cords
  • ​Sidewalk chalk
  • ​A gigantic 40” fun ball
  • A large blue hoppy ball

We can all agree that trampoline games are a great way for kids to learn. Trampoline games improve spatial awareness and help kids develop their stamina, balance, coordination, and agility.

13. Trampoline Game Mat

If you wish to turn your trampoline into an important math learning tool, we recommend getting the Jump2It Game Mat. Yes, math can be fun!

With the game mat’s giant clock face, colorful shapes, numbers and math symbols, the trampoline is transformed into a giant educational game board.

The Jump2It game mat is one of the best trampoline accessories for toddlers because it makes learning extremely easy and fun.

14. Skywalker Sports Light Sleeve Accessory Set

Imagine being able to enjoy backyard trampoline games at night, well now you can. The Skywalker LED Light Sleeve accessory allows us to keep the party going even after the sun sets.

The accessory fits on any pole-like structure that is up to 2,5 inches in diameter. So, we can attach the light sleeve to trampoline enclosure poles, soccer goals, patio furniture, etc.

By installing it on an enclosure pole, we can achieve a well-lit trampoline for fun nighttime activities. It has 8 hours of battery life and 11 color modes for the LED lights, meaning we can customize the experience however we like.

The sleeve is made out of durable, water and UV-resistant fabric and it meets all ASTM safety standards.

15. Trampoline Volleyball Net

If we’re waiting for our turn to jump, it’s good to have some way to pass time. A volleyball net is a great way of passing time by playing volleyball or badminton. The Skywalker Sports Trampoline Volleyball Net is an awesome accessory of making our backyards even more fun for everyone.

We can easily attach the net to an enclosure pole of nearly all trampolines. It’s made out of heavy-duty, UV-resistant materials to last for years to come. We can also adjust the height of the net to accommodate different age groups, with a maximum height of 7 feet.

16. Trampoline Water Park and Mist System

If you’re looking for even better ways to cool off during the hot summer months, look no further. The trampoline water park and mist system is the perfect accessory for cooling off while jumping at the same time.

The mist system has a patent-pending easy-to-install design and it can fit on absolutely any enclosure type and safety net.

Another thing we have to note is how incredibly safe this system is. We attach all of the hoses on the outside of the trampoline, thus preventing any injuries from tripping on the hose and falling.

This system is also incredibly popular with children — you’ll have issues getting them to leave the trampoline.

Miscellaneous Trampoline Accessories

Indeed, there are many types of trampoline accessories, for a wide variety of uses. However, we will focus on the best accessories for trampoline maintenance and improving safety in the following list.

1. Trampoline ladder

Trampoline ladders are a basic accessory when it comes to trampolines because they make climbing onto trampolines very easy. They’re also necessary for children, as sometimes the trampoline can be too high up and they are unable to climb it.

Furthermore, almost all trampolines come with a ladder by default, but how good of a ladder is it? Most trampoline ladders are quite basic, with small stepping areas and sharp edges all around. So, we recommend investing in the Pure Fun Wide 2-Step Ladder.

The Pure Fun Wide 2-Step Universal Trampoline Ladder:

  • Has flat, textured steps to prevent slipping while climbing onto the trampoline.
  • Fits on most outdoor trampolines with up to a 3” round frame.
  • ​Made with UV resistant, galvanized steel. It can last for years with constant outdoor exposure.
  • This ladder is also ASTM certified, meaning it’s among the safest accessories.

2. Trampoline Slider

One of the more awesome trampoline accessories for toddlers is the trampoline slider. It’s a great addition or replacement for the ladder and it is way easier for younger kids to climb. Kids can also slide back down for extra fun. We recommend buying the Jump Slider trampoline slide if you want to make your trampoline even more fun for children.

When you buy the Jump Slider trampoline slide you get:

  • A lifetime warranty for all parts.
  • A risk-free purchase with a 30-day return period
  • ​A fun and easy way to climb your trampoline
  • A durable piece of equipment made of steel and heavy-duty materials

Sliders are just as durable as any ladder and they easily attach to most trampolines. The slider can be folded in half or put on top of the trampoline when no one is using it.

Trampoline sliders also can’t damage the trampoline mat because they don’t have sharp edges.

3. Trampoline Anchor Kit

Trampolines are high-risk safety hazards in areas with strong winds. It’s important to pay attention to properly anchoring them to the ground before a storm.

We recommend trampoline anchor kits such as the one from JumpSport because a strong gust of wind can toss a trampoline around. Loose trampolines can get damaged and cause injury. Most trampoline warranties also don’t cover wind damage, so it’s important that we protect our investments.

The JumpSport trampoline anchor kit consists of four heavy-duty straps and four cork-screws that go into the ground to firmly secure the trampoline.

4. Trampoline Sunshade

When the summer starts and days get incredibly hot, the only concern most of us have is to find somewhere to cool off. Hot days don’t make jumping on a trampoline look very appealing.

We recommend getting the Propel Shade accessory made by Propel Trampolines.

The Propel sunshade is the best way for turning a regular trampoline into a shaded fort during hot summer days, while at the same time allowing for air flow. The Propel Shade cover is 100% polyester and comes in a variety of colors.

Sunshades also keep rain and debris off of the trampoline while it’s not in use. But, we must consider that sunshades aren’t safe to leave out during windy storms.

5. Trampoline Weather Cover

Leaving a trampoline out in the open, exposed to the sun and the weather can lead to all sorts of problems. The mat can get holes and tears as a result of debris, the springs can get rusty due to rain, etc. Every trampoline should be covered when not in use.

We recommend getting the JumpKing 15’ Trampoline Weather cover to keep your trampoline safe from the elements.

Weather covers are great for:

  • Protecting the trampoline mat from harmful UV rays
  • Protecting the trampoline from rain and other weather conditions

The JumpKing weather cover is made out of a durable polyethylene material and it’s very easy to install and maintain. So, we think every trampoline owner should have one.

However, we don’t recommend using trampoline weather covers during the winter because they trap moisture and cause mold to form on the mat.

6. Trampoline Safety Skirt

We know that children often throw toys everywhere, and sometimes those toys can get under the trampoline. Moreover, children might want to go underneath the mat, which is dangerous if someone is using the trampoline.

We recommend a trampoline safety skirt such as the Skywalker Trampoline Sure Shot lower enclosure net. The Skywalker safety skirt is a great accessory to improve trampoline safety. It fits most trampolines 12 to 15 feet wide, with a frame height of up to 37 inches.

It’s made from a mix of polyester and nylon and has a built-in game. The game is a target sign with a bounce-back feature that is great for kicking and throwing games.

It also features a storage pocket built into the game area. The pocket is ideal for storing shoes, loose items, backyard toys, etc.

7. Trampoline Shoe Bag

We believe it’s important to store away our shoes before using a trampoline. Shoes don’t provide proper grip which can lead to injury, and shoe soles can even damage the trampoline mat.

We recommend the JumpKing shoe bag as the perfect place to store shoes, toys and pocket items while using a trampoline. It features two pockets that hang over the side of the trampoline frame. The shoe bag comes from an already well-established brand so we can be sure you’re getting a high-quality product.

8. Trampoline Spring Tool

Trampoline springs can sometimes be tricky to put up, especially because of their rigidity. Moreover, if we try to place springs by hand, we risk damaging the mat.

We believe there is no reason for us to have trouble with such a trivial trampoline maintenance issue and to risk damaging the trampoline. We think everyone should have a spring tool, like the one sold by TLK Tech Creations. A spring tool makes installing and removing springs incredibly easy and safe.

TLK Tech Creations sells an amazing bundle with:

  • 2 Universal T-Hook spring tools
  • A bonus cross-head screwdriver

They sell two per bundle so we can place springs with a friend, or have a spare one just in case. Their T-hook spring tools have a comfortable and firm grip to ease hand-strain and prevent slippage.

Trampoline spring tools are widely available and very cheap, and we think that every trampoline owner should have one.

9. Trampoline Pads

Unprotected trampoline frames and springs can lead to serious injuries if not properly cared for. Trampoline frame pads are a must-have accessory if we wish to make our trampoline as safe as possible.

The ACM Global Safety Frame Pads are the perfect and most durable choice for every trampoline owner. These pads fit on ALL round trampolines, from any manufacturer.

The frame pads are made out of gym-quality PVC and have a thick EPE foam inside for a shock absorbent platform. They also have a special anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, cold and UV-resistant coating that makes them incredibly durable and worthwhile.

10. Trampoline Wind Stakes

A great way to complement our trampoline anchor kit is by adding a few wind stakes. The Skywalker Trampoline Wind Stakes are a great, and cheap, accessory to make our trampolines even safer from high-wind conditions.

The package comes with four weather-resistant galvanized steel wind stakes. The stakes can fit any trampoline leg with a diameter of up to 2 inches. They’re incredibly easy to install and they help stabilize a trampoline during storms.

Both a trampoline anchor kit and wind stakes are a must if we want to make sure our trampoline stays put.

11. Trampoline Enclosure Pole Foam

Sometimes, bad landings can end up tossing us outside the trampoline, which is why having a trampoline enclosure and a safety net is important. But, there is still a possibility we can hit an enclosure pole and get injured.

Indeed, trampoline enclosure poles don’t cause injuries as often as some other parts of a trampoline. But, seeing as how the poles are often made from metal, we can still injure ourselves if we leave them exposed.

We recommend getting the Upper Bounce Enclosure Pole Foam Sleeves. This package of enclosure pole foam comes in a variety of sets, some having up to 16 foam sleeves. The sleeves are 33 inches long and fit all enclosure poles which are 1,5 inches in diameter.

12. Trampoline Phone Holder

Although jumping straight onto the trampoline might be tempting, it’s important to take out our phones and other pocket items. If they fall out and bounce around they could either break or lead to injury… or both.

The trampoline phone holder from Trampoline Pro can hold and protect all of the more popular mobile devices like phones, tablets, etc. We can attach this phone holder to any enclosure pole that is from 1 to 3 inches in diameter.

With phone holders, we keep our devices safe when we’re jumping. We can also play music to make our experience even more fun.

13. Trampoline Mat Repair Kit

Over time, trampoline mats degrade and tear. If our mat is damaged, no matter how tiny the damage might be, it’s important to patch it up. Even the smallest hole in the mat is as an invitation to injury.

Thankfully, we have a way to repair trampoline mat damage without having to replace the whole mat.

We recommend getting the Galactic Extreme Trampoline Mat Repair Kit. The kit comes with:

  • 2 patches of 4-inch diameter strong mat material.
  • A tube of marine industrial grade glue.
  • A nitrile glove for hand protection.

The company uses only laser-cut patches of trampoline material in order to preserve its integrity. The glue tube contains an industrial grade, waterproof glue with a tensile strength higher than the original mat application.

The trampoline repair kit is an incredibly fast and easy way of repairing a damaged mat. There is no need for threading and stitching and no sharp corners that peel easily.

14. Trampoline Pole Caps

When installing the trampoline safety net, we typically just strap it onto the enclosure poles. But, this isn’t the safest way of installing it. What can we do to make it even safer?

Well, we recommend buying the SkyBound 1,5” Trampoline Enclosure Pole Caps. These safety enclosure caps fit several trampoline brands including Skywalker, Bravo, Airzone, and Variflex. Each set comes with 6 blue pole caps that help you secure the safety net to the top of the enclosure poles.

15. Trampoline Jumping Socks

We already mentioned how it’s important to take off our shoes before using a trampoline. Shoes and most socks aren’t ideal for jumping on a trampoline and can lead to slipping and injuries.

If you wish to go the extra mile for trampoline safety and enjoyment, we recommend the Non-slip ABS Gymnastic Rainbow Socks. Trampoline jumping socks provide perfect balance and grip for ultimate safety and enjoyment. We believe that Rainbow Socks are ideal for jumping on a trampoline or exercising.

The Rainbow Socks are an incredibly popular accessory for trampolines. Several dozen entertainment and trampoline parks in Europe use these socks.

Rainbow Socks also have a wide variety of uses in yoga, pilates, fitness, dance classes, etc. They’re an ideal tool for almost any kind of exercise. The socks also have special netting on the inside to allow our feet to breathe during intense workouts.

The Italian ABS silicone on the soles of these socks has received the Oeko Tex Standard 100, the global organic textile standard. In order to receive such a high certificate, the material had to go through numerous and extensive tests. As a result, Rainbow Socks are very popular with trampoline owners.

Where to Buy Trampoline Accessories

Most manufacturers make accessories for their own trampolines. So, we can buy trampoline accessories from pretty much any manufacturer.

However, we recommend using Amazon, as it has a huge database of customizable products. Amazon also offers the safest way of purchasing trampoline accessories.

Finally, Amazon allows its users to leave reviews. We recommend always looking at the user reviews on each product you wish to buy in order to avoid wasting your money.


The world of trampoline accessories is a huge and expanding market. Trampoline attachments improve trampoline safety. They also allow for easier maintenance while making trampolines an even greater source of fun for everyone.

Seeing as how so many attachments exist, we recommend using Amazon to find the attachments that you desire.

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