Best Trampoline Rubber Feet Options

Protection goes both ways. When you buy a trampoline, you need to not only protect it but you also have to protect the surface you place it on. That is unless you place the trampoline on your lawn.

A hard surface can damage your trampoline legs and the metal legs can damage the hard surface. One way to protect both is to make sure you have some rubber feet for your trampoline.

Don’t forget your floors inside your home. Good rubber feet for indoor trampolines will protect your floors and give you the traction you need.

The Difference Between Toddler and Mini Trampoline Rebounders

They are not a one size fits all trampolines. Here are some of the differences:

  1. Toddler trampoline- these have about 34” of jumping area, come with a small handle bar for safety and are designed to hold up to 55 pounds only. They are probably the smallest trampoline n the market and can be used to help your 3 to 5 year old develop balance and their motor skills.

  2. Rebounder or mini trampoline- this too is a small trampoline and its main purpose is for exercise. It is not designed for any recreational activities. Also, many rebounders can handle up to 400 pounds of weight and produce a smaller bounce than a regular trampoline

What Rubber Feet do For You

You may no think about putting rubber feet on your trampoline because your yard is large enough to handle all sizes of trampolines. But rubber feet can help you save money.

Not only do they protect the metal legs from rust and other corrosive materials, they can provide protection to your concrete or wood patio. The stop the metal legs from gauging the patio surface or your interior floors.

In addition to that duty, hey also work to give you a lot of traction. You can have peace of mind knowing that your trampoline is not going to move when you jump, and land on it.

Where Do You Find Rubber Feet for Toddler Trampolines

Actually it is not just toddler trampolines you need to find rubber feet. All sizes of trampolines may need some or need replacements and finding them is not always an easy task.

Sometimes the store that sold you the trampoline does not stock replacement rubber feet. 

Some sporting goods stores may have the rubber feet you need at a reasonable cost. But we recommend buying online at or

Best Trampoline Rubber Feet Options (Mini and Toddler)

Losing a rubber foot or more is not the end of the world. Nor do you have to go out and buy a new mini,or other small sized trampoline to replace the one without its rubber feet.

There are some very good options available to you that let you replace the missing feet and allow you to keep using your old indoor trampoline. Here are two inexpensive options for you to consider:

#1. Universal Replacement Legs for Mini Trampolines and Rebounders

These replacement rubber feet come n a pack of 8 to make sure you have enough to handle your missing feet situation. You may even have a few left over to use as backups when these wear out over time. Check the price here >>


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These replacement feet work with 1” leg diameters with the leg measuring up to 9 inches high. Plus, they screw on for added security. Also, their rubber construction material works to keep your trampoline in place as you use it.

Then their universal design allows you to use them on mini, toddler and indoor trampolines. The legs sit on a metal washer so they do not ruin your brand new replacement feet.

#2. Antrader Furniture Chair Leg Caps

If you cannot find any real trampoline replacement rubber feet, here is an ideal alternative. These chair leg caps are made from rubber and will still provide your floor and you the protection and stability you want. Click here to check price on Amazon >>


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Their 1” inner diameter should fit most smaller trampolines and their roughly 2” height helps protect your trampoline’s legs from moisture. The PVC construction material should be durable enough to handle all your trampoline activities.

Plus, you get 12 of them in one pack. This means you will have plenty of extras to use when your trampoline’s feet wear out. Two things you should do before using them. Make sure they will fit your trampoline’s legs and put a metal washer inside to help them last longer.

How Long Will Rubber Feet Last

This is hard to say as it depends on several factors. Most rubber feet are durable and made to handle a lot of rough treatment but things happen. Here are some things to consider when looking at how long your trampoline’s rubber feet will last:

  • Location of the trampoline
  • The surface you place it on
  • ​Weather conditions outside
  • ​Interior temperatures and humidity levels
  • ​Amount of activity
  • Amount of weight placed on the trampoline

Some Final Words

Trampolines are a great alternative to many other forms of exercise. They are easy on the joints, allow a wide variety of activities to be done on them and they are convenient.

That is why taking care of the rubber feet for trampoline legs is so important. They provide safety for you, protection for your floors and other surfaces and keep the trampoline where you put it.

When you find a good location that sells replacement rubber feet, pick up some extras so you do not have to do the search all over again when they wear out. Being prepared helps you maintain your trampoline exercise regime without any delays.

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