17 Ft Trampoline For Sale – The Really Big Trampolines Guide

So you have a big yard and want to have some fun with your family, new neighbors or cousins? To make it fun, you may need to invest in a really big trampoline. Have you considered a 17 ft trampoline? There are many 17 ft trampolines for sale.

When looking for a 17 foot trampoline, you need one that can hold many people and not cause the trampoline to be overweight. When you have a large crowd jumping on the trampoline, you may consider wanting to have an enclosure, which allows people to jump around more safely, without possibly falling off the trampoline.

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Best 17 Ft Round Trampoline: Skywalker 17' x 15' Oval Trampoline



Best 17 Ft Rectangle Trampoline: JumpSport 10' x 17' Rectangle Trampoline



I remember when people would try to do backflips and somersaults on the trampoline. Many who are considering buying a trampoline and believe that round and rectangular trampolines are the same. That is simply not true. In this article, I will break down the key differences and cover the best 17 ft round and rectangle trampolines that are for sale. While there are a variety of sizes for trampolines, 17 ft. trampolines are best for a large family or a bunch of teenagers who have enough room to bounce around.

With such a large trampoline, you can safely fit several adults on it, without worrying about safety. You can have a super memorable family gathering, jumping around on that 17ft trampoline. When you have a really big trampoline, it will cause you to play outside more, instead of sitting inside not jumping around. Just imagine how popular a kids birthday would become, when all the kids are having fun on a 17 ft trampoline. The kid would become the star of his school, by having a giant trampoline in his back yard. When I bought a trampoline, I created memories that will last a lifetime, and you can create your own as well.

Round and Rectangle Trampolines

The 17ft trampolines that are round, allow the jumpers to return to the center, making it a little more safer for them. The 17ft rectangle trampolines have springs that are not operating as one, which allows the jumper to jump and land wherever they choose. The rectangular trampolines are designed more for those interested in gymnastics, while it also increases a higher risk of injury. The rectangle trampoline is best suited for gymnasts who have the room and flexibility to flip and bounce as they need to in part with their routine. As you use your rectangular, the risk of injury will diminish slightly.

Currently there is a limited supply of rectangular trampolines, because of the low demand. Currently, the round trampoline is the most popular style. If you are safety conscious, the rectangle trampoline market doesn't focus on safety nets. You can still find them on some, but it could end up costing more in the long run. The main reason safety nets are not standard on rectangle trampolines, is because they are mostly used by gymnasts. While gymnasts mainly use those rectangle trampolines, non gymnasts have bought them and use them to do tricks on and bounce around.

Our Top Recommendations

So now that you know why you should consider buying a really big trampoline, we can look at some of the great options out there.

Best 17 Ft Round Trampoline: Skywalker 17' x 15' Oval

The Skywalker 17ft trampoline has become one of the largest oval trampolines for sale. Because of its oval shape, the official dimensions are 17ft by 15ft. With it’s massive size, it has a weight limit of 200 pounds. Because it can only hold 200 pounds, that means you can’t use it for a birthday party and have a bunch of teenagers jumping around on it. Check latest price here >>

Skywalker 17 Foot Trampoline Features

This trampoline comes in a wide range of colors and even includes some amazing features including: UV resistant mat, enclosure and safety pad, rust resistant frame and springs), which makes it the best for outdoor use and can be used by anyone without fear of injury, thanks to its enclosure and safety pad.

Anti-slipping Mat

Another popular feature of this trampoline, is its anti-slipping mat. It’s made of a specialized material that will keep you safe and not get you hurt, even when you are going crazy on the trampoline. The trampoline is made of 16 gauge galvanized steel, meaning its safe enough to be used by a few people at a time, but they should be similar in size to each other. The trampoline is recommended for children over six and no more than 200 pounds at one time.

Weak Instructions: 6 Hours To Assemble

In order to keep this trampoline working for years, it’s recommended to buy the trampoline cover, so its protected from the winter elements. While this trampoline is great, one problem it has, is its weak instructions. The instructions that are included in the package are generic and made for round trampolines, while this trampoline is oval. It’s advised you look it over and proceed with caution and make sure everything fits right. The reported time it takes to assemble this trampoline is 6 hours.

Only 200 Pounds? It Can Hold Much More

The Skywalker 17 ft. is made for anyone over the age of 6 and meets all the ASTM safety standards. While the weight limit is 200 pounds, users have discovered that it can hold more. The Skywalker 17 ft. is probably the best compared to the Skywalker 15 feet round trampoline. The Skywalker 15 has the same 200 pound weight limit but the surface area is smaller, so you don’t get as much jump space as the Skywalker 17. The company has put your safety as their first priority and by doing so became one of the first companies to stop selling trampolines without a safety net enclosure. Their specialized enclosure net has their patented no-gap system, which eliminates gaps between the mat and netting, which reduces possibility of serious injuries.

Skywalker 90-day Warranty

The Skywalker 17 ft. is protected by a warranty, but does not cover faults caused by weather damage, misuse, improper storage or failing to follow the weight restrictions. There is a 90-day warranty that overs the plastic pieces, cover, enclosure net, jump mat and the foam covers. The frame, springs and steel parts all have a warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Ladder Not Included

If you’re looking for a fun trampoline for just your family and you have a backyard that can fit it, this one might be right for you. One main concern for trampoline shoppers, is that this brand does not come with a ladder. Some users have complained that the stitching was ripping near the springs, within just a year’s use. Weight limit is a serious issue with the company, and therefore it is strongly recommended you do not go over the 200 pound limit. While people enjoy the trampoline, they are not impressed by the optional sports features, saying they were flimsy and cheap.

Spring Stretching/Pulling Mechanism Included

Despite the complaints, people are satisfied about the money they spent on the Skywalker 17ft. To help put together the trampoline, there is a spring stretching/pulling mechanism that is used to stretch the spring to fit from the jump mat into the holes within the frame. Replacement parts are easy to come by and the customer service is top rated.

The Skywalker 17ft trampoline are popping up all over the country. Reviews are aplenty and positive for the most part. While it’s a great trampoline, it really comes down to what you need it for. They must be applauded for their emphasis on safety, with their patented no-gap netting. Assembly instructions can be paired with videos from their website. So, are Skywalker trampolines good? Read more about Skywalker on our best trampoline brand guide.

  • Weight limit: 200 lbs
  • Extra Long Rust-Resistant Springs
  • Thick UV-Protected Spring Pad

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Best 17 Foot Rectanble Trampoline: JumpSport 10' x 17'

There are dozens of trampolines on the market, but only a handful come close to what JumpSport offers. JumpSport stands above the rest, because of their dedication to your health and safety. While most trampolines are 15’, JumpSport offers their 17ft StagedBounce Rectangular Trampoline. Check latest price >>

StagedBounce Technology

StagedBounce is concerned for your health and safety. Their patented StagedBounce technology, takes away half the stress that is put on your knees when you land and uses it to propel you back into the air. So, with this technology and more surface area, you can get some extremely high jumps. JumpSport is concerned about chronic injury. Chronic injuries are ones you sustain by doing something incorrectly over time. For trampoline jumpers, so an improper landing could cause a chronic injury. JumpSport’s rectangular trampoline has you covered, when you land, 50 percent of the springs engage, while the other 50 percent engage in a mere second.

The StagedBounce used cold rolled steel, which is stronger than the steel used in standard trampolines. The steel is even thicker, making the trampoline more stable. The 17’ rectangular trampoline has thick, strong steel coated with a special covering to protect it from the elements and keep it from being damaged. JumpSport provides thicker padding and has made it wider, to protect the jumper when they jump off course, and then are able to land on a soft surface.

JumpSport Triple-Fail-Safe

JumpSport has patented their Triple-Fail-Safe, which is a system that uses a “back up” support system to hold the net in place. JumpSport’s top strap feature prevents the net from collapsing. While others use zippers or Velcro which can often lead to accidental injuries, JumpSport uses their Overlapping entry system. All you have to do is step through the overlap and you’re ready to jump around.

Weight Limit Of 225 Pounds

This trampoline from JumpSport has a rating for up to 225 pound jumpers. The nets have superior tensile strength, durability and even UV protection. The 17’ foot trampoline’s steel poles are coated with a powder finish that is similar to what is used on top of the line mountain bikes. Installation is a breeze, only requires small hand tools, and no cutting or drilling is required. One user even said they had their 14 and 16 year old kids put the trampoline together with a few of their friends, and only took two and a half hours.

JumpSport Warranty

JumpSport provides a 10 year warranty on the frame, a 5 year warranty on the jump mat fabric, 2 year warranty on the springs, 6 months on the pad and the enclosure comes with a full one year warranty. Users have complained about installing the safety net, saying its an intensive process and not very well explained in the instruction manual. Other users have praised the quality and sturdiness of the frame and trampoline.

Best For Athletes And Gymnasts

This trampoline is best for budding athletes, gymnasts, and cheerleaders, who need that large sweet spot landing zone. This trampoline helps develop balance, stamina, confidence, and awareness. The trampoline’s enclosure system includes a waiting area where they can hold onto the netting. JumpSport also offers a ladder that attaches to the trampoline if they want to purchase it.

Depending on what your needs are, this may be the right trampoline for you. If you have a family and just want to jump around, you might look into an oval trampoline. But, if your trampoline is full of athletic hopefuls, then by all means discover more about this trampoline and consider adding it to your backyard. JumpStart has been around for 20 years and the founder Mark Publicover, is actually the man who invented the safety enclosure that is on almost every trampoline that is sold today. When you purchase this trampoline, it is backed by top of the line warranties and great customer service. Read more here >>

Five Reasons To Buy it:

  • 1. Large surface area, which allows for higher jumps and more people can jump at once.
  • 2. Extra durable padding that helps prevent injuries
  • ​3. Easy to set up.
  • ​4. StagedBounce helps prevent stress on your legs.
  • 5. Durable coating on steel, which makes it able to stand up to the elements.
  • Exclusive StagedBounce Technology
  • Triple-Fail-Safe Net
  • Perfect for gymnast or extreme athlete

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When considering buying either the JumpSport 17 foot rectangular trampoline or the Skywalker 17 ft oval trampoline, consider who will be using them. The Skwalker oval is built mainly for people to just jump around but no tricks. The JumpSport has room for people to do some amazing tricks and get some high jumps. The JumpSport is the more expensive trampoline but it offers you a large surface area. The Skywalker allows you to jump around and land wherever you choose. Both of these are great really big trampolines, you just have to think about who will use it, what will they use it for, and how much do you want to spend on the trampoline.

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