The Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net Review

ultega jumper trampoline with-safety net

The Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net is the newest and safest in its price group. This trampoline is an exceptional value for the price point. This is due to the fact that it is easy to assembly the galvanized steel frame which provides a strong supported base.

Then the trampoline mat is just attached with a varying number of springs depending on the size purchased. Lastly you just have to attach the safety net by first sliding the padded poles onto the area indicated and then hooking the net on. This net is a key future as it protects big and small jumpers a like.

Ultega Jumper Trampoline Weight Limit

The Ultega Jumper Trampoline is a great trampoline for people of all ages, and is a great workout as well as fun. The weight limit is 200 lbs for one jumper at a time. Check latest prices here >>

The frame being about 35 in off the ground makes sure that no one will hit the ground when jumping and having fun.

Ultega 14 Foot Trampoline

Another key feature of this trampoline is the Ultega Jumper comes in a variety of sizes for any amount of space you may have. You can get one as small as just 6ft across which only requires a space of 6.2ft, so even the smallest yard can hold one of these fun trampolines, so you can have a new way to exercise and have fun in any backyard.

Another advantage to the smaller one is it only has 36 springs, but still has the same high quality galvanized steel frame. This means you can set it up even quicker. If your yard is larger however, than you can get one as large as 14 ft across. The Ultega 14 foot trampoline is the most popular.

The larger Ultega Jumper allows for even more fun and room to do tricks when jumping. Assembly is easy though, so even though the bigger 14 foot one has 88 springs, it still sits up quickly and the additional springs add to the bouncing power.

High Quality Trampoline For The Price

Comparable trampoline would cost nearly double the price of the Ultega Jumper to get similar high quality parts. Being made from galvanized steel means the base won’t rust, so it can be left set up in all weather. The net is also a high quality material.

If you want to ensure even more protection though you can get an additional cover to provide the top protection. Also, if you are worried about the height being too high to get on then you can get a ladder to make it easier to climb up and start jumping.

The Ultega Trampoline is ASTM approved.​

Ultega Jumper Replacement parts

Another advantage to the Ultega Jumper is you can buy any parts you may need separately. This is a big advantage because if you move and lose a few springs you can just buy a few more instead of getting a whole new trampoline. Check Ultega Trampoline replacement parts here >>

Trampoline May Be Havy To Move

The only possible negative to this exceptional trampoline is, for some depending on size purchased, it may be heavy to move. This is due to the high quality material, but that should not stop you from buying this trampoline for adults and teens because the Ultega Jumper is made to last. Has sizes for all yards and not only is jumping fun, but it is also extremely healthy, even NASA has their astronauts train on trampolines, so why not you to?

Our Veredict

For a comparable trampoline from someone else you would have to pay double the cost of the Ultega Jumper, so if you are in the market, for a trampoline that will last, this should defiantly be highly consider. Read more here >>

ultega jumper trampoline with-safety net
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