Safest Trampoline Buying Guide

For almost 100 years Americans have been in love with the trampoline. The first trampoline for home use was introduced in the 1930s and they have never lost popularity. Jumpers were often hurt on those first trampolines and it has continued, through the years, to be a rather dangerous sport.

Parents and grandparents of today remember the soaring freedom of almost taking flight. It is a childhood memory of a feeling they want to share with their own children and grandchildren. Unfortunately more than a few of those parents and grandparents also have a painful memory of tumbling off the trampoline and maybe catching a leg in the springs on the way down. Sprains, breaks, bumps and bruises were par for the course with those old style trampolines but the kids still lined up for a turn.

Buyers today are looking for a safer trampoline. If they can spare their children or grandchildren a broken arm or twisted ankle by giving them a safe trampoline they will.

What Is The Safest Trampoline?

But what is the safest trampoline? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, no trampoline is safe.

No Trampoline Safety Ratings

There are minimum safety standards that all commercially sold trampolines must adhere to but there really aren't any official trampoline safety ratings to look at because professionals advise that trampolines are dangerous for children because no matter how many or what type of safety measure are taken, trampoline injuries continue to happen.

Those who want to enjoy the physical benefits of a trampoline as well as the excitement of flying high, know the dangers and are willing to take the risk. They do, however, want to know which trampoline's safest.

Trampoline Safety Features

It is important to find out the safety features of each trampoline under consideration.

Enclosure Type

The type of net enclosure and how it attaches to the trampoline frame is one thing to look at. Any gaps could be an accident waiting to happen. The mechanism for getting onto the trampoline and then getting off again should be assessed. Many accidents happen when someone is on their way up or on their way down.

Spring Cover

The springs should be covered and preferably outside of the net enclosure to minimize any spring related injuries. Anything that hangs from the net enclosure should have a break-a-way style attachment to prevent anyone from grabbing and hanging.

Buy A New Trampoline

It is never a good idea to buy a used trampoline. It might be worn or damaged in some crucial way that is not immediately evident. For safety's sake, when purchasing a trampoline it should be a new one.

Research The Safest Trampoline And Follow All Safety Rules

Taking the time to find the safest trampoline possible and following all rules of good and safe trampolining are the best ways to minimize any danger once the trampoline is home and assembled.

Our Top Recommendations

So now that you know what to consider when buying the safest trampoline, we can look at some of the great options out there.

Springfree Trampoline - 13ft Jumbo

Besides being the world's first smart trampoline this one is spring free which eliminates the possibility for a lot of the injuries that occur on conventional trampolines. It is rated for jumpers up to 220 lbs and has a structural load capacity of 1100 lbs. Check latest prices >>

Tgoma Game System

This Springfree Smart Trampoline features an integrated outdoor digital game system that promises more than 10 games and apps that exercise both body and brain. The tgoma game system with it's one at a time play feature promises to minimize accidents and maximize fun. The FlexrHoop basketball hoop features break-a-way velcro brackets to prevent any dunk and hang accidents.

Springfree-Safest-Trampoline features

This trampoline promises to be sturdy and durable enough to be left standing all year long thanks to the double powder coated galvanized steel frame, composite fiberglass rods, and UV resistant nets and mats.

Hidden Frame

The frame is hidden under the jumping surface so nobody can fall between the frame and the springs and get tangled up and possibly injured. The SoftEdge mat design promises to withstand harsh sun conditions to provide excellent impact protection.

People who purchased this trampoline were happy with it almost across the board. Many buyers remarked that the spring free design was one of the safest trampolines they had ever seen. They commented that the kids love the break-a-way basketball goal and soft basketball that comes included. Several parents remarked that their kids were playing outside more, jumping on the trampoline. One mother commented that with its unique design, the spring free even looks like a safer trampoline.

Not Easy to Put Together

Those who put the trampoline together themselves reported that it was not a simple task but it was doable. They advised reading the instructions carefully and watching a video or two explaining it. There were many comments talking about the high quality of the materials. Several mothers said the FlexiNet enclosure is sturdy and secure allowing them to feel confident while their children can bounce as long as they like with less chance of injury.

The only thing critical that was said about this trampoline was about the difficulty of assembling it. Some buyers put it together themselves with little or no trouble and other buyers recommend the expert assembly as the best option. There was praise across the board for the spring free bounce design. The bouncing mechanism sits under the jumping mat. Arms and legs can not become entangled as they can in conventional spring design models. The unique design features give buyers the feeling that there really is a safer trampoline. Read more here >>

  • World's first smart trampoline
  • Leave outsite all year round

over 15 reviews

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Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

This trampoline features heavy gauge galvanized rust resistant steel frame with 6 W-shaped legs for maximum stability. The strong woven net enclosure features a StayPut design that interlocks to the jumping mat by a patented button hole closure at each v-ring. As an additional safety feature, the pad covering the springs is located outside of the safety net enclosure. This design promises to eliminate gaps and minimize pinching problems or entanglement dangers for a safer trampoline experience. Check latest prices >>

Basketball Hoop

The Skywalker Jump 'N Dunk comes with a break-a-way basketball hoop that fastens to the net enclosure with velcro fasteners and a soft material basketball to minimize impact injuries. Buyers remarked that they and their children like this basketball goal and soft basketball and since it is break-a-way there is no dunk and hang danger.

Security Net Enclosure

Purchasers liked the security net enclosure of this trampoline. They reported that it is a sturdy net that looks and feels capable of stopping a child from being launched into the yard. They commented on the interlocking patented button hole closure and remarked that it kept the net secure to the jumping mat with no dangerous gaps.

Designed For Maximum Safety

Buyers commented that this trampoline is thoughtfully designed to ensure maximum safety and fun for the kids. Several parents remarked that this trampoline has shorter springs than others so they don't think it bounces as high. They reported that even the older folks can hold their footing and join in the fun.

This trampoline was reported to be fairly simple to put together as long as the directions are followed.

This product had a number of critical remarks from buyers who have used it. A lot of those critical comments were centered on the condition of the packaging and product on arrival. A high number of customers were unhappy when there were missing parts so their trampoline could not be assembled. Several of the buyers remarked that their trampoline arrived without any hardware at all or safety caps or instructions for assembly.

Several purchasers expressed disappointment at the quality of the materials used. They commented that there was loose stitching on some components and holes in the net. Some parents expressed concern about the safety of a product that is already damaged before it is even put together. A number of buyers commented that they had owned this brand in the past and that it does not seem to be as high quality as previous Skywalker trampolines they have owned.

Overall this product was fairly well liked for use by one child or two to three small children. It does not come with a ladder. It apparently wears out quickly with exposure to the elements. There is safety worry when seams tear easily. Evidence indicates that this is not the safest outdoor trampoline due to the weak seams in the padding that covers the springs as well as weak seams in the safety netting. Read more here >>

  • Safe basketball hoop and soft ball
  • Stay-put enclosure net
  • 6 W shape legs for stability

Over 750 reviews

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Exacme TUV Approved Trampoline with Safety Pad & Enclosure Net

This 12 ft round trampoline features rust resistant galvanized steel, heavy duty frame. It features heavy 7-inch rust proof springs which promise excellent bounce. The combo set includes the ladder and is rated for a maximum weight limit of 398 lbs. Check latest prices here >>

The security net attaches to the outside of the frame with plastic clips. The springs are protected by a padded weather proof cover and are located inside of the safety net enclosure. The trampoline is supported by six W-shaped legs for maximum stability.

Trampoline Easy To Assemble

Buyers reported that this trampoline was easy to assemble. They commented that it was sturdy and well-designed providing hours of fun for the kids. Most of the positive comments about this trampoline were remarks about how much the kids love it.

Parents reported that it is a good trampoline for small children who jump with supervision but might not be the safest trampoline for larger children or teenagers.

There were some safety concerns expressed by purchasers about this trampoline. Several commented that the way the security net enclosure attaches to the outer frame leaves gaps in between the clips where arms or legs could go through causing injury.

Springs Inside The Net

Several buyers expressed disappointment that the springs are not outside of the net enclosure. Springs inside the net can cause injury even if they are padded and covered.

This trampoline model seemed to have a considerable problem with missing hardware. Many buyers reported that vital pieces were missing making it impossible to assemble the trampoline, while several others reported missing instructions from their combo set.

Overall, the Exacme TUV Approved Combo Set was not a hit across the board. It does not provide the safety features of newer design models and was not consistent in arrival quality. The fact that so many purchasers received incomplete hardware and instruction material is a real safety concern. A trampoline that is assembled incorrectly or using incorrect hardware can be dangerous. Read more here >>

  • TUV Certified
  • 6 W-shape legs
  • Easy to assemble

Over 110 reviews

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When considering which trampoline to purchase, safety is the key factor to look at. Since the turn of this century, emergency room visits related to trampoline play have doubled worldwide. Even with the new safety features designed into most new models, people are getting hurt in record numbers. Most injuries are ankle sprains, knee strains, and arm yanks. More serious injuries include broken bones, concussion, and even death. Consequentially, parents, grandparents, and caregivers should carefully examine each model for safety before making a purchase.

Two of the models looked at here have the old fashioned spring design. The Exacme TUV Approved Trampoline with Safety Pad and Enclosure Net and Ladder All-In-One Combo Set and the Skywalker 12ft Jump 'N Dunk.

The Exacme is the most basic. It is the one that most closely resembles the trampolines that were in every backyard in the 80s. The safety net enclosure is attached to the outside of the frame leaving the springs inside the jumping area. Even though the springs are protected by a padded covering it does not eliminate the danger of an arm or leg sliding through and becoming entangled. There are also gaps where the safety net enclosure attaches to the trampoline frame. It attaches with plastic clips and between those clips are gaps that an arm or leg could slide through.

The Skywalker Jump 'N Dunk is also designed with old fashioned springs but includes safety features that the Exacme does not have. The safety net enclosure is fastened to the trampoline on the inside of the spring configuration which provides protection from spring related accidents.

The third model looked at, the Springfree Trampoline - 13ft Jumbo Square Smart Trampoline with Basketball, Ladder, and tgoma is a spring-free design that uses a patented non-spring configuration to provide the bounce. The Springfree has eliminated any danger of spring related injuries by installing the non-spring bouncing mechanism safely underneath the jumping mat.

There may not be a truly safe trampoline, but the evidence shows that some trampolines are certainly safer than others. The old fashioned spring loaded trampolines have not changed much in decades so those might not be the safest trampoline. The obvious winner for safety here is the Springfree for the numerous safety design features that are built in.

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