How Much Do Trampolines Cost


There comes a time in every parents life when they are forced to ask the question how much are trampolines. That's a good question, read on to find out. 

Trampoline prices vary considerably depending on what style, size, and what brand name you are looking for. Trampolines that are larger will cost more than the smaller ones do. Trampolines that come with extra accessories will cost more than those that don't.

If you are considering buying a trampoline the first thing to consider is what size trampoline you'd like to have.

The next thing you'll want to consider is safety. The most expensive trampolines most often come with safety nets, and other safety accessories whereas the less expensive ones often do not. You'll have to buy the safety accessories separate if you want them. Buying the accessories separately could actually end up costing you more than if you buy a trampoline that comes with them.

Cost Of Trampolines By Style

Trampoline styles vary depending on the brand name. The cost of a trampoline is largely determined by the style. Some have covered springs, some do not. Some are made of cheap metal that will rust in a years time, and some are made from metals that will never rust. Trampolines are available in several different colors and can be made with different materials. Some are round, some are oval, some are rectangular, and some are square. Some are bouncier than others.

Style isn't necessarily about how the trampoline will look sitting in your yard. However, when it comes to safety style is very important. When shopping for a trampoline choose one that has covered springs so that little fingers or feet do not get pinched. Choose one that is made of high quality fabric that will not tear, and a metal that will not rust.

Trampoline Price - Size

Trampolines range from under 4' in width to over 14' feet in width. As the size increases so does the trampoline cost. Below are some of the of the best trampolines available. You'll be able to compare trampoline size, trampoline safety, and trampoline prices by brand.

  • 10 foot: $240
  • 12 foot: $340
  • 14 foot: $400
  • 16 foot: $500

Skywalker Trampolines Prices

SkyWalker is one of the largest trampoline companies in the world. They take pride in their work. They are ISO certified. Small 4' round trampolines vary in price from around $60 to $130. The 8' round trampoline is around $180.00 to $210. They all come with enclosures. As the sizes of trampolines get larger of course the cost of trampolines goes up.


JumpSport Trampolines Prices

JumpSport trampolines are high quality yet affordable. offers both JumpSport trampolines and AlleyOOP trampolines. When you compare the prices of the two different names you will find that JumpSport trampoline prices are way lower. However, they are still safe and durable. JumpSport trampolines are available as 10' by 17' rectangular, 10' round, 12' round, and 14' round.

jumpsport elite trampoline

JumpSport offers different styles of trampolines including the Elite, the Classic, the StageBounce, and the SkyBounce. The 10' by 17' rectangular trampoline is around $2000. It comes with a safety enclosure. The JumpSport 10' round SkyBounce trampoline is around $400, and the 10' round Elite is $1000. Both also come with enclosures. 12' trampolines cost more, 14' trampolines cost the most.

SpringFree Trampolines Prices - Extra Safe Trampolines

SpringFree trampolines are considered safer than most other brands for several reasons. They do not have springs, the have solid metal frames under the jumping surface, and they are made from high quality materials. There are also no hard edges so if your child falls you don't have to worry so much about them becoming injured.


SpringFree trampolines are available in more sizes and shapes than competitor brands. Their trampoline prices are high but decent considering the fact that they are probably the safest available. The 8' round compact trampoline is around $1200. The oval 8' by 11' foot trampoline is $1500. Both come with safety enclosures. SpringFree oval trampolines are also available 8' by 13'. SpringFree has a square 11' by 11' trampoline for $2000, and a 13' by 13' square trampoline for $2350. Both come with safety enclosures. Round trampolines are available in compact, medium, or jumbo sizes.

AlleyOOP Trampolines Prices

AlleyOOP trampolines are known for their high quality construction, and safety features. As far as trampoline price goes they are among the most expensive. With AlleyOOP trampolines you pay for quality. AlleyOOP offers 10' by 17' rectangular trampolines with enclosures between $2500 and $2750. The 10' round trampoline prices vary according to style. The AlleyOOP 10' round VariableBounce trampoline is around $1300. The PowerBounce trampoline is $1500. Both come with enclosures. AlleyOOP also offers 12' round trampolines, and 14' round trampolines. As the size increases so does the trampoline cost.

alleyoop 14 variablebounce trampoline

PureFun Trampolines Prices

The 12' round PureFun trampoline set is sold for around $300. It comes with a safety net, and is ASTM approved. The 14' round PureFun trampoline is a little over $400. It features a safety net, galvanized springs, and a rust resistant frame. The PureFun Dura-Bounce 14' round trampoline is $260. It does not come with a safety net. The 14' round Dura-Bounce trampoline with safety net included is $350.


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