Top 6 Most Expensive Trampolines Ever: Are They Worth It?

We understand how choosing a trampoline can be a daunting task. After all, trampolines come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and not all perform the same. In fact, there are huge price differences too.

This is where most of us get confused. We can’t decide whether to choose the most expensive trampoline or a cheap one that will do just fine in our backyard. So how do you know which one is the right pick for you?

Well, let us first explain the difference between cheap and expensive trampolines so that you can choose the best one.

Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Trampolines

Cheap vs. Expensive Trampoline


It is often the smaller trampolines to a diameter of 2 meters that fall within the category of cheap trampolines. Usually, these models may or may not have a safety net, and they also come without a ladder.

Also, a bigger trampoline provides a deeper and gentler bounce as compared to the smaller ones.


Expensive trampolines come with extra safety measures, whereas cheap trampolines hardly give importance to safety.

Expensive trampolines are often equipped with high-quality materials and wider edges that overlap the springs and the iron frame so that the feet do not get stuck in between. Most of them also have a ladder, as that increases the ease of getting on and off from the trampoline.


The material used and the finish of the different parts determines the longevity of a trampoline.


Galvanized frames are always much better than just the powder-coated ones. They are rust-proof, which means that you don’t have to worry about cleaning it all the time. Also, you will find thicker tubes in expensive trampolines that have a straight weld seam without extra metal plates. That increases the durability of the frame. Meanwhile, in cheaper trampolines, there are thinner frame tubes and the extra metal plates welded to the connector for extra strength.


The same applies to springs — galvanized springs found in expensive trampolines are more durable than powder-coated ones.

The shape of the spring is equally important. The conical ones — found in expensive trampolines — evenly distribute the force. They also retain their resilience better than the straight ones found in the cheaper models.

Edges and Mats

The padding and the jumping mat of a trampoline determine how intensively you can jump on it and the maximum weight support. You would want the widest trampoline padding as possible, but the cheaper ones come with thinner edges that are simply a skirt, which makes them less safe.

Also, the quality of expensive mats is such that they don’t sink as low as the cheaper ones. They are long-lasting, and the flex is also healthier on the jumpers’ joints.


It goes without saying, but the more expensive a trampoline is, the more accessories you can expect. The prices of accessories are already included in the total cost.

Accessories like a safety net, anchoring set, protective rain cover, and other standard ones can raise the price of a trampoline. Of course, you can also buy them separately if they don’t come included.

Now that you know what the higher price entails, you still need to ask if an expensive trampoline is worth the investment.

Are Expensive Trampolines Worth It?

Buying an expensive trampoline means making a huge hole in your wallet. So it’s natural for you to evaluate everything before making a purchase.

Both kids and adults alike enjoy trampolines. They allow us to defy the law of gravity momentarily. We can do impossible backflips on a trampoline or master the aerial tricks, and all of this while having fun and making memories with our friends and family.

That’s why it’s important to buy a trampoline that will be safe and secure for anyone who uses it.

So to answer your question — a cheap trampoline will compromise the quality of the jump and won’t guarantee your child’s safety.

Before buying a trampoline, you want to keep a few things in mind. Always consider the ages and the sizes of the people who are going to use it so that the trampoline you get meets all their needs.

Apart from those, you would want to buy a trampoline that will fit in a proper area of your yard. It should allow you to have a clear view, especially when a younger or less experienced person is jumping on it. You don’t have to purchase a trampoline that will fit in a less safe area simply because the price is low. You should get the one that will be the safest.

Expensive Trampolines Ensure Safety

It’s good to be financially responsible and find good deals on a product that works well for our budget.

However, when it comes to buying a trampoline, we suggest that you don’t ignore the safety over price. You will get what you paid for, so make sure you have the best.

Moreover, expensive trampolines come with warranties that will have them covered for four years or more. Things like the mat, pads, frames, and more are usually covered, so they are easily replaceable with no cost involved. This will make you more confident about buying that particular trampoline, as you know that the company is standing behind you.

Why Are Rectangular Trampolines More Expensive?

There are a variety of trampoline shapes — round, oval, square, and rectangular. They all have their own different benefits.

You would think that a rectangular-shaped trampoline that’s the same size as a round model would have the same price. Well, guess what — you are wrong!

The geometric shape of a trampoline alone can affect the price. Let’s discuss how and why it adds to the cost, and what makes a rectangular trampoline more expensive than the others.


For starters, the long, rectangular shape gives more area to do tricks. You will usually find professional athletes or snowboarders using rectangular trampolines to sharpen their skills.

But the round trampoline doesn’t meet their training needs. The amount of force applied and how well a trampoline can take it is important to perform your stunts.

Gymnasts and extreme sports professionals use commercial-grade rectangular trampolines. They are built to be weather resistant and function with the pads and springs that work at different rates for optimum height and landing control.

Weight Support

This is another factor that adds to the cost. A rectangular-designed trampoline can handle more weight than a round one. If a rectangular model can hold weight up to 500 pounds, the largest round model will not be able to take more than 300 pounds.

Construction and Design Quality

The higher the quality of materials used, the higher the price.

However, a rectangular trampoline requires more springs and a strong frame that can withstand the amount of force applied at any position on the apparatus.

Meanwhile, a round trampoline has a consistent bounce and keeps the bouncer in the middle. This allows for an even distribution of the weight to the entire frame, which is less expensive for the manufacturers.

The rectangular frame requires additional support compared to the natural support of a round model.

Competitive Edge

In simple terms, round trampolines are designed for backyard fun whereas rectangular trampolines are used for professional sports training.

Round trampolines are ideal for families. They allow for safe jumping as the jumpers are naturally drawn to the center of the trampoline, away from the corners.

With rectangular trampolines, competitive gymnasts or athletes get the liberty to control their bounce and the height of the jump. That’s why they need a strong mat and frame that can handle the powerful force required to achieve the perfect jump.

Unlike with the round trampolines, professionals do not naturally bounce on a rectangular one, so they are able to use the entire mat to control their placement. All of this additional support of the frame and springs cost more than the ones used in the round model.

In the end, it’s all about why you are buying a trampoline. If you have an in-training athlete in the house who wants to build up their stamina and coordination beyond the limitations of a round trampoline, then you should definitely get a rectangular trampoline for all of the benefits it has to offer.

Most Expensive Backyard Trampoline List

1. Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

If you ask us, Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline is one of the best and most expensive backyard trampolines on the market. It’s a commercial-grade product, and that kind of quality comes at a price, which not every family can justify. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>


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In any case, it can support up to 550 pounds. You can drive your car on it if you want to and also have your whole family fit onto it to have a great time jumping together.

It may not be the most affordable option, but it is among the safest trampolines of 2019. The net is made of high-grade polyester mesh, and the poles are covered in soft foam so that you don’t hurt yourself while jumping. In addition, the T-brackets connected with the safety enclosure ensure maximum safety.

To top it off, you get a lifetime warranty on the frame and the springs. From a long-term perspective, it can be an investment that will stay in your family for decades. Read more here >>


• Commercial-grade trampoline

• Weight limit: 550 pounds

• Top-quality polyester-made net

• A spring pad cover

• Lifetime warranty


• Very expensive

2. Springfree Trampoline - 13ft Jumbo Square With Basketball Hoop & Ladder

If you are looking for a high-quality spring-free trampoline, then Springfree Trampoline 13ft Jumbo Square is a great choice for you.

Some may find it a bit pricey. But considering all its features, it may not be fair to call it overpriced. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>


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Safety is its top priority. Its patented spring-free design and no hard edges have eliminated the danger zones, thus reducing the trampoline-related injuries to a minimum. In addition, the galvanized steel frame and UV-resistant safety net allow you to leave your trampoline outside all year round.

It also includes a basketball hoop for some extra fun, and a ladder to easily get on and off the trampoline. What’s more, Springfree Trampoline also comes with a 10-year warranty on all parts, and it can support up to 330 pounds. No wonder it has some of the best trampoline reviews and safety ratings on Amazon! Read more here >>


• Ensures maximum safety

• UV-resistant safety net

• 10-year warranty

• Comes with a basketball hoop and a ladder


• The assembly takes longer than usual

3. JumpSport 10'x17' StagedBounce Trampoline

What sets JumpSport 10'x17' StagedBounce Trampoline apart from others is the patented technology that’s been applied on the springs. It gives you a smooth and safe bounce like no other. It feels like you aren’t even using your feet to jump as the material is very light on the feet. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>


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The advantage of its size is that it can easily fit in narrow backyards as compared to other shapes. Also, it can support a maximum of up to 225 pounds.

Of course, the most important factor, i.e., the safety is also taken care of. It uses a double back-up support system that holds the net properly and prevents it from collapsing.

What’s more, the heavy-duty 12-gauge frame is made up of cold rolled steel for the best performance, and you get a 10-year warranty as well. Read more here >>


• Strong frame

• Includes a ladder

• Perfect for athletes or cheerleaders

• Fun for the whole family


• The assembly may get a bit difficult

• Over the years, the parts may start to deteriorate

4. Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sports HD With Enclosure

While Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sports HD With Enclosure may certainly be on the more expensive end, it’s definitely one of the best rectangle-shaped trampolines you can find. Why?

Firstly, its durability and outstanding warranty of five years guarantee that you can keep it up for many decades and make the most of it. The mat is composed of UV-treated polypropylene and is cross-sewn six times to increase its longevity. What’s more, the frames are made of galvanized steel. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>


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Secondly, it comes with a full enclosure safety net, which allows the whole family to have fun on the trampoline with full confidence and not worry about getting hurt. That’s why it is perfect for advanced trampoline users too! Read more here >>


• Galvanized steel frame

• Safety enclosure net included

• Long-lasting


• Assembly may take 3 to 4 hours

5. Goliath 16 Ft X 24 Ft Trampoline

You won’t be able to get enough of the Goliath 16 Ft X 24 Ft trampoline. After all, it is currently the world's largest trampoline, so it will make your backyard look like a big trampoline park!

It comes in an octagonal shape and is a whopping 24 x 16 feet big. That is 257 square feet of jumping surface! Also, this huge trampoline claims to support more than 800 lbs. Check latest price here>>


Moreover, the Goliath trampoline boasts maximum safety with its safest enclosure system. The galvanized steel springs and secured jumping mat make sure that your trampoline lasts for many, many years.

Also, you don't have to worry about its installation either. The assembly of the Goliath is actually quite simple. It only takes about an hour to complete it, but you better have a big backyard if you’re planning to buy it. Read more >>


• World’s largest trampoline

• Octagonal-shaped; six large U-shaped legs

• Ensures maximum safety


• You will need a big backyard

6. Bellicon Premium 44” Small Trampoline

Bellicon Premium 44” Small Trampoline is the most expensive mini trampoline for a reason.

The bungees are soft, quiet, and help you to jump higher, which maximizes the health benefits. They also offer a deeper bounce, which is good for your muscles and joints, as you can have a relaxed and longer jumping session. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>


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Not to exaggerate, but it’s a full-body fitness solution for amazing muscle-toning, fat-burning, cardio, and health-boosting. The highly designed, industrial-strength German-engineered stainless steel frame ensures decades-long durability.

The good news is that it arrives fully assembled, so you don’t have to worry about its installation. And as a bonus, you also get an instructional DVD and customizable online fitness program included with it.

It’s time you moved your workouts indoors! Read more here >>


• Perfect fitness experience

• German-engineered stainless steel frame used

• Offers a deeper bounce

• Includes a fitness instructional DVD


• None

Our Final Thoughts

We have already discussed the cheaper vs. expensive trampoline debate in detail and whether it’s worth buying the most expensive backyard trampolines or not.

Now it’s time for you to make your decision and have fun on the trampoline.

However, we would always advise you to invest a bit more so that you are able to keep your trampoline for many years instead of buying a cheaper one that will probably break after a few months.

Before purchasing a trampoline, make sure that you’ve picked the one that offers maximum safety. Also, don’t forget to compare frame sizes and materials to make an informed decision. It should meet all your criteria so that you and your kids can fully enjoy the newly acquired composition in your backyard.

If you found this article useful, feel free to share it with your friends and family who might be in need of a trampoline. Also, don’t forget to leave us your feedback in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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