The Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline Review

In this Kangaroo Hoppers review we are going to give you the details of one of the better quality trampolines on the market. All you have to do is take the information we provide and compare it to other models. You should be able to see the Kangaroo Hoppers difference on your own.

Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline Features and Benefits

No matter who makes the trampoline, there will always be some good features and benefits. Trampolines are a great exercise tool to use to make sure you stay in the best possible shape.


Kangaroo Hoppers are no different and they can supply you and your family with hours of fun.


  • Easy to open safety net door
  • Strong entry ladder
  • ​2 sizes to choose from- 12 and 14 foot diameters
  • ​Galvanized steel frame
  • ​UV ray protection on the jumping mat
  • ​Strong and durable safety net
  • ​Water resistant and handles lots of pressure
  • ​Basketball hoop for added fun
  • Wide safety pad that covers springs and frame
  • All tools needed for set up included


  • Your kids are protected from injury and falls
  • Great for exercises
  • ​Helps your health get better
  • ​Helps tone your body
  • ​Easy to assemble so you have more time for fun
  • ​Protects your joints and back from impacts
  • ​Develops key motor skills
  • ​Develops balance
  • ​Helps improve co-ordination
  • A lot of fun

Looking for a trampoline? Don't buy something you'll hate

Here is a list of our buying guides to help you find the best for your needs:

The Kangaroo Hoppers Weight Limit

One of the keys top having a lot of fun on a trampoline and getting the full benefit of what they offer is to remain under the weight limit. Going over the weight limit can ruin your fun as well as take its toll on your trampoline

The weight capacity for both the 12 and 14 foot Kangaroo Hopper models is 375 pounds. In our research we found that some alternatives may come in at a bit lower weight limit. They are supposed to hold only 250 pounds of weight.

A look at their website shows only two models are available and their weight limit is as stated above.

Are Kangaroo Hoppers Trampolines Bouncy?

When you go on a trampoline, you want to make sure it has enough bounce. A good bounce allows you to complete your exercises safely. It also gives you more time in the air to master more complicated exercises.

The 90 galvanized springs are 165 mm long and they combine with the steel frame and jumping mat to produce a great bounce for you and your kids.


The mat is made of PP and is weather resistant to help maintain that great bounce. Then the steel frame provides top notch durability and stability. It should handle the workout you and your family bring its way.

Is the Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline Basketball Hoop Good

It is if you like to play basketball. It is made of durable materials that should hold up under normal play and fun. The backboard looks solid and has the standard sweet spot box to help you bank in your great trampoline jump shots.


Plus, the rim is covered in a strong plastic material that seems to be weather resistant and helps protect the rim from the weather. The mesh net doesn’t hold onto your basketball, but lets it slide through nice and easily.

Also, the reinforcement strip on the bottom of the net works to keep it from fraying and losing its shape. The basketball net sits on top of one of the safety net’s support posts which provides strong support and stability to the backboard.

This is a unique trampoline feature that helps Kangaroo Hoppers to stand out from the crowd of trampoline manufacturers. The basketball hope should add more fun to your family’s trampoline time.

Are Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline Replacement Parts Easy to Find

From what we have been able to find out, the Kangaroo Hopper’s warranty is quite good and the company will stand behind their warranty. The only catch is that the warranty must still be valid.

For the mat, pad, netting and plastic parts you get 90 days coverage. The coverage on the steel frame and springs is one year. There are a coupe of points that do bother us though.

First, it may be very difficult to reach the company and get good customer service. It is recommended that you purchase your Kangaroo Hooper trampoline through Amazon if you want to have top customer service

The second thing that bothers us is that we found it very difficult to find anyone who carried replacement parts for their trampolines. We even checked their website and they listed only trampolines, anchor kits, a 15 foot mat and a spring pad for sale.

We did find a variety of mattress supply outlets and their generic replacement parts may work on your Kangaroo Hopper trampoline. You will have to check with them individually to find out.

Or contact the company directly to see if they offer replacement parts for sale.

Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline Instructions and Assembly

Your assembly process may vary from other customers. One of the more influential factors is how much mechanical experience you have. Those with lesser experience may find the process a little difficult.

Those with more experience should have an easier time putting the trampolines together. While no tools are required to set up their trampoline, you may experience difficult sections that require more than two hands to put together.

One drawback to the assembly is that the frame’s legs are not adjustable. You could be looking at working on the set up for about 2 to 3 hours with the help of 1 or 2 more people.

There have been complaints that the instruction manual could have been written in easier language and be less confusing. The good news is that Kangaroo Hoppers do supply the tools if you need to use them. You do not have to go out and purchase new tools to assemble their trampolines.

After your trampoline arrives at your home,. the box or boxes should contain a 15' trampoline mat, steel frame, 90 springs, a safety pad, 10 safety net poles, 10 legs and all the hardware you should need to assemble the trampoline properly.

One thing to keep in mind during set up how even is your yard. You may have to take some time to even it out to have the trampoline sit level.

How Good is the Kangaroo Hoppers Warranty

The Kangaroo Hopper’s warranty is going to be like just about any other manufacturer’s warranty. It will depend on the terminology and how those words are defined. The key issue should be what determines normal use.

To make sure you get the coverage you are promised make sure to read all the warranty details. With that said, it has been reported that Kangaroo Hoppers stand behind their warranty and provide excellent warranty protection.

The company has replaced defective parts at no cost to their customer which is also good news. The key is to make sure you report the defect before your warranty runs out. As stated earlier, the mat, pad, and plastic parts only get 90 days of protection.

Their warranty provides up to 1 year on the steel frame and springs. From what we have been able to find out any negative aspects do not include the warranty or how the company stands behind its product.

The Pros and Cons of the Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline Models

To give you the complete picture of a Kangaroo Hopper trampoline we need to let you know what we like and what we do not like. It isn’t a perfect product and we have our list of nice things to say and our list of what could be improved.

What we liked:

The basketball hoop - it adds to the charm and attraction of the trampolines

The number of springs - this helps the mat to bounce just right and gives you great lift

The weight limit - even overweight or very tall people can use the trampoline

The safety net - it looks tough, stable and durable. It should prevent a lot of injuries from taking place

The weather proofing - the company takes good measures to protect the springs and the steel frame from the weather

The door to the trampoline - the easy to open zippered door allows for fast access or exit from the trampoline

Meets TUM and ASTM standards - this helps give us peace of mind and know that the trampoline is safe to use

Their warranty protection - at least they stand behind their product and fix the items that need fixing without hassles. They are strict on the expiration of their warranties

What we didn’t like:

The assembly - it is not as easy as everyone lets on. It will take a lot of time and you may need lots of help.

The instruction manual - not written as good as it should be. If there is one thing that needs to be at its best, clear, and easy to follow is the instruction manual

The lack of replacement parts - this has us very concerned as trampolines do break or get damaged. The inability to get replacement parts quickly and conveniently may mean you have wasted a lot of money on the trampoline

The lack of customer service - besides having a top quality product that will last for years a company always needs great customer service. You can have the best product available but if your customer service fails, who is going to buy it

Inflexible legs - the lack of adjustment also causes us a little concern here. You get little leeway when setting up the trampoline and you may have to do hard yard work to keep it level

Too few models - a little more selection would be great especially for those homes that have smaller yards

What Other Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline Reviews Say

We usually take what other reviews say with a grain a salt. It is hard to know for sure what influences their opinion. But from what we have read, we think we can get to the real opinion of the Kangaroo Hopper trampoline.

The consensus of internet bloggers on the Kangaroo Hopper trampoline seems to be quite consistent. Their pros and cons list legitimate factors as does their review content.

No one seems to have an axe to grind when it comes to this company and their product. Most were impressed by the quality of the construction material, the weather proofing efforts and the low price. In fact, they liked the low price the best.


In reading the customer reviews posted online at Amazon, we found that there was an overwhelming support for the Kangaroo Hopper trampoline. The majority of customers liked the trampolines. The trampolines performed as expected, set up well and were very stable.

There were some disgruntled customers whose experience were not that great. It is possible they got defective parts which ruined their time on the trampoline. One review stated that their kids said it did not bounce as high as their friends.

That doesn’t mean that the Kangaroo Hopper trampoline does not bounce well. It just doesn’t bounce as well as their competition. Of course, some negative reviews targeted the instruction manual and how it should have been clearly laid out and be easier to read

Some Final Comments

The hard part about doing a product review is that so many other people have their own opinion and it may not agree with ours. That is okay as they may not have had a great experience with their Kangaroo Hopper trampoline,

Since no company can produce a perfect trampoline, it is understandable that some customers will not be satisfied with their purchase. So far, those experiences have been kept to a minimum.

As you can see there is a lot of room for improvement on the part of Kangaroo Hoppers. We hope they address those issues. From what we have read they have a solid inexpensive product that does what it is designed to do.

We agree with the majority of reviewers and like their trampolines. The positives outweigh the negatives and it is a good product for the price. You are looking at spending under $400 for hours and years of fun for your children and yourself. And that is worth the cost.

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