The Bellicon Rebounder Review: Is It The Best Ever?

Just the Facts! If you are old enough you know whee that phrase came from. If you are not, it came from the old 60s television show where the main police detective kept asking his witnesses for only the facts.

That is what we will do in this Bellicon Rebounder review. We will keep to the facts and let you make up your own mind about this rebounder. For you to get all the information on a Bellicon rebounder, just continue to read our review.

The Bellicon Rebounder Sizes

Before we get to the nitty gritty details of the Bellicon rebounder, we need to look at the sizes it comes in. There are 3 sizes only in the Bellicon rebounder family- the 39”, the 44” and the 49”.


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They all come with either folding or standard legs and the use bungee cords instead of springs to give you your bounce. Each leg has a rubber foot and the standard legs screw into place to add security.

Plus, the edges of each Bellicon rebounder are highlighted in bright colors so you can know when you are leaving the center and approaching a risky spot on the rebounder.

What Size Bellicon Rebounder Should I Get?

You may want to get the cheaper model over the more expensive ones but that may be a mistake if you are tall. Each Bellicon rebounder matches up to different human heights. The 39” model has a 27” bouncing area and works best for people 5’7” or smaller.


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The 44” model has a 32” bouncing zone and is best for people measuring up to 6’2” in size. Finally, the 49” model has a 37” bounce zone and is good for people over 6’ tall. Of course, smaller people can use the larger models if they want more bouncing room.

One thing to remember is that each Bellicone rebounder provides the same bounce. The size of the rebounder does not influence the bounce at all. The bounce comes from the strength of the bungee cords.

How Tall is a Bellicon Rebounder?

There is some good news for all those people who have low ceilings in their homes. You are not forced to buy the standard 12” legs. You can purchase shorter legs to help you meet your ceiling restrictions.

To give you an idea if these shorter legs work for you or not, they measure 8” in size. There is some discussion on whether the folding legs are better than the standard ones, but this may be up to your preference. Bellicone rebounder legs are said to be the best there is no matter which style you purchase.

Since the standard legs screw on and off, there is no real advantage to either style. The stability is the same with both versions.

There is a Bellicon Rebounder Weight Limit

This is another positive factor for the Bellicon rebounder. The company will customize the weight limit for their customers. It doesn’t matter how little or how much you way, within reason, they can adjust the bungee straps to fit your weight level.

The standard weight limit, if you do not want customizing, is 440 pounds for each model. They also design the bounce so that it can be gentle and easy for a senior citizen to use.

One thing to remember here is that the Bellicon rebounders are about 4 inches higher than a traditional spring rebounder. This gives you a deeper bounce and higher G force action for better workouts.

A Few Words About the Bellicon Bungee Cords

If noise is an issue with you, you may like the Bellicon bungee cord system. Unlike traditional springs,the bungee cords make no noise which is good if you live in an apartment building.


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Also, it is easier to customize the bounce with bungee cords. They are easy to remove or add on so you can stay in control of how much bounce you get. In addition, these bungee cords come in a variety of colors so you can dress up your Bellicon rebounder as you like.

In case you were wondering, the life span on the bungee cords depends on how often you use the rebounder. They can last anywhere from 9 months to 6 years. Because they each have their own hooks, it only takes about 10 minutes to replace an old one with a new bungee cord

Silence is Golden - Bellicon Rebounder Noise

Traditional spring rebounders have a tendency to make a lot of noise when you are using the rebounder. This is not a good thing when you want to be a good neighbor or keep your workout times private.

But as we said in the previous section, the Bellicone bungee cord system removes all the noise from your workout. You can do your exercises without disturbing your neighbors or letting them know your personal schedule.

Count the Bellicon Rebounder Benefits

No matter what exercise equipment you use, if you use them properly, there will always be benefits. Here are the benefits you get with a Bellicon rebounder:

  • Quiet workouts
  • High weight limits
  • ​Variety of colors for both the rebounder and bungee cords
  • ​Customizing is possible
  • ​Helps you control your weight
  • ​Develops your cardiovascular system and other health benefits
  • ​Helps cut stress
  • ​Lets you workout with osteoporosis and arthritis
  • ​Helps your immune system
  • And more

You Can Buy Bellicon Rebounder Accessories

When you purchase your Bellicon rebounder, you are not stuck with the basic rebounder only. You can buy an assortment of accessories to spruce up your workouts or add to your safety. Here are some of the accessories you can buy:

  • Safety foam padding to cover bungee cords
  • Fitness watches to help your track your workouts and stats
  • ​Protective carrying bags
  • ​Workout socks
  • Weighted balls with straps

Is There a Bellicon Rebounder With a Handle?

Yes, Bellicon has rebounders with handle. Check the Bellicon rebounder with handle here >>


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You can also buy handles that attach to your Bellicon rebounder to help you maintain your balance. They come in three different sizes and fit all 3 models of rebounders and can work with the standard or folding legs.

Comparing Bellicon Rebounders With Other Brands

Bellicon rebounder vs JumpSport

The bounce area is smaller on the 39 and 44 inch sizes of the JumpSport than the Bellicon rebounder. But they have shorter legs attached to an arch design that provides better stability. The Bellicon may tip on you.

The JumpSport models have a longer bounce lifespan but use the same number of bungee cords. Also, the JumpSport models have 7 adjustable levels to 1 for the Bellicon but the latter has more cord strength options.

The Bellicon weight capacity is higher than the JumpSport models and they are more expensive

Bellicon rebounder vs. Cellerciser

Both brands make their rebounder models out of solid steel and use polypropylene instead of nylon and other materials for their mats. This makes using the rebounders healthier and safer.

The bounce is also similar except Cellerciser uses springs and not bungee cords. Also, the Bellicon models have a higher weight capacity, 440 pounds to 300. Then the Cellerciser is cheaper but it is also noisier than the Bellicons. Cellerciser is made in Taiwan and not Germany like the Bellicon models.

Bellicon vs Urban rebounder

The Urban rebounder has a far shorter warranty period ending after 1 year. A 2 year extension can be purchased for an additional fee. Bellicon offers a lifetime warranty on their frame and shorter warranties on other parts.

Then the Urban rebounder can fold up to a small size but it doe snot come with a standard leg option like the Bellicon models. The weight capacity is also on the short side- 300 pounds to the Bellicon 440 pound weight limit.

It also has a cheaper price but more legs than the 3 Bellicone rebounders.

Needak vs Bellicon rebounder

The first difference you will see is that Needak uses metal springs instead of bungee cords. The bounce is okay but not as good as Bellicon’s models. Needak does offer folding legs but does not seem to have a standard non-folding model.

The lifespan of the Needack springs tops out at 3 years depending on how you use it. Bellicon’s bungee cords can last up to 6 years. Another negative for Needack is that their legs are not as stable as Bellicon’s.

Needack’s metal springs start out quiet but develop squeaks as time goes on.

How Much Does a Bellicon Rebounder Cost?

You knew we would eventually get to this part of the review. You cannot plan on purchasing a Bellicon rebounder without knowing a little something about their cost. Each of the 3 models comes with a different price tag.

The larger ones cost more than the smaller versions. The 39” model costs over $500, the 44” model rings in at over $600 and the 49” comes in at over $1200. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>

Are they worth the money?

You are getting German engineering for your exercise time. Tat means you are going to get well built rebounders that use top quality construction materials put together by very good workers.

Bellicon upholds the German engineering reputation and produces a very good product. In our humble opinion we think they are worth the money. But do not take our word for it. Look t what the reviewers are saying

What Other Bellicon Reviews Say?

In the Amazon reviews over 90% of the verified purchases who took the time to review these rebounders, gave them 4 or 5 stars. They like the quality , the craftsmanship and over all design.

Also, the professional reviewers had Bellicon at the top of their list through most of their categories they used to compare with similar products. Bellicon did not come out as the cheap alternative but price is not the only factor.

Bellicon won comparison competitions over and over. Finally, Bellicon took the top spots in 7 out of 7 categories and gained 9 out of 9 stars with ease.

The Bellicon Rebounder Warranty Limits

Bellicon provides its customers with a variety of warranties covering different parts of their rebounders. The time frame is not the same for each part. Of course, you will need to read all the small print to see how each part is covered and what determines normal use.

Warranty limits:

  1. Stainless-steel frame- 5 years

  2. Lacquered steel frames- 3 years

  3. Rebounding mats and rubber pads- 3 years

  4. Bungee cords- 2 years

Where to Buy a Bellicon Rebounder

Hopefully by now you are convinced that the Bellicon rebounder is just the right exercise tool for you. If you are considering purchasing a Bellicon rebounder, you are in luck. There are a variety of places you can purchase your next rebounder at:

  1. Amazon and other online outlets

  2. Directly from Bellicon and its website

There is Still Time For Some Pros and Cons

Before we end this review, we need to give you what we liked and what we didn’t like. There will always be pros and cons to any product and they are worth considering in order to make the right choice for you:

What we liked:

  • German engineering
  • ​Top quality construction materials
  • ​Overall design
  • ​Bungee cords made with natural rubber
  • ​No noise
  • ​Easy to replace bungee cords
  • ​3 sizes to choose from
  • ​Customizing available
  • Weight capacity
  • Variety of colors to choose from

What we didn’t like:

  • Tipping is possible
  • Low bounce zone
  • ​Low warranty limits
  • ​Only legs fold
  • ​Hard to store
  • ​Low ceiling issues
  • ​Very expensive

Is Bellicon The Best Rebounder?

That is a question you have to answer for yourself. We can only give you our humble opinion an dhow we feel about the Bellicon rebounders. In doing research for this review, we have developed a very humble yet decidedly opinion.

As you can see, what we liked about the Bellicon rebounders outnumbered what we didn’t like. That gives you a clue as to what we think of these rebounders. To put it bluntly, in spite of some flaws, like their high price tag, we think the Bellicon rebounders are the best ones on the market.

It is very hard to beat German engineering, top construction materials, the customization capability and other features that are a part of these rebounders. Other companies seem o sacrifice quality for profit and that has turned us off of Bellicon’s competitors.

But you decide for yourself. Take one for a test spin and see for yourself if the Bellicon matches up to our opinion.

Some Final Comments

We hope we have kept to all the facts and did not let our opinion color our review. It would be nice if you came to your own conclusions and without our trying to influence you one way or the other.

Check the facts out for yourself and see the difference between rebounders. Buy your Bellicon rebounder here >>

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