The Ultimate ReboundAir Review (Quarter Fold)

In this new review, we are striving to be fair, unbiased and to look at all the facts so you can see the difference in rebounders for yourself. We are not going to waste time with a long introduction but get right to the facts.

Comparing the ReboundAir Quarter Fold or Half Fold?

You have probably heard of both RebounderAir’s models. And probably wonder which o e is best for you. The half fold measures 10 inches off the floor, and weighs 34 pounds. Its 40” diameter holds up to 300pounds of weight and comes with a lifetime guarantee.


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Its locking legs work with the patented hinges allowing the rebounder to fold up to half its size. The quarter fold also measures in at 10” high, but its metal frame folds twice to make it nice and small. The legs also unlock and fold.

Plus it also has a 40” diameter giving you plenty of exercise s room. The big difference between this and the half fold is that it weighs only 28 pounds and can handle up to 400 pounds at one time.

It will depend on your purpose, storage space, living space to determine which is better but we like the quarter fold best because of the 3 main differences.

ReboundAir Weight Limit

We won’t spend much time here either. We let the cat out of the bag in the previous section. The Quarter Fold model, The Ultimate Rebound has been tested at 300 pounds but its lifetime warranty covers all parts even if the user weighs in at 400 pounds.

In other words, it should 400 pounds with ease.

ReboundAir Rebounder Benefits

You already know the health benefits that come with using any rebounder or mini trampoline. The Quarter Fold model, The Ultimate Rebound possesses the same health benefits. How you do on the quarter fold is up to you and how you exercise.

Here are some other benefits that come with the quarter fold rebounder:

  • It is lightweight
  • It folds up nice and small
  • ​It stores and can be transported easily
  • ​Legs lock in place
  • Top technological design

Is There a ReboundAir Stabilizing Bar

The company’s website has a variety of accessories for sale that match up with their rebounders. You can get a good carry case that has its own wheels.

Plus, for under $100 you can get a stabilizing bar to help you with your exercises

How Much Does a ReboundAir Mini Trampoline Cost

If you are looking for a cheap exercise tool, this may not fit that budget limit. The ball park figures for all 3 RebounderAir models range between $300 to almost $450. Check the latest price here >>

Our Handy Rebound Air Comparison

This should give you an idea how the ReboundAir stacks up against its competition.

#1. ReboundAir vs Cellerciser

The triple tier springs on the Cellerciser may not produce the same quality bounce the rebounder Air has. Their legs fold up the same and have the same quality of stability.

Both make noise but the RebounderAir holds more weight than the Cellerciser. Obviously, the quarter fold reduces its size better than the Cellerciser and depending on the model is cheaper than the Cellerciser.

#2. ReboundAir vs Bellicon

If you saw our Bellicon review you know that the RebounderAir does not fit into that class. But it still has some good points. The RebounderAir folds up where the Bellicone does not. Only the legs fold on the Bellicon models.

Plus, in the permatron quality test, ReboundAir matched Bellicon with ease. In addition the Reboundair does come with an airport dolly to make navigating terminals very easy.

#3. ReboundAir vs Needak

These two rebounder brands are pretty equal. They do make some noise, their craftsmanship is on par with each other and their permatron test results are equal. There is also a little play in the legs of both but stability is normal with a little movement for both.

Needak beats out the RebounderAir in quality of construction and the bounce factor is equal as well. The RebounderAir wins in the weight capacity department as well as the cost comparison. It is far more inexpensive than the Needak models.

Where to Find a ReboundAir For Sale

The RebounderAir models can be found at their company’s website. They have a direct sales page and if you purchase through them, you are given 3 gifts (at the time of this writing).

You can also buy it online from Amazon. Find the RebounderAir models here.

The ReboundAir Warranty is Good

That is what we found as they give a lifetime warranty on all components for all users up to 400 pounds. Just make sure you check the details and fine print to know your limitations and exclusions.

What Other ReboundAir Reviews Say

For professional reviewers, they were not satisfied with the quality of construction or the quality of materials used by RebounderAir. They did like the weight capacity and the permatron results.


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But real users and non-professional reviews found that they liked the RebounderAir models especially the easy storage capability. They found that the setup up was easy to do and did not have a problem with any movement or stability.

What We Liked and Didn’t Like Review

Even though we are unbiased, we do still have our opinion on the RebounderAir models. Here are our thoughts:

What we liked:

  • The complete coverage of the lifetime warranty
  • The high weight capacity
  • ​The available accessories
  • ​The free gifts
  • ​The folding nature
  • The lightweight

What we didn’t like:

  • The price (we can be a bit on the cheap side)
  • The springs (we are sold on bungee cords)
  • ​The noise
  • The hard bounce

Some Final Comments

To make it in the highly competitive mini-trampoline or rebounder market you need a hook. RebounderAir does have a great hook in its quarter fold design. Making relocating and storage simple and easy, is a smart way to get a good share of the rebounder market.

The cost is reasonable, especially with the free gifts thrown in, and the access to a lot of accessories make the RebounderAir worthwhile. Its large bounce area allows you to do a variety of exercises which will help you get back into shape.

This may not be a Bellicon rebounder or in the Bellicon class, but it is still a very good piece of exercise equipment. But the final verdict is up to you. You have the facts and don’t forget t do your own research before you decide if this is the rebounder for you. Buy yours here >>

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