Fun In The Water: Wet Trampoline Sprinkler, Water Sprayer and Misting System

Nowadays, many of us own a trampoline for use in our back yards. These can provide hours of fun and a great way to keep fit. Many people even purchase accessories such as trampoline tents and basketball hoops to make their trampolines multi-purpose and even more fun. One of the lesser-known trampoline accessories is a trampoline mister. So, what is a trampoline water sprayer, and should you purchase one for your trampoline?

What is a trampoline mist sprayer?

A trampoline misting system or trampoline sprinkler goes under your trampoline and sprays a mist of water up and into your trampoline. The purpose of having a trampoline sprinkler underneath is to cool you down as you use it. Therefore, this can be really useful if you live in a hot climate and are worried about your kids overheating when they're bouncing on hot days. However, many kids find being sprayed with water as they bounce great fun. Therefore, it can add an extra fun element to your trampoline.


Does water damage trampolines?

If you're thinking about buying a trampoline mist sprayer, you may be worried about the water damaging your trampoline. If your trampoline is built to stay outside permanently, this shouldn't be a problem if you are only using your mister for a couple hours at a time. That's because outdoor trampolines are built to be durable and to withstand wet weather. Most trampoline frames are also treated to be rust-resistant. However, we don't recommend using a trampoline misting system on a rebounder or small trampoline designed for indoor use.


Can you jump on a wet trampoline?

A wet trampoline will be more slippery, but as a jumping mat provides a soft landing this shouldn't cause a safety issue. However, if you're using a trampoline misting system, it's more important than ever to have a net safety enclosure on your trampoline. Also, ensure that kids can't slip down the gap between the bouncing surface and the frame. Most models nowadays cover this gap. It's also sensible advice to supervise your children getting on and off the trampoline if they have wet feet, as they could slip.


Jumping on trampoline in the rain

Using a trampoline in the rain is a fun and free way to enjoy being sprinkled with water as you jump. Many kids find this activity great fun. When jumping in the rain, you should still make sure that your trampoline is safely enclosed with a net to avoid accidents. If there is a large puddle of rain on your trampoline jumping mat, you shouldn't use it until it's drained away.


Does a wet trampoline make you jump higher?

Some people say that they feel a wet trampoline allows them to bounce higher. However, there's no real scientific evidence to back this up. If there is a lot of water on the jumping mat, this could weigh it down and affect the rebound. However, you should never jump on a trampoline with a pool of water accumulated on it because it can cause damage.

Trampoline water sprinkler misting system

This trampoline mist sprayer is a great way to keep cool on your trampoline during hot summer months. Please note that many users say this creates a water mist as opposed to sprinkling water. Here are the key product features. Check latest price here >>


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Key features

  • Can attach to any trampoline with a net
  • 10 misting jets spray water onto you as you jump
  • ​Connects to your garden hose
  • Keeps you cool during summer months

DIY trampoline sprinkler: Sprinkler under trampoline

If you don't want to splash out on a custom sprinkler for your trampoline, don't worry. It's actually pretty simple to rig up your own DIY trampoline water sprayer without any specialist equipment. If you happen to have a lawn sprinkler, you can simply position it so that it sprays onto the jumping mat of the trampoline. Click here to check the best lawn sprinklers.


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Alternatively, you can use a long piece of hosepipe attached to your outdoor faucet. Attach it to the top of your trampoline net pole, ensuring that it is angles downwards towards your trampoline bed. You will then need to attach a sprinkler head to the end of the hose. Alternatively, you could even use an old shower head. However, you may find that you need to use piping instead of a hose to get the shower head to attach.

With both of these options, it's important to run them for a few minutes to check that they are not spraying so much water that a puddle starts to accumulate on the jumping mat. Jumping on a trampoline with a build-up of water can be unsafe and can damage your trampoline. If a puddle starts to form, you should allow it to drain away and adjust the water pressure to a lower setting.

Best Sprinkler For Under Trampoline

Unfortunately, a sprinkler placed under the trampoline is unlikely to have much of an effect. This is because the material of jumping mats usually has a very tight weave, so not much water can get through. While this may seem like a pain, the tight weave makes the mat more durable and improves the rebound.


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Any sprinkler used for a trampoline should either attach at the top of the net or be able to spray through. Most domestic sprinklers will do the job fine. Which you choose depends on whether you want a fine mist of water or a stronger spray. Most kids find a sprinkler more fun than a mister, which really just serves to cool you down. Whatever sprinkler you go for, the most important thing is to check that it doesn't spray water so powerfully that a puddle of water accumulates, potentially damaging your trampoline and posing a safety risk. Check the best sprinkler options here >>

The Bottom Line

As you can see, a trampoline sprinkler can be a fun addition to your trampoline and prevent you and your kids from overheating in the hot summer months. You have lots of options available, whether you choose to purchase a specially-designed trampoline water sprayer or make your own DIY option at home. Remember, always check that your mister or sprinkler is not causing water build-up to accumulate on your trampoline. Happy bouncing!

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