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Tramp Fence Law: Can You Have a Trampoline Without a Fence?

Trampoline fence law: From our research it seems that the general answer is ‘No, you do not need a fence around your trampoline.’ But, and it is a big but, it would also depend on the state you are

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Trampoline Pole Caps Ultimate Guide (Tips + DIY)

Keeping your trampoline secure is very important. That is why you put safety netting around it. This enclosure keeps your kids from falling off and hurting themselves. But did you know that the safety

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Why Is My Trampoline Turning My Feet Black?

If you noticed your feet or hands turning black, it is because the trampoline mat is getting old and the carbon ingredients are coming through the mat. When this happens the carbon sticks to your feet,

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How to Paint a Trampoline – Helpful Guide and Tips

Paint cover a multitude of errors. You and your family have used your trampoline almost every day. The wear and tear, the spills and other accidents have worn the paint off. The cost of a new trampoline

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Do I Need a Trampoline Cover for Winter? (+ Helpful Tips)

You have read how good trampolines can be for your health and you now have gone out and bought one. You may want to develop your trampoline skills or you just want your kids to have some fun.Whatever

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How To Thread a Trampoline – Stitching Repair Done Right

It is bound to happen. You are getting so much use out of your trampoline developing your skills and muscles that it is wearing out. With all the wear and tear on your trampoline the stitching is coming

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How to Fix a Trampoline Zipper Lock

How to Fix a Trampoline Zipper (Easy and Useful Tips)

Those of us who love to watch our kids play on a trampoline — or love to do it ourselves — know how important safety is. The enclosure net keeps us from seriously harming ourselves and our fellow jumpers.

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Does Rebounding Really Work For Weight Loss

How and Why do Trampolines Break or Rip?

Bouncing on a trampoline is by far the most fun outdoor activity there is. If you own one, you know exactly what I’m talking about. As soon as summer arrives, I’m willing to bet you spend hours on

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How Long Does a Trampoline Take to Dry? How to Do It Faster

How Long Does a Trampoline Take to Dry? How to Do It Faster

If we leave the trampoline in the sun, it will dry off in a couple of hours. However, sometimes, we would like to speed up the natural process and do it faster.How to Dry a Trampoline Quickly Sadly,

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How to Put a Top on a Trampoline Roof Shade Cover Ideas

How to Put a Top on a Trampoline: Roof + Shade Cover Ideas

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of spending long summer days jumping on a trampoline knows exactly how fun it can be. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Or rather, the sunshine is the problem!

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