Why Is My Trampoline Turning My Feet Black?

If you noticed your feet or hands turning black, it is because the trampoline mat is getting old and the carbon ingredients are coming through the mat. When this happens the carbon sticks to your feet, hands and possibly your clothes.

What you need to know about trampoline mats

It would be nice if everything that was made lasted forever. But since this is an imperfect world, that is not going to happen. Everything made will wear down and eventually lose their quality and integrity.

Trampoline mats are no exception. Like many foods in your grocery store, they have a shelf life. When that shelf life expires, different ingredients come to the surface and get all over the place.

The enemies of a trampoline mat

Whether you keep your trampoline inside or outside your trampoline mat has its share of enemies. These dangers can alter the composition of the mat exposing you and your children to black residue.

Here are some of those enemies:

Time- depending on the material used to make the mat and its quality, you may get 5 to 10 years use out of the mat

Sun- UV rays do not just damage skin. They can cause damage to most trampoline mats kept and used outside

Weather- rain, snow, humidity can also take their toll, especially if the paint or surface materials start to peel or crack

The causes of trampoline black feet


Getting black feet from your trampoline does not happen overnight. It might take years before you experience this issue. Here are some of the causes for black feet:

It is getting old- time has taken its toll and worn down the protective coatings so carbon gets to the surface

Wear and tear- time is not the factor here but your daily use has worn down the mat. The integrity of the mat is broken and the carbon comes through

Location- keeping the trampoline outside all the time n the sun lets UV rays wear down the mat’s protective components

Using cleaning fluids- chemical cleaning solutions react with the components of the mat breaking them down and making them incapable of holding the carbon

Dirt, dust & debris- work against you and your trampoline. Their destructive nature helps ruin your mat’s surface and creates a situation where your feet, etc., will turn black

Body oils- these do not always react well with the construction materials of your trampoline at causing your exposed body parts to get black residue on them

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Removing trampoline stains from clothes

It is not just you and your family’s feet and hands that get black residue on them. Yo and your kids’ clothes can also be stained by your older trampoline. The key to remember when you go to clean stained clothes, the black residue is carbon.

Here are some steps to help you clean the carbon off clothes:

  1. Make sure you can wash the clothes and that they are not designated dry clean only

  2. Add 1 cup of dishwashing detergent to 8 pints of water

  3. Soak the stained clothes over night

  4. Then wash the clothes in your washer according to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and then dry

An alternative method of cleaning uses a solvent based cleaning agent

  1. Spot treat heavier stains first with the cleaner

  2. Then add the cleaner over the whole stained area

  3. Let soak for at least a few hours or over night if possible

  4. Then wash in your washer following regular cleaning instructions

  5. Repeat this process if the first time does not get the clothes completely clean

Because carbon can bind with fabric fibers some carbon stains may be more difficult to remove than others.

How to keep trampoline from turning feet black

It is not that difficult to keep the black residue off your trampoline. The only issue is you cannot use cleaning agents that have chemical ingredients. These are part of the problem and ruin the integrity of your trampoline at.

But there are ways to keep your trampoline from turning your feet black:

  1. Clean your trampoline with soapy water on a regular basis

  2. Paint your trampoline at with a rubberized paint

  3. Build a roof over your trampoline to block the UV rays from damaging it

  4. Keep the trampoline out of the sun by placing it in a shady location

  5. Buy a trampoline cover to keep dirt, dust and other harmful debris off your trampoline mat

  6. Keep all foods and liquids away from your trampoline

  7. Wear rubber bottom shoes or keep your socks on

These are short term fixes that help extend the life of your trampoline mat. No matter what you do, your trampoline mat will wear out and you will have to address this issue.

Eventually, you will have to do the ultimate solution and replace your older trampoline at with a new one.

What to footwear to use on a trampoline

To help prevent the carbon on your trampoline mat from turning your feet black you may want to consider wearing different types of footwear. Of course, wearing footwear depends on the manufacturer’s instructions and the quality of the mat material.

Shoes with rubber soles- but make sure no rocks are caught in the tread

Gymnastic slippers work well- they are light, flexible and still let you be in control as yo jump and do tricks

Trampoline socks- these should be as flexible, light and make sure you do not lose control as gymnastic slippers are

Some final comments

Getting black on your feet and hands is not a very big deal. It is normal and as the years pass you should expect to face this issue at some point.

As you can see removing the carbon from your hands and clothes is not that difficult A little soap and water or a solvent cleaning solution should do it. Also, wearing the right protective footwear can save you a little time and keep your feet nice and clean.

Using the prevention techniques above also can delay the situation for a few more years and keep you nice and clean.

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