How to Paint a Trampoline – Helpful Guide and Tips

Paint cover a multitude of errors. You and your family have used your trampoline almost every day. The wear and tear, the spills and other accidents have worn the paint off. The cost of a new trampoline is a little prohibitive so you decide to make it look new again by painting as much as you can.

This how to guide will give you the information you need to paint your trampoline and keep it looking like new.

Tip #1: It is not just the paint that needs to be good. Use top quality brushes and rollers to keep the finish looking like a professional did the painting.

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Painting Your Trampoline Frame

As you know, metal can be painted. The metal frame on a trampoline is no exception to this fact. The key is what kind of paint you will use, whether you use spray paint or paint from a can and the equipment you use.


The kind of paint, matte or satin is totally up to your preference but the paint should be waterproof and protect against rust. You can use either a spray version or regular paint from a can.

You will want to put 2 coats on as this protects your trampoline frame from rust and scratches. Just make sure the first coat is dry before dding the second coat.

Tip #2: When you have finished using the spray can, turn it upside down and press the nozzle. Stop pressing when no more paint is coming out. This keeps the spray mechanism from dried paint that will clog it up

Can You Spray Paint Trampoline Springs

Springs are made of metal. That means that you can spray paint them without worry. All you have o do is make sure you coat the springs completely and that you use a rust protecting paint.

You also will want to cover all the metal parts so they all look the same and have complete protection against rust and other corrosive materials.

Tip #3: make sure you sand all the metal parts before painting. This removes any current rust from the metal and allows them to be completely protected.

Can You Paint a Trampoline Mat

The jury seems to be out on this issue. One side says that painting your trampoline mat is unsafe and may cause you or your family to slip. They say the paint will not stick to the mat surface. They also say that if you use spray paint, it can get onto your skin and cause you some health issues.

But the other side of the debate says it is okay to paint your trampoline mat. They say that you should use a rubberized type paint that brings UV protection with it. Also, you should paint your trampoline mat every 3-4 years or when it starts showing some wear and tear.

The side that doesn’t face the sun will not need painting as often as the side that does. Whether you paint your trampoline mat or not, is up to you.

Tip #4: Just be careful of the cleaning solutions you use prior to painting. Not all are good for trampoline mats.

What Kind of Paint to Use on a Trampoline

This will depend on what part of the trampoline you are painting. If you ware painting the metal frame, springs and other metal parts, you will want a good paint that s made to cover metal.

It doesn’t matter what style you use as long as the paint covers metal, is waterproof and and protects against rust. If you are painting your mat, and other non-metal parts, then it will depend on the construction material of the mat.

Acrylic paints can work but so can rubberized paint. Check with paint experts before buying any paint.

Where to Get Rubberized Paint For Trampolines

You may not have heard of rubberized paint before today and would not know where to find it. That is okay as they are not that hard to find and they can be used for a variety of purposes including your trampoline mat.

The best place to find rubberized paint for trampolines is at your one stop home improvement stores. They should carry a wide selection of rubberized paint including the spray can version.

What to Watch Out for When Spray Painting Your Trampoline

Spray painting your trampoline is like any other spray painting job. You have the same factors you need to watch out for and take the right precautions:

Wind- you do not want to spray on a windy day

Over spray- you need to be careful as over spray can damage other items in your yard, etc.

Too much paint- you can’t spray too much paint or you will cause the paint to run and look ugly

An unsteady hand- jerky hand movements can ruin your paint job and leave gaps where rust and UV rays can exploit

How to Get Spray Paint Off a Trampoline

Removing spray paint from your trampoline is usually the same as removing spray paint from your hands or other objects. But there is a twist that may make it a bit harder.

The recommended way to clean spray paint off your trampoline is by using warm soapy water. You will also need a strong brush to help get the paint off. What you do not want to use are chemicals.

These cleaning chemical compounds can ruin the integrity of your trampoline mat and allow UV rays to cause some damage. Chemicals can also weaken the mat making it unsafe to use.

Some Final Comments

There is nothing wrong with making your older trampoline look its best. Painting is the easiest and cheapest way to accomplish that objective. But before you rush out and buy the paint and new equipment, you should talk to paint experts first.

Their advice will guide you to the right paints to use and how to protect your trampoline as you paint. Most of the painting decisions are up to you, once you get all the facts you need.

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