How to Play Trampoline Paddle Ball (Rules + Best Sets)

Humans are unique. You give them a paddle a ball and they can create some very interesting games. These games can be very entertaining, fun or taken very seriously when a lot of money is at stake. Trampoline paddle Ball is one for fun.

How to Play Trampoline Paddle Ball: This game can be played by 1 player or it can have multiple players. The key is to keep the ball from hitting the ground. Its versatility allows you to play indoors or outside. A lot of fun can be had playing this game.

To find out more about how to play trampoline paddle ball just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you need to know.

Trampoline Paddle Ball Rules

To avoid being called a cheater, there are some simple rules to follow. For single players the main rule is not to let the ball hit the ground. If it does you have to start all over.

The goal is to see how many times you can hit it before it finally touches the ground. When playing indoors, the ground constitutes the floor, sofa, television set and other similar obstacles.

When playing with more than one person, it is clear that you do not block, trip, kick, etc. An opponent when it is their turn to hit the ball. The goal of the game is to make your opponent miss the ball.

You can do this by making high shots or low ones. Do trick shots or put spins on the ball. You just have to remember to play fair. How long the game lasts is between you and your opponent.

Trampoline Paddle Ball Set

The paddles for this game are made from tough plastic and spandex or similar trampoline type material. This material should be able to bounce the ball high into the air. You should be able to hold it with one or two hands.

Then the ball is made of rubber strings. This design makes the game safe to play and the ball should not hurt your children if it lands on them. The only thing players need to worry about is the wind factor.

Both the ball and the paddles are made to last you and your kids a long time under normal use. 2 paddles and one ball come in a single set. No net is required.

Game Set Recommendations

There are some top quality trampoline paddle ball game sets on the market today. We recommend the following two sets. They should be durable enough to provide your family with hours of fun.

Black Series Trampoline Paddle Ball

Made from foam construction materials, the rings of the paddles are easy to grip. Your hands should not get tired as they hold onto the paddle and play for hours. Each paddle comes with two hand grips sop you can use one or two hands to play.

One hand gives you the spins you want and two hands the power you need to win the game. Also, the ball is made from soft rubber string. It shouldn’t hurt if it hits your child during play.

Besides being soft, the rubber string is durable and tied together in a manner that allows it to last a long time. If the ball or paddles get dirty, just wipe them clean with a damp cloth and a little soap and warm water.

In addition to this, the trampoline center comes marked with ideal hit sweet spots. Those circles help you find the best spot on the paddle to send the ball high into the air. You should be able to reach over 100 feet with the proper hit.

Just remember not to hit hard objects with the paddles. They are only made to handle the rubber string ball.

Mini Ogodisk Super Disk Set

When your kids get their hands on this foam and spandex trampoline paddle set, they will be able to send a ball as high as 150 feet in the air. The foam ring is designed to be comfortable in your child’s hands and not tire them out after gripping the paddle for hours.

Then the rubber string ball is solidly put together so it can withstand such hard hits. Landing on the spandex will cushion its fall and keep the ball in play for years. The center logo on the 12 inch discs should guide your children to the best hit zone on the paddle.

The versatility of this set helps your children learn how to adapt to different playing conditions. They can play with this game inside the house or garage. Or they can use it at the beach, park or even when camping gets a little boring.

There are a multitude of places your child can use this set and still have lots of fun. Plus, your children can create their own games when they get tired of trampoline paddle ball.

The Benefits of Playing the Game

Paddle ball may seem like a very simple game to play but it does come with some very helpful benefits:

  • Helps hand eye coordination- your child can develop this skill and use that talent in other games
  • Helps their cardio- the constant movement will keep their cardiovascular system in shape and fine tuned
  • Keeps them moving- they can wear off excess energy and help their bodies health system work at its top potential
  • Develop social skills- your child can learn ow to play correctly with their friends
  • Teaches important life lessons-- helps your child learn how to play right and be a good winner and avoid being a poor loser
  • They have fun- that is what games are all about and this one is no exception

Some Final Comments

Whether you play by the rules of paddle ball or not, the key is to play right and have a lot of fun doing it. Trampoline paddle ball is a great game to play inside when the weather is not at its best.

It is a simple game with simple rules so mastering how to play won’t take that long. All you have to do is learn how to manipulate the ball so that you can win more games.

Sometimes you get the most fun when playing simple games.

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