Trampoline Pole Caps Ultimate Guide (Tips + DIY)

Keeping your trampoline secure is very important. That is why you put safety netting around it. This enclosure keeps your kids from falling off and hurting themselves. But did you know that the safety net poles need protection as well?

They do as rain, snow, dirt, and dust can take their toll on the poles holding your safety netting. Making sure you have tight, secure pole caps blocking the top of the poles is essential. To learn all about pole caps, just continue to read our article.

It is filled with the information you need to find the right ones to protect your trampoline enclosure.

Tip #1: Measure twice before buying to make sure you get the right fit

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Here is a list of our buying guides to help you find the best for your needs:

How to Choose Pole Caps

There are a few different styles of pole caps on the market today. Here are a few pointers to help you select the right ones for you:

Construction material - hard plastic is best. Plastic has a little flexibility to it and should allow you to make minor alterations to make sure hey fit well

Style - some pole caps go inside and others outside the safety enclosure poles. Some have hooks and others have handles and some have neither. Get the style that fits your enclosure needs

Fit - make sure the cap overhangs the safety net pole just a little bit. That way you can keep all the moisture, etc., out

Color - this is up to your preference and the color of your trampoline and netting

Trampoline Pole Caps With Handle

We like the pole caps that come with hooks. This style of pole caps provides you with extra security for your net and helps your net remain in place.These pole caps are a little different from the G shaped variety.

With the G shaped caps you just need to hook your net or its straps over the opening to get a secure hold. But with those pole caps with handles, you need to thread the net straps through the handle to make sure you get a tight fit.

Plus, the design of these pole caps make sure that little to no moisture makes it inside your safety net poles. This helps stop rust and other corrosive materials from ruining your enclosure.

Trampoline Pole Caps Sizes

Pole caps come in different styles. Some are designed to fit inside your enclosure poles while others are made to allow the enclosure pole fit inside them. You will need to decide which style you want before you go out and buy.

Plus, you need to make that decision first because which design you choose influences your measurements. To fit the pole caps properly, you have to either measure the inside diameter of the pole or the outside diameter.

Trampoline safety net pole caps do come in a variety of sizes starting at 1” and going up from there. Which size you gets depends on the style you want and the size of your fence pole diameters.

Tip #2: It isn't hard to craft your own pole caps and save yourself some money

Recommended Pole Caps

We know how hard it is to get information on pole caps, so we thought we would recommend and review 4 sets for you.

#1. SkyBound Trampoline Enclosure Pole Caps

This set of pole caps fit those enclosure posts measuring 1 1/2” in diameter. They come in a set of 6 to make sure you have enough to cover your trampoline posts. The screw in bolts make sure you get a tight fit. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>


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Besides Skywalker, these pole caps are compatible with Bravo, Airzone and Variflex enclosure post models. Plus, they are easy to put on each post. Just slip them over the top, push them down and you are good to go.

#2. Skywalker Large Pole Caps

If your trampoline safety net posts are large, then you may want to consider these 1.75” pole caps. They easily slip over the tops of each post and has screws to keep them there. 2 large caps come in each pack. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>


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Plus, they are compatible with a wide variety of Skywalker trampoline safety enclosure only. Check your model number to make sure they fit your safety enclosure.

#3. Upper Bounce Trampoline Pole Cap

These plastic C shaped pole caps ensure that your net straps do not slide down the pole. They come in a pack of 8 and simply slide inside your poles. You should have more than enough to meet your safety netting needs. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>


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Each pole cap is made to work with 1” inside diameter poles. Attaching your net straps are just as easy and you should have your net up in no time.

#4. Trampoline Safety Net Enclosure

These uniquely designed pole caps work with approx. 1” inside diameter enclosure poles. The durable plastic construction material allow you to attach flex rods and cable wires with ease. Check the latest price on Amazon here >>


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Each of the 6 pole caps in this pack have a hole for a screw in case you need an extra secure hold. They are also compatible with a wide variety of enclosure poles. Just double check your model number to see if they will work for you.

DIY Trampoline Pole Caps & Assembly

If by chance you cannot find pole caps that fit your trampoline safety net, there are DIY alternatives. One alternative, of course, is the old stand by... duct tape. It will cover everything including trampoline safety netting pole tops.

If that is a too tacky solution, you may want to try closed S hooks. All you need to do is drill a hole through the center of a plastic or rubber chair foot that fits your pole. Then insert one end of the S hook into the hole and seal the opening.

That is all there is to it as your netting will hook on to the other end of the S hook.

Some Final Comments

Finding the right pole cap for your trampoline safety netting shouldn’t be that difficult. Most trampoline outlets should have replacement parts. Then you just measure and get the right size and style for your trampoline netting and poles.

But if you can’t find any to fit your enclosure poles, it is not hard to DIY and make your own.

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