How to Fix a Trampoline Zipper Lock

How to Fix a Trampoline Zipper (Easy and Useful Tips)

Those of us who love to watch our kids play on a trampoline — or love to do it ourselves — know how important safety is. The enclosure net keeps us from seriously harming ourselves and our fellow jumpers. However, if the zip broke on the trampoline, your only choices would be to fix it or replace it. But don’t worry: a trampoline zipper repair is the same as fixing any other zipper.

In this article, we’re going to show you exactly how to repair or even replace a trampoline zipper. Aside from the zipper itself, most enclosure nets also have a trampoline zipper lock. These are additional security features that help the zipper stay closed even while the people on the trampoline are rattling it.

Depending on the enclosure net, the lock can be a hook or a side-release plastic buckle. As you exert force on the trampoline, the net will sway, expanding and contracting in different areas. That motion can cause the zipper to pop open. So these locks are necessary in order to keep the zipper operational for as long as possible.

However, this only means that we’ll have to worry about more than just the trampoline enclosure zipper repair. After all, now there’s a chance that the trampoline zipper lock itself might get ripped or otherwise damaged. So let’s talk about how we might go about repairing these parts.

How to Fix a Trampoline Zipper

How to Fix a Trampoline Zipper

We’ve identified about three possible culprits for a malfunctioning trampoline zipper. As we’ve discussed, we could be dealing with a broken trampoline zipper lock or an enclosure zip that’s simply beyond repair. In these cases, we may need to get a trampoline zipper replacement. But first, let’s talk about the easiest possible culprit for a malfunctioning trampoline zipper: the trampoline zipper is stuck. Fortunately, there are some easy fixes for this problem.

The Trampoline Zipper is Stuck

As with any zipper, if the one on your enclosure net isn’t moving, you ought to start by checking the whole length carefully. Often, the problem is in fabric snags and tangles. Since enclosure nets are usually made from a mesh material, we ought to be careful when closing the zipper in order to avoid tears. However, if the zipper is holding onto the material, we recommend trying to gently move it away from the zipper. Using tweezers might also help get a better grip on the soft mesh fabric.

If your zipper seems to be stuck for no reason, you could also try the old pencil trick. Insert the graphite pencil into the zipper and rub it in. That will cause graphite dust to break away from the pencil, which may loosen the zipper. It’s essentially a lubricant — but other lubricants would work too. Try rubbing Vaseline, chapstick, or a bar of soap on the zipper to dislodge it. Wash off the residue after you get the zipper to open and continue playing on your trampoline!

The Trampoline Zipper Lock is Broken

But what do we do if the zipper itself isn’t the problem, but the zipper lock is broken? Jumping on a trampoline that doesn’t have that additional safety lock would eventually cause damage to the zipper. So if your lock breaks off, you can always replace it.

There are plenty of metal hooks or plastic clasps that would be perfect for this on Amazon. Aside from those, you should also purchase some sturdy nylon strapping material and thread. In fact, we recommend holding onto that nylon thread and keeping it in your trampoline zipper repair kit as you may need it again. You’ll also need four nylon fabric patches for each safety clasp. We recommend repurposing an old backpack.

Once you have all of the materials, you can sew the nylon strap onto one of the patches. Then, put that patch next to the zipper on the outside of the enclosure and another on the other side, and sew the two patches together. Repeat the same steps on the other side of the zipper, and you’ll be able to secure the plastic clasps to the straps and close the trampoline zipper lock.

Getting a Trampoline Zipper Replacement

Getting a Trampoline Zipper Replacement

Finally, let’s talk about trampoline zipper replacement. In the previous two examples, our trampoline enclosure zipper repair projects were relatively quick and easy. If you’ve accidentally ripped the zipper or the lock off, you can sew them back on with nylon thread. However, if they are beyond repair, replacing them may be the only way. We’ve already told you how to replace the trampoline zipper lock — now let’s deal with the zipper itself.

What are some of the things you’ll need in order to perform a trampoline zipper replacement? To begin with, you’ll need to remove the existing zipper by using a seam ripper. Most safety net zippers are sewn into the mesh using a nylon material, so you’ll want to rip the seams that are the closest to the zipper itself. More importantly, make sure to leave the nylon intact so that you can sew the replacement zipper in the same place.

Out with the old, in with the new. If you’re looking for a good trampoline zipper replacement, we recommend using the YaHoGa plastic trampoline zipper. The product we’ve linked to is 36 inches long, which is pretty perfect for most enclosure nets. However, there are also shorter and longer options available, up to 114 inches long.

Aside from the seam ripper, we recommend keeping nylon thread and an appropriately sized needle in your trampoline zipper repair kit. And from there, the zipper replacement will be fairly standard.

So you’ll need to align both sides of the zipper, pin them to the surrounding nylon material with straight pins or safety pins and weave your thread through. If you’ve never hand-sewn anything, you should practice a few stitches before you do it — just make sure to practice on the same materials.

Final Thoughts on Repairing a Broken Trampoline Zipper

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to approach a trampoline enclosure zipper repair. It could be a simple matter of lubricating it to get it moving, or we might need to replace the whole thing. But before we do anything, we must take stock of the situation. Start by determining what the issue is, and then come up with a plan to fix it — as we did in this article!

However, you may even discover a completely unique issue on your enclosure zipper. In that case, we recommend simple old-fashioned improvisation. This is in no way a conclusive guide to everything that can go wrong with your zipper. We just tackled the most common concerns. Now, you can use our advice to figure out a way out of your conundrum. So get your trusty trampoline zipper kit and knock yourself out — good luck!

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