How To Thread a Trampoline – Stitching Repair Done Right

It is bound to happen. You are getting so much use out of your trampoline developing your skills and muscles that it is wearing out. With all the wear and tear on your trampoline the stitching is coming undone. You will need to get some trampoline thread and make your repairs.

Sewing a trampoline mat is not that difficult and it is a lot like sewing normal clothes. Stick with us and read all about sewing a trampoline so it is as good as new.

Causes for Trampoline Mat Holes

There are 3 main causes why your trampoline stitching starts to let its grip go.

  1. You and your family use it a lot

  2. You and your family spill water and other liquids on it

  3. If you use it outdoors, UV rays take their toll on stitching

When a Trampoline Cannot Be Stitched Back Together

Before you pull out your trampoline sewing kit, you should learn to recognize when that will be a lost cause. Here are a list of conditions that make your trampoline incapable of being fixed:

  • Too many holes to to repair
  • Holes over 1 inch in size
  • ​Your trampoline has been fixed many times before
  • ​It is too old to fix
  • If the trampoline mat edge is damaged, then you can’t stitch it up again

If the trampoline mat edge is damaged, then you can’t stitch it up again

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Sewing Trampoline Fabric & Mat

If the hole is small, you can do a simple fix and place duct tape over it. This will handle the problem but the duct tape make your trampoline look terrible. Sewing the trampoline fabric is simple and easy to do

  1. Measure the hole. If it is too large then think about buying a new one.

  2. Remove the mat and get out your sewing machine

  3. Thread your sewing machine with good trampoline thread

  4. Get a the right patch from your trampoline sewing repair kit and place it over the hole.

  5. Read the instructions for the trampoline to learn what kind of stitch you need to use

  6. Sew the edges of the patch on the trampoline mat and do it enough times to make sure the repair is durable

  7. Replace the mat and get ready for more exercise and fun

Sewing Trampoline Safety Net

There will be those times when your trampoline safety net gets torn and needs some repair. Repairing is always cheaper than buying new especially when safety nets bring a $50 price tag or higher.


Your safety net does an important job which is why you may want to use trampoline net repair thread. It is probably a little stronger than regular black thread you use on your every day clothes.

Repairing your safety net is as simple as repairing your trampoline mat. It just takes a little longer because the net has so many tiny holes in it. The key to stitching your safety net is not to sew like you would sew normal fabrics.

You will need a knot for every stitch ad this helps make your repair stronger and long lasting. Here are the steps you need to take to make a good repair job:

First, you need to thread your needle. An upholstery needle is fine for this task. Look at the size of the tear to judge how much thread you will need to use

Second, go to one end of the tear and start at the bottom. Bring your needle to the top and back through. Then tie a knot.

Third, repeat that action until the tear is repaired and ready to do its duty

Fourth, do not be afraid to use more thread if you think you need it.

Trampoline Sewing Thread Recommendations

You may have used a trampoline for years yet still do not know what kind of thread you should use to repair it. When stitching wears out you should replace it with trampoline repair thread that is tough enough to handle the wear and tear.

Hear are four recommended thread types you can use to repair your trampoline:

Polyester- the go to thread for outdoor activities. It protects against mildew, moisture, UV rays and more

PTFE/FLUOROPOLYMER- if you want something to last forever, this is the closest thread to that objective. This thread endures sunlight, saltwater, cleaning agents, rain, snow & pollution.

Nylon- this thread style has the flexibility a trampoline needs

Monofilament- this has the flexibility of nylon but it also blends in with the color of the fabric. Use #40 or higher

Trampoline Sewing Repair Kit

When it comes to trampoline repair everything seems nice and easy. The repairs are simple to do and it is easy to find a trampoline sewing kit. They are available just about anywhere you would expect to find them

These kits may come with 1, 2 or more large patches of trampoline fabric. You will just need to cut them to size to patch our holes.. They also come with about 6 yards of #92 nylon thread to make your stitching repair long lasting.

Of course these kits may vary and you should make sure you find the right one that fits your needs.

How to Thread Safety Net On a Trampoline

You may not like the lack of stability that many trampoline safety nets come with. Yes they may have several legs to hold them but you still do not have confidence in them.

One way to improve their stability and safety is too simply weave a rope through the netting and around your trampoline edge. Then tie the rope ends together to make sure you have secure and stable fit.

Some Final Comments

As you can see sewing a trampoline back together is not a difficult task to perform. If you follow each step correctly, you and your kids will be back having fun in no time. All you are going to need is the right size and style of trampoline thread to do the job,.

After that, your sewing skills take over and your repair will look like a profession did it all. A little skill, a little sewing talent and you are back on schedule either building your trampoline skills or having fun.

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