Can I Sell My Trampoline For Scrap Metal? How Much is It?

Kids grow up. Trampolines wear out and family and friends do not want it. When that happens you have a used trampoline on your hands. But don’t lose hope, you still have one option left. You can try and sell it as scrap metal.

Can I Sell my Trampoline For Scrap Metal? The good news is, yes you can sell your trampoline for scrap metal. The bad news is you will not get a lot of money for it. Scrap metal is not worth a lot of money right now and you would have to check with your local junk dealer to get current prices.

To find out the information you need to know about selling your old trampoline for scrap, just continue to read our article.

What You Can’t Sell to a Junk Metal Dealer

You have already received the good and bad news about selling your trampoline for scrap metal. But there is still more bad news. You can only sell the metal from your trampoline to a scrap metal company.

You will still have the mat, netting and any padding in your yard. To dispose of them properly you may need to contact your waste disposal company or city hall to find out the regulations concerning throwing those trampoline items in the trash or putting them on the street for pick up.

Every city may have different regulations so be careful listening to family and friends.

Selling Trampoline for Scrap Metal


It is not difficult to sell your old trampoline as scrap metal. There are lots of scrap metal companies that make their living reselling the metals you bring to them. Here are some quick steps to help guide your trampoline selling process:

  • Separate the metal from the non metal parts of your trampoline
  • Get a magnet to separate the ferrous from the non-ferrous metals
  • ​Weigh those parts so you have a number to compare when the dealer weighs it
  • ​Call a scrap metal dealer and get their requirements and see if they pick up or you have to bring the metal to them
  • Take the metal into their scrap yard or arrange a time for pick up

That is how simple it is to sell your trampoline as scrap metal.

What is a Trampoline Worth in Scrap Metal

One of the problems people have in selling their trampoline as scrap metal is that they have unrealistic expectations. They are thinking that they paid $300 to 1,000 for the trampoline, the scrap should bring in a large amount of money.


Unfortunately, selling scrap does not work that way. Scrap metal is unwanted metal and anything unwanted is not worth a lot of money. Plus, scrap metal is common. The easier to get the metal the lower the price. Steel, iron and similar metals are very common.

Now depending on current prices and they will change frequently, the type of metal you have, and how much they weigh will determine how much you get in return. Since trampolines are mainly made out of steel you are not looking at a lot of money. Here is what 1 company offers its customers:

Aluminum: approx. $0.60 to 0.85 per pound

Iron: prices vary and depends on the type of iron you have. One thing is for sure, iron does not pay as much as aluminum

Stainless steel: approx. $0.42 per pound

In comparison, here are the prices of some other more valuable metals

Copper: approx. $1.00 to 2.95 per pound

Brass: approx. $1.80 per pound

As you can see the money you are going to make from selling your trampoline will not recoup the price you paid for it when it was new. Yet, selling your trampoline for a low price is a lot better than letting it sit in your yard rusting away.

Scrap Metal Price for Trampoline


You have read the prices and they are not encouraging. Especially when you cannot sell the netting, jump mat and the padding. Let’s take a look at some of the figures before you get too discouraged and see how you can still feel good about selling your trampoline as scrap metal.

Example #1- if you are lucky and you have a trampoline made from aluminum you may get more money than you think. If the aluminum weighs in at 50 pounds you can still receive $30 to $40. That is enough for a nice dinner, a bouquet of roses for your wife, or some rainy day money, and so on.

Example #2- if your trampoline is made from tube steel, then you are looking at the iron prices. But steel is heavy. You may be lucky to get approx. 200 pounds of steel from your trampoline. Because iron prices vary we will use 10 cents as the figure here. 200 pounds times 10 cents still gives you $20.

That is a tank of gas, movie money and so on. The amount may be small but you are ridding yourself of a headache and an eye sore. So the two balance out and you have some extra cash in your pocket and lots of good memories.

Answering your questions

#1. How can I tell the difference between metals?

It isn’t that hard to tell the difference between different metals. Brass is yellow throughout. Copper is a reddish orange, almost rust like color. Steel is a cold gray usually and aluminum is light silver but often painted different colors

#2. Should I take my trampoline metal to the scrap yard?

We think it is a better idea as the scrap metal company has to spend money to get to your home. This arrangement may influence the price you get. Plus,you may get more if you deliver.

Some Final Comments

Even though a trampoline can provide you with a lot of great memories, it still becomes unwanted metal and plastic when its usefulness has expired. If you can’t give it away, then selling it for scrap is the best solution.

The steel, aluminum and other metals get a new lease on life when recycled through a legitimate scrap metal company. You help the environment and you get a few bucks in return to enjoy the day.

Selling your trampoline as scrap is probably the best way to get it out of your back yard when your kids have grown up or you want to replace it with a new one.

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