Best Trampoline for Family Use (Multiple Jumpers)

Trampolines are a great family activity. From the smallest member to the largest, anyone in the family can enjoy the benefits trampolines bring. Plus, it is a great activity for family time. Jumping on a trampoline helps the family bond together.

So, what is the best trampoline for family use? It is the one the whole family can use safely, is well anchored and has all the necessary safety accessories in place. As long as it is durable and made from top quality materials, it should be the best trampoline for the family.

That answer may be a cop out but it is the truth. Although that won’t stop us from providing more information you need to know about what is the best trampoline for a family. We will also review top family trampolines so you get all the facts you need to find the right one for you.

Choosing a Trampoline for Your Family

When it comes to trampolines, children are only thinking of the fun they will have. It is up to you to consider all the criteria that need to be met when finding the right trampoline for your family.


Here are a few pointers to help you:

  • How safe is it - this is overall safety, are the legs strong, made from durable materials? Are the springs exposed or do they use alternative materials for bounce that are safer than springs and so on, You want fun but not at the cost of safety
  • Will it last - you want a trampoline made from the best materials that are strong and durable
  • Is it the right size and shape for your family - trampolines can be oval, round or square, rectangle, and octagonal and come in a variety of sizes. You need to make sure it is large enough while still fitting into your yard safely (Read our Shapes Battle: Rectangular vs Round vs Oval for more info)
  • The age of your children - play a role in which trampoline you buy. Children grow up and they get bigger so a small trampoline may not be the best purchase
  • Trampoline activities - oval trampolines are better if you and your family are into doing tricks
  • How big is your yard - the trampoline can’t be near obstacles, trees, buildings or fences. Do you have the space? ( Read How much space you need for a trampoline?)
  • Your region’s weather conditions - if your area gets lots of wind then it may be better if you went with an in ground trampoline over an above ground model
  • Warranty - you do not want a short, skimpy warranty that offers little to no protection

What to Look For in a Trampoline for the Whole Family


There are certain characteristics that the best family trampolines have that make them standout from other models. Here is a list of items you should look for when shopping for a new family trampoline:

  • Bounce - not all trampolines bounce the same. Some have soft bounces while others have hard ones. The hard ones will be tougher on the joints
  • Weight capacity - since adults will be using your new trampoline, you should get one that can hold a lot of weight
  • Jump area - you want lots of room to make your jumps, do your tricks and land safely well away from the springs
  • UV protection - this protects the looks of your trampoline and helps the mat and other parts last a long time
  • Safety features - most trampolines either come or are compatible with safety features. You want to check on how good those safety features are and how well they were made
  • Replacement parts - there will always be something that will eventually break, bend or tear. You want to be able to get replacement parts quickly and cheaply
  • Stitching - you want the best stitching available and look to see if it is unraveling already or not.

Best Size Trampoline For a Family

The determination for this depends on the style of your trampoline. Different shapes have different sizes that are best for your family. It would depend on the size of your yard and what fits best inside it.

Also, it would depend on your trampoline shape preference. Trampolines actually come in 5 shapes, round, oval, rectangle, square and octagonal. Not all these shapes are popular or good for family fun.

Round: the best size here would be any one of the following sizes- 8, 110, 12 & 14 footers

Rectangle: 8 by 12 is the basic family size and provides a lot of space for its users. You would also do well picking a 9 by 14 foot dimension.

Oval, Square and Octagonal: these are not popular shapes and the octagonal can be more expensive than you would like. A good family size one would have to be the one that has enough safe jumping surface that can fit comfortably in your yard.

Although the square model may provide your family with more jumping surface than a round trampoline. If your yard is small, then you have to make do and enjoy a smaller trampoline even though it may not be the best size right now. Read our trampoline sizes guide for more info.

What is The Best Family Trampoline

In this section, we are going to review 3 of the top family trampolines. These are the three that we think standout above the crowd and are perfect for the whole family to use.

#1. Budget Family: SONGMICS Outdoor Trampoline

One item that helps make this trampoline stand out is its ground mat. You can take your shoes off and not get your feet dirty when you get ready to climb the ladder. Then when you are finished your turn, you still keep your feet clean when putting your shoes back on.


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Also, with your purchase, you get a durable safety net made from thick mesh. This netting attaches to the steel poles with ease and sits securely on the trampoline’s steel frame. Each of the 6 steel legs resists rust while holding the trampoline in place.

Plus, you get 108 rust resistant springs holding up the UV resistant mat. These springs provide an excellent bounce allowing you to have hours of fun. They are covered by a good spring protection pad. This pad works to keep you and your family from hurting yourselves on the springs.

The 15 foot trampoline can hold up to 375 pound with ease and has an easy to use entry and exit point. Everything you need to assemble this trampoline is in the box including safety gloves. Check latest price on Amazon here >>


  • 375 pound weight capacity
  • Rust resistant steel construction
  • ​Ground pad for traction
  • ​Solid safety enclosure
  • Easy to assemble


  • Missing springs when shipped
  • Ladder rungs are round not flat
  • Wrong frame sent

#2. Best Family Trampoline Ever: Zupapa TUV Approved Trampoline

All models, 15, 14 & 12 foot, are covered in this review. What these trampoline offers is a no gap jumping experience. The spring pad reaches the jumping mat protecting you and your family from bad falls.


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Then the weight limits on these trampolines make sure your children can have fun without worry. The 15 footer hold sup to 192 pounds; the 14 footer holds roughly 184 pounds and the 12 foot size holds 164 pounds of weight.

On top of that, the jumping mat sits on a galvanized steel frame. The frame supplies the support, strength and durability you need when your family is jumping on it. Plus, the mat, safety net and pads are all coated with UV protection. These trampolines are made to last you a very long time.

A two rung ladder comes with a safety base to keep it from slipping out from underneath you as you climb up. Also, the plastic rungs are flat and should be made from non-slip materials. For a good bounce the 12 foot model comes with 72 springs the 14 foot size has 96; and the 15 footer holds 108 springs. Check latest price on Amazon here >>


  • Solid UV protection
  • Strong construction materials
  • ​Available in 3 sizes
  • ​Strong steel frame
  • Easy to assemble


  • Pads flake and chip quickly
  • Safety net sleeves tear easily
  • Missing parts

#3. Best family size trampoline: Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

No law says you have to have a round trampoline in your backyard. Besides, this rectangle version may fit your yard’s dimensions better and keep your children safer as they play.


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With a 550 pound weight limit, you and your family can have hours of trampoline fun without fear of breaking it. Plus, the 3 mm thick steel tubing is tough, strong, and can take a pounding from the trampoline exercises and the weather without damaging it.

On top of that the 9” galvanized springs work hard to give you a great bounce every time you land on the jumping mat. Depending on the size you select, you get between 92 and 156 rust resistant springs working for you.

For extra safety, the safety net is made from tough and durable polyester mesh. Plus, the safety net frame interlocks with the trampoline frame to provide better stability as you jump. The frame also absorbs shock helping the trampoline last you for many years.

A no gap spring pad makes sure your family doesn’t land on the hard and harsh springs when a trick goes bad. Check latest price on Amazon >>


  • 550 pound weight limit
  • 9 inch springs
  • ​Strong metal frame
  • ​Durable safety net
  • Good jump surface


  • Spring pad may move
  • No ladder included
  • No UV protection on pads, mat, etc.

Family Trampoline Reviews

We have checked different reviews and the response has been overwhelming in support of these different family trampolines. The positives outweigh the negatives by a large margin, which means you can count on the quality of these trampolines.

Even the pros and cons from actual purchasers give a good thumbs up to all of these family trampolines. Most of the negative reviews had to do with shipping issues where parts were missing or the wrong one was sent.

The negative reviews did not touch on the performance and quality of these trampolines. When trampolines are made right, then the negative aspects are few and far between.

A couple of negative reviews had to do with the cost of repairs to lower quality accessories and not the trampoline’s frame, mat or springs. The trampolines reviewed here are great for the family and should hold up to your wear and tear.

Trampoline Family Activities and Games

There are a host of games and activities the whole family can play on these top trampolines. These selections exclude the different exercises and tricks one can do when they want to get healthy.

Here is a short list of games, etc.:

  • Hot potato
  • Free the genie
  • ​Trampoline catch
  • ​Follow the leader
  • ​Ball toss fight
  • ​SIMON
  • ​Poison
  • ​Dead man rise
  • ​Knock down chicken
  • ​Trampoline tag
  • ​Crack the egg
  • ​Hose
  • ​Trampoline dodge ball
  • Jump the barrel

As you can see, the list of trampoline games and activities are endless. We are sure you can come up with a lot of games that you invent on the spot. Trampolines can provide a lot of fun for the whole family.

Related Questions

Do I need a safety net around my family trampoline?

It is a wise move to make. More and more local governments are providing stricter regulations including mandatory safety netting, so it would be a good move to be safe rather than sorry.

How close to the fence can I put the trampoline?

Not that close. You want a safe distance away from fences and other obstacles to avoid accidents and injuries

How many children and adults can jump on a trampoline at one time?

Most trampoline companies recommend only 1 at a time but larger trampoline models and different activities can accommodate more users at the same time. Use your judgment on this.

Some Final Comments

Trampolines are great family fun. Both children and adults can enjoy the benefits of a trampoline and grow closer together. The key is to find the right size of trampoline for you and your yard.

Also, you want to make sure you know what to look for. That way you do not leave the store with an inferior trampoline that won’t last very long. Getting one of the best is the only way to go.

Finally, make sure you have a safe jumping zone. Keep the trampoline away from obstacles, buildings, trees and so on. Nothing ruins trampoline fun faster than a serious accident.

Finding a good trampoline for you and your family takes a little work but in the end it is worth it.

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