Fun Games To Play on the Trampoline

Are you on the lookout for some fun games to play on the trampoline? If you are an adult or a kid looking for the best way to use their trampoline, look no further. You’ve come to the right place if you want to discover some fresh and exciting outdoor trampoline games. In fact, our idea was to make this article the ultimate guide to fun trampoline games and how to play them.

A trampoline is an endless source of outdoor fun that keeps you physically active and entertained. What’s more, a trampoline asks for nothing more than a good mood and decent weather. There are many creative ways we can use the trampoline other than simply jumping on it. In fact, kids are very likely to invent their own trampoline games when left to their own devices.

However, it is no secret that a trampoline can be a cause of injury if it is not used or set up properly. That is why, in order to stay safe, we advise you to follow our guidelines on how to play trampoline games. We did our best to compile a long and diverse list of cool trampoline games to play outside, with something to grab everyone’s attention. With that said, take a look, and, hopefully, you’ll reach the conclusion that these are some of the best trampoline game ideas ever!

Trampoline warm-up games

Although you most likely have a trampoline in order to have fun with it, playing on the trampoline is also a bit of a workout. It requires enough physical effort to leave you sweating after a good session! That is why, whether you are a kid or an adult, you should treat each one of your trampoline sessions as if you were exercising.

With that said, we all know that the warm-up is an incredibly important part of every workout. If you do a proper warm-up before getting physically active, you feel better and more agile, and have less chance of hurting yourself. In fact, no sports coach will ever allow you to get physically active without warming up first. So, here are a few ways to warm up for your trampoline.

1. First, place your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands around your waist. Then, soften your knees a bit, and start gently bouncing. In the beginning, do not even let your feet leave the mat. Repeat that movement around a dozen times, until you start feeling comfortable.

2. Once you’re feeling steady on your feet, stay in the same position, but shift your weight to one of your feet. Then, lightly tap the other foot on the opposite side of your body (left foot on the right side, and right foot on the left side). Repeat this on both sides as long as you enjoy it.

3. While hopping from one foot to the other, bring your foot to your buttocks. Switch to the other foot every time you bounce. Make sure you’re not forcing it and be gentle to yourself.

4. Do a light boxer shuffle. Shift your weight from one footto the other every time you jump, and simply jog in place. When you feel you’re getting the hang of it, do a double bounce on each foot before switching to the other one.

Trampoline games by yourself

Feeling all warmed up means it is time for some serious action. If you are on your own, do not worry, because there are still many fun games you can play on a trampoline. Here are a few examples.


1. Hopscotch is such a classic and beloved game. However, this simple game gets way more intense when played on a trampoline. All that’s necessary to make that work is a bit of chalk to draw the board with!

2. While kids will love games such as hopscotch, adults are likely to enjoy trying out yoga on a trampoline. You won’t be able to do everything you can do on a solid surface, but it’s bound to be a fun challenge. On top of that, doing yoga on a bouncy mat will force your muscles to work much harder than usual to keep you balanced.

3. If you want a game which counts as a workout, too, try pulsing your feet in the center of the mat. To do that, simply keep your upper body and your hips steady while pushing your feet up and down. However, the trick is to keep your feet on the surface at all times. It is much harder than it sounds!

Cartwheels and Somersaults

4. Finally, anyone who’s agile enough for serious acrobatics can use the trampoline to do cartwheels and somersaults. A soft, bouncy surface is great for practicing such advanced moves.

Trampoline games for groups

If you’re lucky enough to have company, here are some trampoline game ideas you and your friends are sure to enjoy.

1. Hopscotch is not the only game you can play with a trampoline and some chalk. Try creating an obstacle course and challenging yourself and your friends to a contest.


2. Ever heard of the game called “popcorn”? Here’s how you play it: one person sits in the middle of the trampoline, hugging their knees to their chest. At the same time, their friends jump around them, not stopping until the “popcorn” pops, i.e. the sitting person is forced to stand up and let go of their knees.

3. Here’s another fun game: one person is on their hands and knees, with their eyes closed. That person has to crawl around the trampoline with the goal of touching their friends. At the same time, other players bounce around in order to avoid getting touched. Once a person is “caught”, they have to assume the role of the chaser.

4. Some games can be a true challenge for the reflexes. In one such game, one of the friends jumps up and down three times. The other friends count down the leaps, and as soon as their friend is in the air on their third jump, they call out a way for them to land: “knees”, “sit”, or anything they think of in that moment.

Trampoline games for preschoolers (4-year-olds)

If you are the parent of a preschooler, you will surely appreciate the safety of a bouncy surface such as a trampoline. Besides, when very small children are involved, you will likely be keeping them company while they play. That makes the trampoline a very convenient and safe way for little kids to play.

You can even make playing on a trampoline an educational experience for a toddler or a preschooler. All you need to do that is a bit of chalk. To begin, write the alphabet around the edge of the toddler trampoline in a random order. Next, write the numbers from one to ten in a smaller circle around the middle.

Once you’ve done that, it is time to get creative. For instance, the simplest way to play is to have the kid jump from letter to letter and call out the letters loudly. If that is too easy, ask them to spell out their names or any other word by jumping between letters. You can even challenge your kid with specific instructions: for example, ask them to jump to a letter a certain number of times. That way you help them develop their reflexes and motoric skills.

You can play with the numbers in a similar way. Your kid can count forward or backward, or try to follow up on a sequence of numbers you give them. The more creative the game, the better!

Trampoline games without a net

Many trampolines come with a safety net. That’s a very good thing because many trampoline games require the participants to get a little chaotic. They either have to jump around with their eyes closed, chase after their friends, or something even wilder than that. In all those cases, the net is there to keep you safe.

However, if you don’t have a net, it’s best to play only the safer games, so as to avoid getting hurt. Here are some ideas.

1. Do you like to sing “Ring around the rosy”? Then you and your friends should stand in a circle while holding hands in the middle of the trampoline. While you’re singing, walk in a circle or gently bounce. When you get to the end of the song, one of you should choose a way for everyone to drop down (such as “knees”, “bottoms”, or “backs”).

2. You and your friends can also hold each other’s hands while bouncing up and down. It’s a real challenge for everyone to match everyone else’s jumping speed and rhythm! Just make sure not to let go of anyone’s hand, because that way you’re keeping each other from falling off.

Trampoline games with a ball

We’ve named a couple of cool trampoline games which didn’t require any additional elements. However, imagine just what you could do with a ball! In our opinion, some of the best games on a trampoline are played with a ball. Here are some of our ideas and suggestions.

Trampoline ball games

Cherry Bomb

1. To play a game called “cherry bomb”, you need a soft ball which can bounce around. One of your friends should throw the ball in the air while yelling “Cherry bomb!” Once the ball drops, you should jump and try to hit the ball with your body. A soft rubber ball is sure to start bouncing all over the place!

Poison Ball

2. The opposite of this game is called “poison ball”. Instead of hitting the ball with your body, you have to avoid getting hit for as long as possible. The last one standing is the winner.

3. If you’re alone, you can lay in the middle of the trampoline, throw a beach ball in the air, and try to keep it up with your hands and feet. Keep a count of how many times you manage to hit it before it hits the mat.

Basketball on a Trampoline

4. You can even buy a basketball hoop which can be attached to the inside of the trampoline safety enclosure. Playing basketball on a trampoline is a fun and unique experience everyone should try even once. In case you don't have the hoop yet, choose one from our basketball hoop attachment buying guide.

Trampoline games with water

On a hot summer’s day, you may get the idea of introducing water to your trampoline games. Not only will you enjoy trying out new things, but you may even end up feeling cool and refreshed by the time you’re done. Just make sure you stay safe since a wet trampoline mat can get slippery.

1. The easiest way to introduce water is to put a sprinkler near the trampoline. Then, put on a bathing suit and some sunscreen, and just do whatever you feel like doing on the trampoline. We bet you that the water will make it feel like a completely new experience. There are more advanced trampoline water sprayers and misting systems available, just click the link to read more about them.

Poison Ball with Water Balloons

2. Remember “poison ball”, the game we discussed a little earlier? Now, imagine playing it with water balloons instead of a beach ball. It’s a lot more fun to play it with the added risk of getting hit by a splashy water balloon.

Crossfire With Water

3. There are more ways you can use water balloons on a trampoline. Think about a game of crossfire on trampoline. If you don’t feel like getting into anything complicated, a simple water balloon war will do the trick. Playing games with water is a terrific way to spend a scorching day.

Gymnastics trampoline games

Doing gymnastics on a trampoline can be attractive to both serious adult gymnasts and physically active children. What’s more, it is really easy to get creative in terms of combining gymnastics with a trampoline. The easiest way to play is to create a challenge for yourself. For instance, while bouncing on a trampoline, try to make as many figures in the air as possible. We recommend creating a system with points because that way you will feel like an Olympic athlete. You don't need an Olympic trampoline for that.

If you’re not a gymnast and don’t know what figures to do, read our easy trampoline tricks tutorial to learn the cool ones. On the other hand, if you are, in fact, a serious gymnast and want to stay in shape, you will be able to benefit from practically any trampoline-related activity. Bouncing on a trampoline engages numerous muscles of your body, especially your core, which you use for balancing, and your legs, which do the jumping.

Trampoline games in the dark (at night)

Most of the games we already listed can be spiced up by adding the element of darkness. However, darkness works better with some games than others. Whatever you prefer to do, just make sure not to do anything that would put you under risk of getting hurt.

The Hunter

1. This game is for a group of friends. First, select one person as the hunter. The hunter will, of course, have to catch the other players, but it should be a special challenge to do that in the dark. In fact, the hunter will probably have to feel the movements of other players on the trampoline to know where to look for them.

2. With a little money to spare, another great game to play in the dark requires nothing but a bunch of glowsticks. By a bunch, we mean as many as you can possibly get. It’s even better if the glowsticks are in different colors. In order to play, spread the glowsticks around the trampoline and invent some challenges, such as collecting 20 sticks in a specific color. Enjoy the race.

Bum Fighting

3. Another popular game is called “bum fighting”. It’s very simple: try to alternate landing on your bottom and landing on your feet! It is bound to get you tired very quickly, but you will have a lot of fun. It is even better to play this game with the added excitement of enjoying it at night.

Dangerous trampoline games (scary games)

Naturally, whichever games you play on the trampoline, the main priority should be to stay safe at all times. It is easy to get carried away because a trampoline will get your blood pumping really quick. Never forget the risk of falling off a trampoline or landing in a nasty way, and make sure you take all the necessary precautions, such as installing a safety net.

However, if you feel quick, agile, and prepared, you might want to try some of the more extreme games for the trampoline. The simplest “advanced” activity you can do is a flip. A popular kind of a flip is a standing backflip with a pair of skis. If you aren’t used to flips, it may take some time to learn them.


Another scary game you can play on a trampoline is a game of crossfire. Crossfire is similar to trampoline dodgeball, except that there is a twist. In this game, one or two players will be bouncing on the trampoline, trying to dodge the ball. Other players will be around the trampoline, on the ground, trying to land a hit. What makes this game risky is that it can’t be played with a safety net. That is why you should be extra careful not to fall off the trampoline while playing.

Final thoughts

We hope that we have given you enough ideas to make your own list of the top ten trampoline games. You can make good use of these trampoline games for a birthday party or just about any random gathering of friends. The best part is that they are equally suitable for kids and adults.

Your creativity is the only limit to the incredible number of fun games to play on a trampoline. The more you play, the more games you will think of. Ultimately, we all have different ideas of fun and you should work on discovering what suits you best.

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