50+ Funny Trampoline Jokes and Puns

Everyone knows that jumping on a trampoline should be all about having fun. However, even fun activities can lose their luster when we’re doing them with a spoilsport. Well, if you want to put a smile even on the dourest of faces, one of our trampoline puns might help.

These jokes about trampolines are sure to make your playmates chuckle. Or, at the very least, produce a horrified groan, which is often just as satisfying of a reaction as laughter. Trust us. You can, dare we say it, trampoLEAN on us. We’re not even going to apologize for starting with that one!

The following trampoline puns are going to be a mix of funny trampoline jokes and quotes. Some of these were sourced with some of the greatest minds across the internet (the people who frequent trampoline forums) and some are originals. Let’s make this a game! Try to think of as many jokes about trampolines as you can before you read this article — we’ll wait. Then see if some of your jokes overlap with some of ours! Without further ado, let’s see what kinds of awful trampoline puns we’re working with!

Funny Trampoline Jokes

Funny Trampoline Jokes

There are so many funny trampoline quotes online, we almost didn’t know where to start this list. However, we believe that we’ve managed to narrow the list down to 50 entries.

After all, jokes often have many different variations, so you’ll even be able to adapt many of these to torture your friends with. Of course, it’s all in good fun! So let’s talk about the “difficult” lives of trampoline owners to start with.

1 - I started a business venture selling trampolines to Eastern Europeans but thanks to the Czechs, the business did not go well. They keep bouncing.

2 - Want to understand the difference between a lawyer and a trampoline? Before you jump a trampoline, take off your shoes.

3 - Sir, I've not seen you touch your custard. I'll touch it once the fly seizes to use it as a trampoline.

4 - Spare the trampoline, spoil the sofa.

5 - If money does not buy happiness, it buys a trampoline. When did you ever see a sad person on a trampoline?

6 - The relationship of trampoline sellers had its ups and downs.

7 - "A beaver ate a tree, and it fell on my trampoline" I'm claiming insurance.

8 - I can't help stop my phobia for trampolines; they always make me jump.

9 - A friend’s partner hit the roof. Her partner replaced the bed with a trampoline without informing her.

10 - I wasn’t sure how it would go on a trampoline. I realized it had its ups and downs.

11 - I hope the local trampoline business will bounce back. They are having a difficult time.

12 - I met a nice, but jumpy guy. The chap invented the trampoline.

13 - If my job goes wrong, I'm glad I have something to fall back on. I was recently trained as a trampoline instructor.

14 - What's a woolly jumper? A sheep on a trampoline?

15 - I never thought my career would soar so high. I have been promoted at the trampoline factory.

16 - I jumped immediately on an offer that said: "Trampolines at half the price."

17 - A trampoline is more powerful than I thought. Just bought one for my friend and now he is over the moon.

18 - My entire thing my son does is sit on his wheelchair and cry while I bought him a trampoline for Christmas. He is so ungrateful.

19 - The name jumpoline was changed to trampoline when my mother in law got on it.

20 - Here is a fact about trampolines that you did not know. They used to be called jumpolines until when my mom jumped on one.

21 - You have to RIP guys. My trampoline died today.

22 - My wife hit the roof. She has just found I replaced the bed with a trampoline.

23 - Kriss Kross, the famous rap duo of the '90s will make you jump jump. For that reason, we are naming trampolines after them.

24 - I've had a spring in my step since last week when I put my foot through a trampoline.

25 - The little girl whose trampoline was stolen is with no doubt gutted. However, she will eventually bounce back.

26 - The similarity with my trampoline and my girlfriend is that I do not have any.

27 - I always wanted a friend. They are like trampolines.

28 - I bought my girlfriend a jumpsuit. She wanted to look smart on a trampoline.

29 - Do you know the sound a plane makes when it hits a trampoline? Boeing!!

30 - Springtime is the ideal time to use a trampoline.

31 - I’ve never had a friend; they seem fun. They are more like trampolines.

32 - Back then, my job had its ups and downs. I used to be a trampoline tester.

33 - What’s a milkshake? The product you get when you cross a cow with a trampoline.

34 - The only difference between a baby and a trampoline is that a baby looks very cute in sailor's outfit.

35 - Bouncer: I have no idea who you are, and this is my trampoline. Me: So? Bouncer: I am going to ask you to leave.

36 - Have you met the inventor of the trampoline? He is a bit jumpy, but a nice guy.

37 - Very few people at the mile-high club are skilled on a trampoline. I just joined the club.

38 - Everyone is jumping on board cruise ships. They are now installing trampolines.

39 - Oh, You Know… Owning a Trampoline Has Its Ups and Downs

This joke, like many on this list, comes in several varieties. For example, you can use it if a friend invites you over to jump on their trampoline. Just say: “I've tried it once and I’m not sure if I liked it… I guess it had its ups and downs.”

Although, just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should. That is, not if you want to be invited to play on the trampoline again. But then, a real friend would appreciate everything about you, even your horrendous taste in trampoline puns.

40 - But There’s No Need to Be Jumpy

Ah, the fear of trampolines is so common, even among trampoline enthusiasts like us! After all, who among us doesn't get a bit jumpy on a trampoline? Frankly, we've seen people get onto a trampoline and jump out of their skins! But hey, at least they were happy doing it, right? This is just a tiny taste of the many jumping jokes you can make. In fact, we bet you'll be able to use these in even more creative ways.

41 - Fortunately, We Always Have Something to Fall Back On

Yes, our trampolines are the best support system we have. But we originally ran into this joke in a different format. In today's economy, we all have to have a backup plan. Fortunately, your trampoline has prepared you for getting a job as a trampoline instructor. So if you ever decide to quit your day job, at least you'll have something to fall back on!

If you're telling this one while you're jumping on a trampoline, don't forget to add a visual aid. A cool back jump would be the perfect emphasis for this joke!

42 - And We Always Bounce Back

And We Always Bounce Back

There are so many different directions you can go with a good bouncing pun. Why, a few well-placed jokes about trampolines can liven up any occasion. Now, we can't guarantee that your friends will ever want to join you on your trampoline again, but at least it was fun while it lasted.

On a slightly more serious note, the bounce back jokes could also be useful life mottos. If you were looking for one, that is. Coincidentally, “bounces back like a trampoline” is also an original skill to put on one’s resume. Just a thought.

43 - It’s All About Reaching New Heights

Ultimately, being a trampoline enthusiast is all about reaching new heights. We've seen this phenomenon in several funny trampoline jokes we've found online. For example, you could say: "I rented a trampoline for a friend's birthday. She was over the moon! I guess the bounce was more powerful than I expected!"

Another possible example of the heights one might reach through the magic of trampolines is perfectly showcased in the following situation. "My friend replaced her brother's bed with a trampoline without telling him. He hit the roof!" If that isn't the perfect example of bickering siblings, we don't know what is! Still, this joke also works for spouses and partners as well. We'd be interested to see what it would actually look like if someone tried it, though!

44 - And Jumping on Every Opportunity to Spring One of Your Funny Tramp Jokes on Your Friends

In fact, if you enjoy trampoline puns, you don't have to save your best ones for your friends. While their groans and unwilling laughter is gratifying to be sure, we also love to spring these jokes on dates. Nothing makes or breaks a first date like cracking a trampoline joke, trust us. First, casually drop your love of trampolines into the conversation. Then, you can up the ante by suggesting that your second date can be eating Italian food on a trampoline. Or, as it's known in our circles: the Lady and the Trampoline maneuver.

45 - If Your Kids Are Nagging You About Getting a Trampoline — Tell Them You’ve Found One Online

Stingy parents will be able to use this joke, but we should warn you — it’s a bit mean-spirited! If your kids keep asking you for a new trampoline, tell them you’ve found one online. When they ask where you found it, tell them “on Google Earth”.

As we said, pretty mean. But even though we wouldn't agree with the assessment that the earth is in any way as bouncy as a real trampoline, the horror we felt when we found this joke online qualified it for our list.

46 - When You Finally Get that Trampoline… You’ll Be Jumping for Joy

And hey, if you ever say the previous joke to your kids, you can always make it up to them. Get an in-ground trampoline and cover it with a tarp. Then you can point to the covered ground, and say "there's your trampoline, kids!" They may feel a temporary sense of betrayal, but that will only last until they realize that you've actually bought them a tramp. Just don't tell them that you've actually bought it for yourself.

Who says that money doesn't buy happiness? As one episode of The Simpsons puts it: "Money can be exchanged for goods and services." which means that it can buy a trampoline or two! Have you ever seen an unhappy person on a trampoline? We didn't think so.

47 - Just Remember to Use Your Trampoline During the Jumping Season

Just Remember to Use Your Trampoline During the Jumping Season

Naturally, the right time of year for jumping on a trampoline is, wait for it… Spring! Yes, this is another joke that might get you banned from your friend group. But it would be worth it.

The other way to sneak “spring” into the conversation is to invite a friend to help you clean your trampoline because you’re doing “spring cleaning”. Sure, they’ll refuse, but you’ll get to remember their eye roll forever.

48 - The Best Trampoline Joke for Ending Arguments

If any of these puns ever lead to serious disagreements, we’ve got the perfect rejoinder! You may have already seen versions of this joke in screencaps of text messages — they’re all over the internet. Essentially, after a bout of arguing, you can hit your interlocutor with a photo of a trampoline. Then, write: “Here you go. Since you love jumping to conclusions so much”.

However, we should mention that this will in no way resolve the issue. In fact, it might make the other person even angrier than they were. But at least you’ll have gotten your two cents in!

49 - What’s the Difference Between a (Blank) and a Trampoline?

We’ve saved two of the more standard jokes for last. This one is the one that has several alternatives. Basically, you can substitute the blank with anything you hate. However, the most common versions we’ve found involve lawyers and zombies, for some reason.

So it would go: “What’s the difference between a lawyer and a trampoline? You take your shoes off before you jump on a trampoline.” This one is just a tad too violent for us, but it may tickle someone who’s had a bad experience with their attorney. That’s what we call a niche audience!

50 - What Do You Call a Sheep on a Trampoline?

A woolly jumper! Yes, we’re ending on a joke that may possibly get you killed. That’s why we left it for last, so you’ll get a chance to try out the others before your friends and family force you into exile for making such an awful joke.

But, listen: we’d be willing to risk it. It’s only a short, sweet, and cheesy one-liner. What more could you possibly want from your trampoline puns?

The Last of Our Trampoline Puns!

The Last of Our Trampoline Puns!

We hope none of these jokes crossed the trampoLINE. In any case, trampoline puns are really the highest form of wit. You know, since you’re up in the air when you’re making them. That altitude will actually give you just enough space to be able to protect yourself in case your audience decides to hurl rotten tomatoes at you if you say one of the more deliciously horrendous jokes we’ve mentioned.

Sadly, we really have to bounce now. That’s the last one, we promise! Still, even though our well of inspiration has run dry, we’d love to hear your funny trampoline jokes! In fact, we’re sure that some of you would jump on the chance to leave your own trampoline jokes and puns in the comments below!

The joke that makes us laugh until we snort will win an eternal spot in the horrible trampoline puns hall of fame. Do you think one of the ones we shared can snag the top spot? Or do you and your friends have something better for us? Let’s keep the fun going — share this with anyone who can contribute to our little collection!

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